4 Ways to Sleep Without Ruining Your Curls

4 Ways to Sleep Without Ruining Your Curls

Curls are lovely! But for some people, this affection to such a hairstyle quickly ends the moment they’re confronted with caring for it when the night comes. Therefore, if you’re one among the number of beautiful women who do not want to exchange good night’s sleep to the possibility of making your curls appear less astonishing as it is the night before, then here’s a guide for you:

4 Ways to Sleep Without Ruining Your Curls

1. Use satin pillowcases. 

Go for satin pillowcases when you sleep at night. Since they are very smooth, they help prevent your hair from being tangled up while you sleep. Experts recommend using satin pillowcases instead of the cotton ones since they have been proven to maintain the oils from the strands of your hair protecting them from damage. 

If you’re looking for the best ways to keep your curly hair naturally moisturized while you sleep at night, consider switching to a satin pillowcase like the NTBAY Zippered Satin Pillowcases

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2. Minimize the friction with that French braid. 

Sleeping with this hairstyle significantly diminishes the interactions of your hair strands with everything that there is to interact with on your bed. It also keeps your curls in place the whole night while you sleep. A French braid, specifically, keeps the natural curly pattern of your hair letting it maintain its volume and waves.


3. Do a pineapple.

The pineapple technique for your hair is one of the ways to effectively keep your hair intact overnight. If it’s done properly, the pineapple hair method lets your beautiful curls pile up on the top of your hair which exactly looks like a pineapple. 

If you feel that “pineappling” your hair works best for you, you may consider using a hair product to make your curls more defined and frizz-free, when you wake up in the morning like the Curl Treat Smoothie Defining Leave-in Styler for Soft Curls directly from one of your favorite retailers

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The Best Leave-In Styler for Your Curls

It does a lot of wonders for your curly hair.....

4. If your hair is still wet, do a wet bun. 

To achieve this, you should loosely tie your hair and make a bun on top of your head. Additionally, the use of a shower cap is much recommended to absolutely prevent soaking your pillows wet the whole night. 

One of the advantages of sleeping with such style and condition is that it allows you with a ready-for-further-styles kind of damp hair the next morning!


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