Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow

Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow | 2022 Buyers Guide

If you struggle to get your head down at night, investing in a premium pillow can be an inexpensive way of improving the quality of your sleep. The Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow is definitely something you should be thinking about, offering the same high levels of comfort as conventional feather pillows, with the added benefit of gel-infused layers and sumptuous memory foam filling. This first-rate pillow delivers incredible support to the head, shoulders and neck, while also satisfying the needs of those seeking a hypoallergenic option. With sealed seams and hard-wearing fabrics, this pillow is also machine washable, making it easy to launder and maintain. Interested in learning more? Our Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow review breaks down all the benefits of this must-have sleep aid.

Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow Key Features

There are plenty of impressive features offered by this Beckham Hotel Collection pillow, but the real standout detail is the gel-infused fibre. Gel infusion is nothing new in the world of pillows, but the advanced technology here makes this Beckham Luxury Linens pillow particularly effective when it comes to warming and cooling. Unlike more basic pillows, this Beckham Hotel Collection pillow warms up slowly once you have laid your head down to rest. This means you can always enjoy the refreshing feeling of a cool pillow when bedtime rolls around. The gel fiber also makes this pillow a particularly firm and supportive option. All areas of the head, neck and shoulders that make contact with it will be provided with an initial level of support, allowing to sink more gently into the foam layers beneath. This not only enhances the overall comfort of the pillow, but adds to the overall durability of the design. By letting you sink more slowly into the memory foam layers beneath, the overall integrity of the pillow is protected, adding to its longevity.

This is also the perfect pillow for hot sleepers. The high-quality microfiber material ensures excellent breathability. This breathable memory foam pillow wicks moisture away from the skin surface very efficiently, preventing sweat from building up on warmer nights and causing itching and general discomfort. If you are prone to night sweats, even in colder temperatures, the moisture-wicking capabilities of this hotel-quality pillow will also prevent you from catching a chill, ensuring a good night’s sleep, whatever the weather.

As it combines incredible softness with impressive support, this pillow will also suit just about any sleeping position. Side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers alike will benefit from this premium pillow. It is one of the best pillows on the market for those looking to alleviate neck pain while they sleep, with superior head and neck support. This pillow naturally adapts to your contours, saving you the need to constantly fluff it as you might with a standard adjustable pillow. The plush gel fiber also ensures a desirable contoured shape is maintained throughout the night, ensuring you enjoy the best sleep quality.

A Hypoallergenic Option

This Beckham Luxury pillow will also satisfy the needs of those worried about allergens. This is one of the best hypoallergenic pillows around, with a chemical-free construction that ensures those with respiratory issues and allergies can look forward to an undisturbed night’s sleep, every night of the week. The materials used here and general construction prevent dust mite intrusion and will keep mould and mildew from becoming an issue. The pure cotton cover also makes this an obvious choice for those looking for an allergen-free option, with the cover effectively repelling dust. Even if you wash the cover irregularly, you will not have to worry about allergens collecting to wreak havoc with asthma and other conditions.

While down pillows have often been the go-to option for those looking for luxurious levels of comfort, they are not suitable for those with respiratory issues and allergies. Here, you have the perfect alternative that allows you to breathe easy throughout the night, without compromising on cloud-like comfort. As this pillow is machine washable, you can easily keep on top of low-level allergen build-up. The cotton construction of the pillowcase can comfortably withstand machine washing at high temperatures, allowing you to effortlessly get rid of dust mites, mildew and other problematic allergens.

Long-Lasting Luxury

The Beckham Luxury Hotel Collection pillow will look and feel fantastic for a long time. Unlike other premium pillows that all too quickly lose their shine and lustre, this pillow will repel stains effectively. You do no have to worry about body oils and sweat affecting the overall finish of your pillow, while the material will also hold up well against fading. The gel fiber layer itself is very hard-wearing, coping well with regular exposure to grime, sweat and dirt. This means you can always enjoy the same level of support from this stain resistant pillow, without worrying about wrinkles forming. This stands in stark contrast to a feather or down alternative that requires considerable effort to maintain.

Firm Support

Even compared to other high-quality pillows, this Beckham Hotel Collection pillow excels when it comes to premium support. There is a substantial amount of padding on offer here, providing the entire surface with a smooth, soft layer on which to rest your head. Despite the considerable amount of cushioning and padded support, the pillow is still lightweight. This not only prevents your bedspread becoming bogged down with heavy layers and excess weight, it also makes it easy to make minor adjustments to the pillow if you wish. However, this pillow requires little in the way of upkeep to deliver firm levels of support. The no-shift construction of this Beckham Hotel Collection pillow means the interior your pillow maintains its shape, no matter how much you move around when in contact with it. Even when used for many months, or even years, the no-shift construction means you will not have to worry about distortion or bunching.

This premium pillow delivers excellent loft, without you having to constantly fluff it. This means it is always ready to respond to your body as it moves. The sturdy, no-shift construction makes it particularly suitable for those who sleep in varying positions. With this pillow, you can switch from long periods of side sleeping to sleeping on your back, with the internal construction still delivering first-rate support. It is also suitably reinforced to provide the most sensitive parts of the body with the support they need. The thick gel-infused memory foam layer is very generous when compared to other pillows on the market. This additional foam thickness not only provides support and alleviates neck and shoulder pain, it also provides welcome warmth on colder nights. Even your back will benefit from this pillow, with the first class support ensuring proper spinal alignment and preventing aches in the lower back.

Easy Cleaning & Minimal Maintenance

We have already talked a little bit about how easy to care for this pillow is, but is worth driving home the point further. As you easily clean this pillow in a washing machine, there is little chance of allergens causing an issue and disturbing your sleep. The high-quality materials are also robust enough that they can withstand exposure to very high temperatures. You can confidently wash the pillowcase at the highest temperature setting, without stressing about wrinkling. You can of course choose to clean the whole thing in a machine if you wish. Unlike other pillows, where you can only wash a removable pillowcase, this pillow is machine washable in its entirety. If you are worried about the gel-infused layer becoming damaged by hot temperatures, you needn’t be. The interior layer is securely protected by superior seams, ensuring no water finds its way through to damage the filling. These seams will hold up to repeated washes at high temperatures, meaning you can continue to launder your pillow for years.

However, there are a few steps you will want to take when cleaning your pillow to ensure it performs well for as long as possible and you stay comfortably within warranty. Machine washing the pillow once every three months or so is definitely a good idea if you are looking to combat the accumulation of mildew and other grime. Regular washing is also advised if you want to keep odours to a minimum, especially during the summer or warmer months. Properly drying this pillow is also important if you want to maintain its firm support levels. Air drying is preferable if the ambient temperatures are high enough, although the pillow will also cope with tumble drying. However, if you do intend to use a tumble dryer, never place the pillow in the drum at a high setting. Always elect for the lowest possible heat setting and keep an eye on the drying process to ensure the material isn’t overheating. You also need to keep an eye on clumping when tumble drying. Adding a couple of clean tennis balls to the drum along with the pillow will beat out any clumps and ensure the pillow comes out in perfect condition.

Final Thoughts

If you struggle to get comfortable come bedtime, it is definitely time to think about purchasing a premium pillow. The Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow is without doubt one of the best products out there for those looking for luxurious comfort and incredible support. This pillow outdoes standard support pillows that only include basic memory foam. Here, a gel-infused layer provides you with a delicate surface on which to sleep, easing you into the more supportive memory foam layers beneath. Here, you will find all the comfort and sumptuous softness of a down pillow, with none of the bothersome allergens and irritants to worry about. This hypoallergenic pillow will cause no issues to those with respiratory issues, while the pure cotton cover is friendly on the skin. The multiple layers of adaptive foam are what really stand out here, however. Your neck, head and shoulders will all benefit from the gel-infused top layer and firmer centre. Even your back will than you, with the quality pillow core ensuring consistent spinal alignment throughout the night.

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