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Best Air Mattress for Toddlers | 2022 Buying Guide & Reviews

If you regularly travel with little ones, an air mattress is a worthwhile investment. An inflatable toddler bed means your little ones always have a place to sleep when you visit friends or family, stay in hotel rooms or holiday in the great outdoors. A quality air mattress can also be hauled out when you have guests staying overnight at your home. Our guide includes some essential pointers on what you need to think about when shopping for the best air mattress for toddlers.

Mattress Support & Sides

The most basic of travel beds offer very little in the way of sleeping comfort or support. To ensure you have no complaints come your toddler’s bedtime, it is best to invest in something a little more expensive so they can enjoy a peaceful night. Opt for inflatable mattresses that include a minimum of seven or eight sections. Each of these sections will have its own air channel, allowing for pressure to be distributed more evenly throughout the entire mattress.

In addition to the main mattress section, you need to think about the surrounding barriers of any toddler air mattress you are interested in buying. The best toddler mattresses have robust surrounds that not only allow for more weigh to be applied to the mattress itself, but also act as guard rails to ensure your kids stay safely on. The side rails will enhancing the durability of mattress whilst providing a comfy sleep. Look for mattresses that include security rails on the longest sides as this will ensure youngsters are less likely to roll free during the night. Raised barriers on all sides will also ensure that bedding and fitted sheets remains in place throughout the night.

Materials & Construction

If you want an air mattress that will last for a decent stretch of time, make sure you are purchasing a product made from high-grade material. A premium vinyl material is often the best option when it comes to air mattresses. This material is washable and designed to withstand high pressures and is very resilient against tears and punctures. Welded and sealed seams will also ensure any air bed you buy lasts for a long time, while also combating things like air leakage. No matter how much you spend on an air mattress, also ensure a repair kit is included along with the main product itself. Investing in a secondary repair kit is also a good idea.

Pumps & Valves

An electric pump will make your life easier when it comes to inflating an air mattress. A high-speed air pump will inflate most toddler beds within thirty seconds, although slightly larger mattresses may take a little longer. An automatic air pump will also allow you to deflate a mattress just as quickly. The limits of this automatic pumps is that you will need access to an electrical output in order to inflate or deflate your mattress. This is not a concern if you only intend to use an inflatable mattress in your own home or hotel rooms, but is something to think about if you intend to use an air mattress for things like camping holidays. Some pumps can be used on the go by connecting them to a car adapter. Another alternative is a manual pump. A manual pump will of course require more time and effort on your part, but will ultimately provide you with the most flexibility when it comes to inflating your air mattress.

Another thing to think about when shopping for inflatable air mattresses is valve design. A quality valve is essential in preventing air leakage from the mattress once it has been inflated. Look for mattresses with leak-proof valves as a basic feature as this will ensure mattresses do not deflate throughout the night. An adjustable valve is also critical as it will allow you to tailor the amount of air pressure within a mattress, without having to fully deflate it and start inflating from scratch.

Product Reviews

Looking for a convenient travel bed for toddlers? We have put together a shortlist of some of the best air mattress options for you to think about.

hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed with Safety Bumpers [4-Sided] | Portable Blow Up Mattress for Kids with Built in Bed Rail – Navy Blue

This hiccapop inflatable travel bed is designed specifically with toddlers in mind. In addition to providing little ones with comfort, this travel bed is an incredibly safe choice. The plush mattress is made up of seven individual sections to provide comfort levels that are akin to a conventional mattress, while the surrounding bumpers ensure little ones remain in bed during the night. The raised bumpers are more substantial than what you might find with other models available, making this bed suitable for particularly restless sleepers.

This inflatable bed has been designed to last, with durable vinyl material that is thicker than everyday alternatives. This vinyl will resist punctures and tears, ensuring you can use it for many years. The high-speed pump is also very effective. Once activated, the pump will fully inflate the mattress in as little as thirty seconds. The practical valve makes deflation equally swift and straightforward, while also ensuring minimal leakage once the mattress is fully inflated. Once inflated, you can make use of the heavy-duty grab handle for moving the mattress to your desired location. A generous XL travel bag is also included, allowing you to store the mattress and pump safely when it is not being used.



Sleepah Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed – Inflatable & Portable Bed Air Mattress Set –Blow up Mattress for Kids with High Safety Bed Rails. Set Includes Pump, Case, Pillow & Plush Toy (Aquamarine)


This Sleepah travel bed set is perfect if you are planning a camping adventure with little ones. It is also perfect for younger overnight guests. This inflatable toddler bed has been designed to keep youngsters safe and comfortable during the night. The raised bumper sides are relatively tall for an inflatable bed, ensuring users remain firmly within the boundaries of the bed during the night. This makes this product particularly useful if you are entertaining restless sleepers. This convenient bed will inflate in less than a minute, while deflation is equally quick. This bed is also designed to withstand rigorous wear and tear. The material is reinforced against to resist punctures, ensuring maximum longevity.

Along with the inflatable mattress, you will everything you need to ensure little ones enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. An electric pump is included to allow for easy inflation, while a comfortable pillow and stuffed toy are also thrown in. You can also find a carry case included for practical storage, while a patching kit is provided to allow you to make quick repairs to any punctures.



Sleep by Grace Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed with Safety Bumpers | Portable Blow Up Mattress for Kids with Built in Bed Rail


This Sleep by Grace inflatable toddler bed includes absolutely everything your little ones might need to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep when you are away from home. The removable mattress is made up of seven individual sections, providing superb comfort levels for youngsters. The outer frame of this mattress are also raised to prevent children from moving around too much in their sleep, with the side walls offering an extended height to ensure little ones do not roll over onto the floor. The walls are made from a particularly thick vinyl material which will resist punctures and everyday damage.

Inflation is easy thanks to the high-speed pump. Once activated, the mattress can be fully inflated in thirty seconds. Although the main pump requires a conventional electrical output, a bonus car attachment is included so you can use this mattress when camping. The quick release valve also allows for hassle-free deflation. The valve will also prevent air leakage during the night, ensuring the mattress remains fully inflated for hours at a time. A practical grab handle can be found on the bottom edge of the mattress, allowing you to move it to your desired location with no fuss. A large carry bag is also included to provide you with the perfect place to store the mattress and all accessories.



AeroBed Air Mattress for Kids,Blue,Twin

This AeroBed air mattress is perfect for slightly older children. Designed for youngsters aged four and over, this inflatable mattress provides a comfortable sleep surface for unexpected guests or camping excursions. The sectional mattress surface delivers a good level of support for sleepers, while the edges are slightly raised to ensure youngsters remain in place during the night. The heavy-duty construction of this mattress also means you have a product that will stand the test of time. The robust PVC material is resistant to punctures and other damage, while the electronically welded seams should provide you with peace of mind when it comes to air leakage.

This mattress includes a handheld AC pump to allow for quick inflation, with the bed ready to go in just under a minute. A thick fitted mattress pad is also included. This pad fits snugly to the mattress base to provide a very comfortable surface for sleeping. The pad can also be removed and cleaned in the washing machine. Although this inflatable mattress has some very convenient features and comes at a reasonable price, the cushioned surrounds are somewhat lower than other options outlined in this list.



The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed Portable Inflatable Air Mattress Blow Up Bed for Indoor/Outdoor Camping, Backyard, Hotel, or Home Use Kids Floor Bed with Security Bed Rails and Electric Pump

This award-winning inflatable bed is ideal for younger children, with its smaller dimensions making it suitable for anyone aged two years and over. Made from hard-wearing PVC, this mattress is suitable for occasional use and is the perfect solution to a shortage of beds at sleepovers. It can also be used as a camping bed, provided of course you can power the included Jetaire electric pump. The mattress and deflates quickly, so there is no chance of you having to deal with a sleepy child and slowly inflating mattress as bedtime looms.

The Shrunks toddler travel bed is ideal for little ones who prefer a more snug sleeping environment, with the raised edges ensuring they will not roll over and fall to the floor during the night. This mattress is also perfectly proportioned to accommodate their usual sheets and bedding. The patented snug fit system means you can tuck crib size sheets around the inner mattress with ease. This inflatable mattress is also a relatively compact design, both when inflated and deflated, making it a very practical option.



Intex Kids Travel Bed Set

This Intex inflatable bed is perfect for travel. This quality inflatable air mattress is very generous in size, measuring 42 inches by 66 inches. You can also expect a fairly generous height of 10 inches, with the raised barriers keeping little ones safe and sound throughout the night. The flocked mattress is particularly comfortable and feels very much like a traditional sleeping surface. The enclosed mattress design also means you will not have to worry about sheets falling away to the ground as your child moves around in the night. This mattress is designed to fit standard crib sheets.

Inflation is incredibly easy thanks to the inclusion of a hand pump. Although this manual pump lacks the convenience of a mains-powered pump, it does provide you with a broader range of applications for this bed. As you do not need an electrical output to inflate it, this mattress can be used for camping holidays. A carry bag is also included to allow for easy transportation, while also providing you with practical storage for the mattress when it is not being used.


Coco&Lan Kids Air Mattress (Complete Set), Premium Toddler Travel Air Mattress, Portable & Inflatable with Safety Bumpers, Toddler Bed for Floor, Indoor, Outdoor Camping, Hotel & Home


This great value air mattress is ideal if you run short of spare beds when entertaining friends and family. It also provides little ones with a very comfortable place to sleep when away form the home. This inflatable air mattress includes a sectional mattress insert that delivers comfortable support during the night, while a matching pillow is also included. Both the pillow and mattress feature a flocked finish that ensures any sheets and bedding remains firmly in place throughout the night. The outer edges of this inflatable bed are also raised, providing sleepers with a handy barrier that will ensure they remain in bed at al times.

This inflatable bed has been manufactured to a very high standard. The thick vinyl is very durable and will cope with high pressure, while the reinforced seams further enhance durability. This mattress comes with its own high-speed air pump for quick and easy inflation. Once activated, the mattress should be ready to go in as little as thirty seconds. A repair kit is also included so you can keep on top of any punctures, while a carry bag provides you with convenient storage solution.



Hugbino Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed – Kids Air Mattress – Portable Blow Up Bed for Children, Lightweight and Sturdy – Floor Beds and Mattresses for Youth, Durable Traveling Accessories for Toddlers


This Hugbino inflatable bed is a must if you regularly travel with your little ones. This inflatable mattress is a very comfortable choice, with a sectional mattress insert that provides plenty of support for sleepers. The raised edges are also a welcome addition here, ensuring bedding remains within the bed itself. These edges also serve as a barrier to keep restless sleepers from rolling onto the floor. The mattress features a flocked finish that is both warm to the touch and ensures that any bedding remains in place.

This inflatable toddler bed is one of the most practical solutions in this product shortlist. A hand pump is included to allow for manual inflation, meaning you will never be caught short if you find yourself without a mains power outlet. A compact travel case is also included for easy storage on the move.



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