Best Air Mattress Pump

Best Air Mattress Pump | 2022 Buying Guide & Product Reviews

Selecting the best air mattress pump on the market will save you plenty of time and effort when it comes to inflating air beds and other inflatable products. A compact and reliable air pump will make inflation and deflation jobs as quick and effortless as possible, providing you with a fully inflated spare bed or camping surface in minutes. The most cost-effective options will also provide you with broad functionality that will allow you to get the most out of your purchase. If you intend to use it for inflatable mattresses, a everyday pump will do the job, but if you intent to inflate pool toys or a inflatable pool itself, you will want to look at a better quality pump for durability that can be used for highpressure. Need some tips on what to consider when choosing the best air mattress pump for your budget? Our guide breaks down all the key areas you should be considering.

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Inflation & Deflation Speed

A high quality air mattress pump is designed to make inflating an air bed as convenient as possible, so inflation speed is arguably the most important thing to consider. An electric pump should allow you to inflate most sizes of air mattress in as little as a few minutes. Provided you are using an electric pump, deflation should take you a similar amount of time. Obviously, if you are purchasing a manual hand pump or foot pump, you can expect inflation to take considerably longer.

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Power Sources

This is another key thing to bear in mind when shopping for an air mattress pump. If you only intend t use your pump to inflate air mattresses in the home, a pump with an AC power adapter is obviously the most convenient option. Mains power supplies will also usually provide you with the most effective inflation performance. If you want to use your pump for inflating air beds on camping trips, look for pumps that include an additional car adapter whereby you can plug-in to the cigarette lighter. More expensive electric pumps may also use batteries in order to power their motors and will carry a better warranty. Some of these pumps will include disposable batteries that need to be replenished, although these are not the most cost-effective solutions on the market. If you want the convenience of battery powered operation, make sure the pump you are looking to buy has an integrated rechargeable battery.

Nozzle Attachments & Valve Compatibility

You will obviously want to ensure your pump can be attached securely to your air mattress valve in order to inflate it. Therefore, shop for pumps that include a universal or interconnecting nozzle attachment that will connect with the vast majority of air mattress valves to ensure no issues when it comes to inflating or deflating. You may also want to consider looking into pumps that include a selection of different nozzle attachments so you can inflate the broadest range of inflatable products. Many electric pumps available today will even include a pinch valve for inflating much smaller items that require minimal amounts of air.

Compact Convenience

No matter whether you are planning on using an electric air pump in the home our when you are camping outdoors, it makes sense to purchase a compact design that is lightweight and portable. When not in use, these pumps can be stored away in tiny spaces. When using them outdoors, they can be easily carried along with your other camping gear without adding too much weight to your packing ensuring you are neverflat. An ergonomic design will also make inflation easier, especially if you need to hold the pump next to the valve as it inflates.

Manual Alternatives

Although compact electric pumps are very affordable, you may wish to opt for a simpler manual pump. Hand pumps are very inexpensive and incredibly lightweight, making them a good choice for those who regularly enjoy hiking and camping. If you do choose a hand air pump, opt for one that inflates on both pump directions. This will ensure even the largest of mattresses can be inflated in less time. Even if you own an electric pump, investing in a manual hand pump is a good idea as it can serve as an essential backup if anything happens to your automatic model.

Best Air Mattress Pump | Reviews

Looking for a reliable pump to keep your air mattress inflated? We have picked out some of the most effective air mattress pumps currently available.

Electric Air Pump, AGPtEK Portable Quick-Fill Air Pump with 3 Nozzles, 110V AC/12V DC, Perfect Inflator/Deflator Pumps for Outdoor Camping, Inflatable Cushions, Air Mattress Beds, Boats, Swimming Ring

This AGPtEK electric air pump is a portable and convenient option for anyone looking to keep their air mattresses inflated. This electric pump is incredibly powerful, with effective inflation and deflation functions. This pump also includes three different nozzles, allowing you to attach it to various models of air mattress and other inflatable items with ease. This pump includes both a mains power adapter and a car power adapter, providing you with versatile applications within and outside of the home.

This pump is also lightweight and very compact, making it a good choice for those looking for a pump they can use anywhere. If you are planning on heading out for a camping adventure, it can be tucked away discreetly in the trunk of your car and pulled out when you need it. It will also inflate your items quickly, meaning you will not have to wait an age for air mattresses to be inflated to desired air pressure levels. Deflation is also quick, while the pump can also be used for vacuum bag applications. This electric air pump is one of the cheapest options around and will prove a very worthwhile investment when you consider its broad range of uses.



KXT Electric Air Pump, Portable Quick-Fill Pump for Air Bed, 110V AC / 12V DC, Inflator Deflator Pump, Perfect for Outdoor Camping, 3 Nozzles, Air Mattress, Pool Float, SUP

If you are looking for a reliable electric air pump that can be used to inflate air mattresses with ease, this KXT model is something to consider. This air pump is actually a cost-effective option for anyone looking for multifunctional use. Not only can it be used to inflate and deflate air mattresses, it can be used with a wide variety of other items, including toys and pool inflatables. You can connect this to a mains power supply with the included adapter, or connect it to a car adapter port if you plan on using it away from the home.

This electric pump comes with a selection of different nozzle attachments, providing you with the right amount of air supply for any object you are looking to inflate. You will find small, medium and large nozzles to accommodate the vast majority of air valves, providing you with effective and reliable inflation with minimal air leakage as you go. This electric pump might seem compact, but it is a good option for those looking to inflate air mattresses. Provided you are using the correct nozzle attachment, this pump will inflate a King size air mattress in just a few minutes.



Coleman QuickPump

If you are looking for the very best in terms of convenience, the Coleman QuickPump is the way to go. This compact pump includes an integrated rechargeable battery, allowing you to use it anywhere you want. You will of course have to charge it to ensure the battery is primed and the pump is ready to be used, but a 120V home charger is included for this purpose. Another impressive feature of the Coleman QuickPump is the multiple valve adapters that come packaged along with the main pump itself. You will have no trouble inflating the vast majority of air mattress models on the market with this pump and its line-up of adapters. Valve adapters be removed and replaced in moments, meaning you will not have to waste any time selecting the right one. The main Double Lock valve will prove a perfect fit for any Coleman air mattress, as well as mattress models from many other major manufacturers.

This pump also has includes a useful pinch valve adapter. This adapter allows you to use the pump to inflate much smaller items requiring relatively low air pressure levels, such as beach balls. This level of functionality is pretty rare when it comes to electric air pumps. Despite the multifunctional applications of the QuickPump, it is a surprisingly affordable.



Intex Quick-Fill Air Pump Series

Looking for an air mattress pump that will not break the bank? This Intex Quick-Fill air pump is something you should look into. This electric pump is designed with indoor use in mind, with a mains power adapter so you can enjoy rapid inflation and deflation with ease. Despite its low price tag and basic build, this electric pump provides you with a staggering amount of airflow. In fact, it delivers an average of 650 litres of air in a minute. This pump also includes a selection of nozzles that can be used to attach this pump to a wide variety of valves. You should have no trouble finding a suitable nozzle to attach to any mattress valve with this pump and its first-rate selection of accessories.

Although this pump is a little bit limited in that it can only be used with an AC wall plug power supply, its airflow credentials make it a very impressive option. If you are looking for more portability and camping convenience, you may wish to look into other options from Intex, including the battery powered Quick-Fill models.



Intex Double Quick Hand Pump – Air Pump For Inflatables

Here we have another inexpensive air pump option from Intex. Unlike the previous one in this list, this Intex pump is a manual model. This hand pump might seem like an exhausting option for some, but it is actually pretty convenient and requires minimal effort in order to be used effectively. Unlike other hand pumps, this model inflates on both the up and down strokes. This will save you a significant amount of time and effort if you are looking to inflate a larger size of air mattress.

Despite being a manual air pump, this Intex model includes all the essential extras you would usually find with an electric alternative. There are three different nozzles included to attach to a broad range of valve systems, making it suitable for use with the vast majority of air mattress models on the market, as well as a variety of other inflatables. This is also a very compact and ultra-lightweight pump solution. If you are looking for something to take with you while hiking and camping, this Intex hand pump is an obvious choice.



Sailnovo Electric Air Pump, Rechargeable Portable Quick-Fill Air Mattress Pump Couch, Blow up Pool Raft Bed Boat Toy, Inflator Deflator with 3 Nozzles, 110V AC & 12V DC Adapter

This Sailnovo electric air pump is a must-have for anyone looking for portable convenience and rapid inflation and deflation. It might be a bit more expensive than other pumps in this list, but this Sailnovo model boasts some great features that set it apart from other items we have explored. This pump includes separate deflation and inflation ports and a user-friendly design that allows you to put it to work immediately. You will also find three different nozzle attachments included, allowing you to connect it to a wide variety of air mattress models and other items, saving you compatibility worries.

This electric air pump will certainly impress when it comes to compact convenience. This is a highly portable design that can be held comfortably in one hand. This not only makes it easy to carry when out and about, but also ensures that inflation and deflation is as effortless as possible.



Coleman QuickPump 120V Pump

This Coleman QuickPump is a subtle variation on the previous Coleman model we have talked about in this list. As with the first QuickPump device, this model includes a Double Lock valve that is suitable for use with a wide variety of air mattress models and other inflatable products. It also includes an incredibly handy pinch valve that makes it well suited to a wide variety of smaller inflatable items. This pump also includes a 120V plug that lets you power the device directly from any AC outlet in your home.

The key difference between this QuickPump and the one we have previously discussed is the inclusion of a flexible extension hose. This extension hose makes this pump far easier to use, especially if you are tight on space or need to access valves placed in awkward positions.



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