Best Air Mattress Repair Kit

Best Air Mattress Repair Kit | 2022 Buyers Guide & Reviews

If you own an air mattress and are using it on a regular basis, you may have encountered a puncture or two in your time. Even if your air mattress has been fortunate enough to escape damage, you should definitely prepare for the worst to ensure you can continue using it. Most air mattresses will include a repair kit when you buy it, but these materials will usually only provide you with a single repair. To ensure you are prepared for any eventuality, you should definitely think about investing in a more substantial supply of repair material. Read on for some tips on what to look for when shopping for the best air mattress repair kit.

When it comes to a waterbed or an inflatable bed, let’s be honest – the big fears are will it blow up, or will it deflate. The fear of the escaping air is sometimes what keeps people needing the ideal air mattress repair kit. And if you’re thinking of doing a DIY job with just hot glue or super glue – think again – it’s a much more complicated process than you think – even more than fixing an inflatable boat, kayak or bicycle tire.

What Type of Material Needs Repairing?

Before you invest in a repair kit, you should be asking yourself this question. Air mattresses are made from a variety of materials, ranging from hard-wearing vinyl to more rugged fabric alternatives. You need to ensure you are purchasing a repair kit that will adhere to the material of your air mattress in order to ensure a long-lasting fix.

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Application Methods

If you have never carried out a repair before, you will probably want to go for a more user-friendly solution. A simple peel-and-stick repair kit is arguably the easiest product to use. These repair kits include individual patches or a longer roll that can be cut down with scissors. Once you have cut down a patch to a suitable size, all you need to do is peel the backing material and apply the adhesive layer to seal a puncture. Patching material is not only easy to apply, it is quick to adhere, meaning you can start using your air mattress again in no time.

Other repair solutions are available. You might want to consider investing in heavy-duty duct tape that can be effectively utilised for vinyl repair. Provided you are buying high-grade duct tape, this repair option can be very cost-effective and provide you with a plentiful supply of material for repair jobs in the future.

Another option is a sealant solution. Vinyl sealant and similar products can be tricky to apply, however. You will need to work fast and ensure you apply the sealant directly to the damaged area. You should only opt for this repair option if you have used it before. If it is not applied correctly, sealant can often make the damage worse.


Whatever air mattress repair solution you opt for needs to provide you with a long-lasting fix. All repair materials should be waterproof, preventing moisture from penetrating into the damaged area. You should also think about investing in UV-resistant fixing material that will not yellow or discolour when exposed to sunlight. Any repair material you buy should also have some degree of flexibility and be able to cope with the pressure exerted on it when your air mattress is inflated.

Best Air Mattress Repair Kit | Product Reviews

Keen to keep your air mattress in working condition for as long as possible? You will definitely want to consider investing in a decent repair kit. Read on for some of the best options you can currently find on the market.

TEAR-AID Fabric Repair Kit, Type A

This TEAR-AID fabric repair kit is a good thing to have in stock if you have an air mattress you regularly put to use. This quality repair it offers you a quick and easy method of patching tears and holes in air mattress fabric, with minimal effort required to ensure your air mattresses are put back in working order. This repair kit uses a simple peel and stick approach, meaning you will not have to fish out additional equipment and materials in order to carry out fixes. In addition to the main repair materials, this kit comes with alcohol prep pads so you can prepare the air mattress fabric before finalising your repairs.

Once properly applied, this kit will provide a reliable and long-lasting repair that will hold well and ensure air does not escape when pressure is applied. This kit will ensure air pressure is maintained, even when air mattress material is stretched. The material is also transparent, meaning the repair kit can be used as a discreet fixing solution for any colour of airbed. It will also conform to irregular surfaces, making it a suitable solution for air mattresses with textured finishes. The material is also hard-wearing and will not warp when exposed to heat. It is also resistant to UV light, meaning it will not discolour over time. Although this repair kit is a bit more expensive than other options, it is definitely the way to go if you are after a reliable repair that will not need replacing.



eQualle 4 of Vinyl Patch Adhesive Kit Repair Swimming Pool, Air Bed, Inflatable Toys

If you are shopping for a more affordable air mattress repair solution,, this eQualle repair kit is worth thinking about. This premium repair material is made with industrial strength adhesive, providing you with a secure and reliable fix that will last for a long time. This repair material is also very easy to use. Simply peel it back from the base sheet and patch it onto the problem area. This quality repair material cures fast, meaning you will able to start using a damaged air mattress again in no time. This material is also watertight, meaning exposure to moisture will not compromise your repair. Once applied, this patching material will render your air mattress almost as good as new.

This patching adhesive kit can be used to repair smaller slits or minor leaks with ease. It can also be used to repair other things besides air mattresses, including inflatable toys and pool inflatables. In fact, this adhesive material is suitable for use with most plastic surfaces.



Intex Recreation 59632EP Swimming Pool Vinyl Repair Kit

This Intex Recreation vinyl repair kit provides you with a quick and easy way to make minor repairs to damaged air mattresses. Although this product is designed with inflatable swimming pools in mind, it can be effectively applied to inflatable air mattresses to repair minor tears and nicks that are causing air to leak. This kit includes a two-part solution. In addition to vinyl sheet material, you will also find vinyl cement included to ensure the repair material is firmly locked in place atop the surface of your air mattress.

Unlike more straightforward peel and stick solutions, this vinyl repair kit will take a little more care and patience to properly apply. You will need to be quick and precise in order to properly place the vinyl cement to adhere the vinyl material to the damaged areas of your inflatable air mattresses. However, provided you have taken the time to properly align the repair material and apply it quickly, you can look forward to a long-lasting and reliable fix that will ensue air leakages are a thing of the past.


Gorilla Crystal Clear Duct Tape, 1.88” x 9 yd, Clear, (Pack of 1)

Gorilla Tape Crystal Clear is an ideal choice of repair material for anyone looking for a strong and secure hold. This robust duct tape is designed with heavy-duty applications in mind, making it particularly useful for repairing larger tears and rips in inflatable mattress surfaces. When properly applied, this tape provides an airtight seal that instantly rectifies air leakages and ensures pressures can be maintained without further ruptures occurring. The tape will also lock out water, meaning the occasional bit of of moisture will not compromise a repair job. This quality tape is also transparent, meaning you can look forward to low-profile repair jobs that will not distract from the finish of your air mattress.

This flexible tape is incredibly versatile and can be used for all manner of jobs. It is particularly good for patching smooth surfaces, although it will also stick to uneven surfaces and rougher textures. This makes it suitable for air mattresses from a range of materials, be it vinyl material or fabric. This tape is also resistant against UV light and temperatures extremes, which is handy if you are looking to repair an air mattress you regularly use for camping. This tape is also very easy to use, with a notched edge that allows you to tear it easily by hand.



TEAR-AID Vinyl Repair Kit

This TEAR-AID vinyl repair kit is easy to use and can be used for all manner of repairs, including rectifying tears and leaks with air mattresses. This quality repair patch kit will ensure air is kept within an air mattress membrane, even when substantial pressure is applied and material is stretched significantly. This vinyl repair patching material is also transparent, meaning it can be used with air mattresses of any colour. Instant adhesion is also guaranteed, meaning you can expect quick and easy fixes to damaged vinyl material. This material will also conform well to uneven and irregular surfaces, making it a good option if your air mattress has a textured finish.

This patching material cuts easily with scissors and does not require any glue, meaning anyone can successfully repair a damaged air mattress. It is also resistant to heat and will not turn gummy when exposed to high temperatures. It is also resistant to UV light, meaning your patched repairs will not yellow if an air mattress is exposed to sunlight or used outdoors.



Coghlan’s 8880 AirStop Sealant

Although this sealant repair kit will take a bit more skill than other options in this list, it can provide effective repairs to air mattress tears. This repair sealant solution is intended for use with PVC material, including rayon and nylon that are coated with PVC. Not only will this sealant provide you with an effective repair solution for air mattresses, it can also be used to repair inflatable swimming pools, inflatable toys, rain gear and other items.

Coghlan’s 8880 AirStop is best reserved for minor tears, rather than larger damage that extends across larger areas. If you are looking to repair much larger areas of damage and want to ensure that air pressure is properly maintained when an air mattress is fully inflated, you may be best looking into larger patching repair sheets.


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