Best Bed Bug Mattress Encasement

Best Bed Bug Mattress Encasement Choices | Guide & Reviews | 2021

Having some unusual red spots when you wake up in the morning can be bothersome. It could be from dirty covers, pollen, pet allergy, or worse, from pesky bed bugs. Good thing there’s a solution for that, and it’s called encasement mattress protector. However, with plenty of options to choose from, it’s essential to consider the best bed bug mattress encasement in the market today.

Do Mattress Encasements Work for Bed Bugs?

Before you invest in a mattress encasement for bed bugs, finding out if it works is essential. Some products claim they can also relieve allergies caused by dust mites, not only by bed bugs. So conducting some thorough research can help you make an informed decision. But don’t worry because we already did that for you.

Utopia Bedding Zippered Mattress Encasement – Waterproof Mattress Protector

From Utopia

Fits Twin size mattress perfectly with dimensions 39 inches by 75 inches; 13 inches deep pocket....

Bed bugs usually appear when there are extreme temperature changes in an area. Not all mattress encasements, however, can protect you from these pesky bugs and other unwanted elements. So considering the features, most notably the materials, before buying this product can help find the perfect option at the best price.

Can Bed Bugs Bite through Mattress Encasements?

Cotton and polyester are the most common materials used in manufacturing mattress encasements around the world. The depth can range from 9 inches to 18 inches with up to 10 years warranty. Depending on the material and special features of the mattress encasement, bed bugs may or may not bite through it.

And determining the quality of the product is the best way to find out which mattress encasement you are looking. You can check some online testimonials of previous buyers to help you decide whether or not to buy. Encasements are wrapped around the mattress, including the box spring to detect bed bugs.

These encasements keep those pesky bugs from getting out of the mattress if they are there. Likewise, they keep the bed bugs out of your mattress. With thicker material, they cannot bite you through the mattress encasement.

Will Plastic Mattress Covers Kill Bed Bugs?

Okay, so mattress covers and mattress encasements are two different things. Knowing what makes covers different from encasements will help you get the most out of these mattress products. The encasement wraps the box spring and mattress to prevent bed bugs from penetrating, while the cover isn’t repellent enough when it comes to keeping bed bugs out.

However, if you’re using a plastic mattress cover, it might help kill those bugs while securing you from infestation. Also, it’s waterproof, so there’s nothing to worry about spills and stains on your bed. Most importantly, it can prevent allergens and dust mites from irritating your skin while sleeping.

Do You Have to Throw Away Your Mattress If You Have Bed Bugs?

If you’re having problems with bed bugs infesting your best memory foam mattress, you don’t need to throw it away. You can wash it and make sure it’s clean so that you can get rid of those bugs. Or better yet, use bed bug mattress encasements to keep them from biting you during bedtime.

Zip locks help keep your mattress encasement bug-proof while keeping you comfortable throughout the night. To avoid bed bug bites, choose a mattress cover that’s thick enough to protect you from these unfriendly little creatures.

You can keep it even if there are bed bugs in your mattress if is still okay and no specific sleep problems encountered such as discomfort. Just use a solid mattress encasement to solve your problem and enjoy bite-proof bed cover.

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Do Bed Bugs Mattress Covers Work

Let’s review two of the most popular bed bug mattress covers today to make sure you get the best option. Remember, there are different features and materials that an anti bed bug mattress protector may offer. So without further adieu, here’s a brief review of the best mattress encasements today:

Best Bed Bug Mattress Encasement Reviews

Saferest Mattress Encasement

SafeRest Premium Zippered Mattress Encasement

Lab Tested Bed Bug Proof, Dust Mite and Waterproof....

This bed bug box spring cover is made of cotton and features an exclusive Micro Zipper technology to prevent bed bugs from biting and penetrating through the encasement. It also works in protecting users from dust mites, urine, sweat, and bacteria.

With hypoallergenic material, it provides a comfortable bed that keeps away allergens, fluid spills, and bugs. But the main advantage of this product is its health benefits such as those with asthma and allergies. The main features are breathable and noiseless cotton fabric, 360-degree Velcro covering with zipper, and waterproof membrane.

Sureguard Mattress Encasement

Sureguard Mattress Encasement

Bed Bug Proof - Super fine zipper with Invisi-Zip and SureSeal technology completely seals off the m....

Also made of cotton material, the Sureguard mattress encasement is 100% waterproof with six sides of ultimate mattress protection. It prevents stains, sweat, and other forms of moisture from interrupting your sleep.

The SureSeal and Invisi-Zip technology secure this bug-proof mattress so that bed bugs won’t be bothering your sleep. It prevents bacteria, mold, mildew, allergens, and dust mites from invading mattresses and beds. You can also use pillow protectors for an utterly stress-free sleep experience.

Bottom Line

Make sure that your encasement mattress protector is strong enough to protect you from bed bugs. Whether you’re choosing cotton material or other types of fabric for your mattress encasement, you have to pick the best. After all, sleep is vital for a well-rested body after a stressful day. Consider the extra layer of membranes to achieve the best bed bug mattress encasement.

To make a well-informed decision, compare some products, and then look for helpful feedback from customer online. Between the Saferest and Sureguard mattress encasements, you are guaranteed to enjoy bite-proof mattress protector for an ultimately comfortable sleep. So, have you found the perfect choice for your mattress encasement with this guide?

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