Best Bed Slats

Best Bed Slats | 2022 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

With box springs falling out of favour, many more people are searching for replacement bed slats for platform bed bases. Platform bases and slatted beds are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their convenience and low-profile aesthetic. They are also far more affordable than standard box springs. The best bed slats can provide jut as much support as the most robust box spring, comfortably handling the weight of the heaviest of mattresses and multiple sleepers. They can also be used with pretty much any type of bed frame, making it easy to source replacements as and when required. Our guide includes all the information you need to find the best bed slats for your frame.

Bed Slats Explained

Bed slats are slightly bowed planks of wood that are designed to be placed horizontally along your bed frame. They serve as a stable base for your mattress to be placed on top of. The vast majority of contemporary bed frames, including platform beds, use slats as a supportive base for mattresses. This negates the need for you to have to invest in a separate box spring. Many bed retailers and suppliers are offering a sizeable range of bed slats, largely down to their inexpensiveness and the fact that they are easy to ship. Many new bed frames come with a full set of bed slats included, although you can easily find compatible slats to replace individual slats as and when they become weakened or break. You may also find yourself in a situation where you purchase a bed frame that requires you to add a foundation of your choice, be it a box spring or wooden slat supports.

Slats are designed to be placed on top of the bed frame itself, rather than you having to use a box spring. Your mattress of choice is then placed on top of the secured slats. Individually, wooden slats may not look that strong. However, it is worth remembering that slats are designed to support the mattress itself. A full row of bed slats will ensure that the combined weight of the mattress and sleeper is distributed evenly. This prevents the chance of individual slats becoming prematurely weakened, or the mattress suffering from the dreaded sagging effect. Bed slats are almost always made from premium wood that is treated and planed to enhance longevity. However, metal slats are also widely available for those looking for even more longevity. Another big benefit of bed slats is that they make for a lower profile arrangement than a box spring. This allows your mattress to be kept closer to the ground, making it easier to climb in and out of bed. It also leaves valuable storage space beneath the mattress itself, which is ideal for smaller bedrooms lacking in closet and drawer space.

Bed Slat Varieties

All types of bed slat serve the same purpose and function in much the same way, although you will encounter some variety when it comes to construction and material. Wooden bed slats are without doubt the most common variety. Standard wood slats are incredibly affordable, especially when compared to the cost of a box spring. They are also adjustable and allow for easy assembly. Wooden slats are sturdy enough for people of average weight and should be more than sufficient for single beds and younger sleepers. To install wooden bed slats, all you need to do is lay them directly atop your bed frame. Your mattress can then placed on top of the slats. The main downside of simple wooden slats is that they will not suit the needs of heavier users. If you also have a thick and heavy mattress, basic wooden slats are likely to move around during the night and fall free, requiring you to readjust them constantly.

A better alternative are wooden slats that include metal supports along the border. Although the basic construction of the slats themselves remain the same, the inclusion of a metal edge dramatically enhances the support they can provide. They are a good choice for heavier individuals, especially if you have a double bed that needs to accommodate two people. They are also the best option for those with thicker mattresses that weigh a considerable amount. They are generally long-lasting, with the metal supports protecting the wooden beams from weakening and fracturing over time. Although they are slightly more expensive than standard slats, they are still more affordable than investing in a box spring. Admittedly, they take a little longer to install, but once fitted, they are much more secure than standard slats. As such, you will not find yourself constantly readjusting them.

Installation & Slat Sizes

To ensure your slats are providing you and your mattress with a secure base to sleep on, you should pay attention to sizing when shopping around. Individual slats should never be placed more than 1.5 inches away from the next slat. Never take chances with fewer slats than is required, as you may as well just invest in a box spring instead. Most bed slat suppliers and retailers will offer a variety of size options, with slat packages cut to size to accommodate common bed sizes. You can always saw down slats if they prove too long, but you may as well save yourself the unnecessary hassle and purchase the correct length outright.

Should You Stick With a Box Spring?

If you have only ever used a box spring, you should remember that bed slats provide you with a lower overall profile. Once placed atop your bed frame, slats will sit at a height of around 1.5 inches. Many people prefer a lower mattress height for its contemporary aesthetic, as well as the fact it is much easier to climb into bed. However, if you prefer a substantial mattress height, bed slats may not be for you.

Although bed slats and box spring both provide the same basic function, each has their own benefits and drawbacks. Bed slats are certainly the more affordable option, while the lower profile makes them more convenient and frees up additional storage space. If you are looking to order online, you will also find that bed slats come with cheaper shipping rates than box spring deliveries.

Best Bed Slats | Reviews

Looking to repair a sagging bed or bolster existing supports. Below you will find a selection of some of the best bed slats around.

Bed Slats Solid Pine Wood Slats Twin Bed Mattress Support Wooden Slats 39 in Long x 2.75 in Wide x 0.65 in Depth Pack of 13 Count Single Bed Replacement Parts Custom Size Cutting Service (Twin 39 in)

If you are looking for a heavy duty choice of bed slats, these solid pine wood slats are a good option. These slats are made from South American Yellow Pine, a material which well known for its robustness and durability. These slats make an ideal mattress foundation alternative if you are looking to swap out your box spring base. Each pack contains 13 individual slats, with each slide wide enough to fit a standard twin size bed. If you are looking to bolster a double bed foundation, you will of course need to purchase two sets of these slats.

If you want high-quality wooden slats that will provide you with even weight distribution and reliability, these are a good option. Not only is the pine particularly durable, each slat has been kiln dried for longevity. Each slat has also been planed and sanded prior to packing, providing you with a superior finish. This finish also makes each slat particularly smooth and soft, with no need to worry about the wood damaging the underside of your memory foam mattress.



Replacement Support Wooden Slats for Metal Bed Frame Holders Kits Bundles Available in Two Lengths-Cut to The Length of Your Choice (5 Slats Pack) (39.3″X2.08″X0.33″)

These replacement wooden slats offer sturdy support for any type of mattress, easy assembly and long-lasting value. These quality slats are made from walnut, a particularly strong wood that provides good support for varying body weights and plenty of give to ensure they will not snap or wear prematurely. These slats come five to a pack, which makes them ideal for replacing a few broken slats or worn out slatted beams. Their standard size also makes them suitable for a wide variety of bed frames. You can use them to bolster box spring, strengthen up day beds and more.

Although these slats are very strong and will not disappoint when it comes to durability, they are supple enough that they can be sawn down if they prove a little too long for your existing bed frame. This suppleness also means the slats have a subtle bounce, boosting the comfort of your mattress and sleep surface.



ZINUS Annemarie Solid Wood Bed Support Slats/Fabric-Covered/Bunkie Board, Twin

These bed support slats from ZINUS are a practical alternative to other options we have discussed in this list. Unlike most other slats, these slats are designed to be placed vertically, rather than horizontally. This provides you with superior support for your mattress. The wooden slats are particularly strong and are suitable for all types of bed and mattress varieties, including spring mattresses, hybrid mattresses and memory foam mattresses. They also come in a variety of size options, ranging from compact twins to larger king size bed frames. Those designed for use with larger beds include more individual slats, providing you with reliable support and superior weight distribution.

A particularly good thing about these slats is that they are incredibly easy to assemble. Rather than you having to install individual slats one at a time, these slats can be laid out in a single layer. This is thanks to a hard-wearing fabric covering that encases the full size of your sleep surface. This is due to the unique fitting requirements of vertical slats, but also makes preparing your bed with slat replacements incredibly straightforward. It also keeps movement of slats to a minimum, negating the need for you to have to constantly re-jig and refit slats in gimlets. These slats also come with an impressive 5-year warranty, making them a great value investment that will serve you well in the long term.



The Bottom Line

If you are looking to replace a worn out box spring or invest in a new bed, you should definitely consider a platform bed with wooden slats. Bed slats are incredibly affordable and convenient. They are incredibly durable and offer exceptional support, with the added advantage that you can replace individual slats over time. This can save you huge sums of money in the long run, saving you the expense of having to purchase a brand new box spring base down the line. However, if you are considering bed slats, you should think about spending a little more money on premium slats that include metal edging. These heavy-duty supports make bed slats far more secure, keeping them in place and preventing you having to readjust them on a regular basis. They are also ideal for heavier individuals, as well as those who prefer to use a thicker and heavier type of mattress.

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