Best Book Lights for Reading in Bed

Best Book Lights for Reading in Bed | 2022 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Bedtime reading is a routine enjoyed by many, but it can often take its toll on the eyes. Rather than squinting in the dark as you make your way through the next chapter of your favourite book, you should think about investing in a reading light. Not only will reading lights provide you with eye-friendly illumination for your pages, they also mean you do not have to turn on a bedside lamp and keep fellow sleepers awake. Need some advice on what to look for when shopping for a reading light? Our guide includes essential information on the best book lights for reading in bed.

Colour Temperature & Brightness Levels

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Even the most affordable reading lights will provide you with a good range of colour temperatures and brightness levels. Color temperatures are particularly important in ensuring your natural sleep cycle is not disrupted, eliminating harmful blue light that is often emitted by smartphones and other electronic devices. Any reading light you buy should allow you to adjust brightness levels to your liking. Not only will this scope of adjustment let you tailor brightness to your individual needs, it also ensures you can make the most of battery life.

Design Style

Reading lights come in a variety of styles. Perhaps the most recognisable type is the clip-on reading light. These accessories include a fastener element that can be clipped onto your book or another surface, along with an adjustable limb that is topped with the light source itself. This type of reading light is not always practical, however. If you are reading a paperback or hardback, such devices can prove an awkward obstacle when it comes to turning pages. However, many reading lights of this type include wide clips that can be fastened onto headboards and other surfaces, freeing up your reading material to make your life easier.

Another popular choice of reading light is the type you can wear around your neck. These lights have a collar type design that fits snugly around the back of the neck, with either end topped with LEDs to provide illumination. These lightweight reading lights are very practical and provide better spotlighting that is more in keeping with your line of sight.

Battery Performance

The majority of reading lights include a rechargeable battery that can be replenished via USB charging. Battery life is important if you regularly travel with your reading light, or simply if you forget to put your device on charge in between uses. Battery performance will ultimately depend on what brightness settings you are using, but in most cases, you can expect around eight hours of battery life from a single charge. More expensive reading lights will provide you more substantial reading time after a single charge.

Best Book Lights for Reading in Bed | Product Reviews

Love nothing more than a little bedtime reading? You will definitely want to consider some of these first-rate book lights for reading in bed.

Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light, Book Light for Reading in Bed, 3 Colors, 6 Brightness Levels, Bendable Arms, Rechargeable, Long Lasting, Perfect for Reading, Knitting, Camping, Repairing

This Glocusent LED light is a convenient way of keeping on top of your reading list in the dark. This reading neck is designed to be worn around the neck, meaning it will not prove an obstacle when turning the page. This light also provides you with a variety of colour settings and adjustable brightness levels. You can choose from three different colour temperature modes, including yellow, warm white and cool white. Each light head includes its own switch so you can dim brightness levels to your liking. This makes it suitable for both reading and other activities requiring focused light, such as sewing or when you are carrying out repair jobs.

This reading light is a good option for those who do not want to spend a small fortune on replacement batteries. This rechargeable light includes an integrated 1000mAh battery that can be replenished via the USB Type-C port with a Micro-USB cable. Once fully recharged, this reading light will operate for approximately 80 hours. The ergonomic design of this reading light will also ensure your eyes are protected from harm. The supple design of the neck light also means you can adjust it with ease to achieve a suitable angle that best suits your activity. The narrow beam angle of this light also means you can use it in bed without bothering your partner as they sleep.



Vekkia Rechargeable 4 LED Neck Reading Light, Book Lights for Reading in Bed, 3 Brightness Levels, 2 Flexible Soft Silicone Arms Comfortable Wear, Long Lasting. Perfect for Bookworms, Craft & Knitting

This reading light from Vekkia is another good option for those looking to keep their hands free as they get stuck into a good book. This flexible reading light comfortably fits around your neck, providing you with a convenient way of keeping the page illuminated as you read. You can enjoy three different brightness modes with this neck light, with different brightness modes better suited to different tasks. There also two different lighting modes to choose from, including floodlight and spotlight settings. The floodlight lighting mode is perfect for when you want to fully illuminate the space before you, while the spotlight mode is handy for when you want to maintain a bit of privacy as you read.

This neck reading light is also rechargeable. The integrated battery can be charged via the built-in USB port, with a full charge resulting in around eight hours of battery life. If you have fully charged the light and are operating it at moderate intensity, you can expect up to ten hours of lighting time. This is particularly practical and comfortable choice, with the flexible arms allowing for easy adjustments and the anti-slip design ensuring it stays firmly in place as you read.



Energizer Clip on Book Light for Reading in Bed, LED Reading Light for Books and Kindles, 25 Hour Run Time, Kindle & Book Reading Lamp

This Energizer reading light is a more traditional option for those who want something that will illuminate the pages of their favourite book. This compact reading light clips onto your book of choice, with advanced LED technology on hand to recreate natural reading conditions that are easy on the eye, but still provide you with excellent visibility. Although this reading light does not include a rechargeable battery function, it will provide you with long-lasting reading time as long as you use the recommended Energiser CR2032 batteries. Two of these batteries are included along with the light itself so you can use it as soon as you receive it in the post. Generally speaking, two full batteries will provide you with around 25 hours of reading time.

This clip-on light is very flexible, with the integrated clip ensuring it remains firmly in place. The spring clip simply attaches to any book or e-reader with ease. The folding design of this reading light also makes it very portable. It will comfortably fit in a small backpack pocket, while the durable design will ensure it is protected from occasional knocks and impacts.



Vekkia Rechargeable 12 LED Warm Book Light, Clip On Bed Reading Light, Music Stand Lamp, 2 Brightness & 2 Goosenecks Light Up 2 Full Pages. Perfect for Bookworms, Kids & Music Lovers

This clip-on reading light from Vekkia utilises some innovative LED technology to make reading in low light conditions a pleasure. This reading light uses SMD LED technology to provide you with a broad lighting area that is much wider than what you might expect from other reading lights on the market. The LEDs here are flicker and glare-free, with a dozen individual LEDs on hand to provide you with superior illumination. This is between two and three times the amount of LEDs usually found in reading lights. Unlike other reading lights out there, this model uses two distinct limbs, each with their own LEDs. This allows you to keep one light trained on each page, or focus both lights on a single target for enhanced visibility.

You have two brightness settings to choose from here. Both provide excellent visibility and allow for clear reading, while also ensuring your eyes are protected. The adjustable clip is also worth mentioning here. The clip includes an adjustable pad that means this reading can be used with thin and thicker books. The soft padded surface also means you can safely clip this onto a kindle device or other electronic reader without damaging the housing.



Vekkia BK-07 3000K Warm LED, Easy for Eyes, Clip, Car & Travel, Rechargeable Slim 2.1 oz Weight. Perfect for Bookworms Book Light for Reading in Bed, White

The Vekkia BK-07 is a perfect choice of reading aid for those looking for soft light and multiple brightness levels. This reading light effectively eliminates the vast majority of blue light that can be harmful on the human eye, instead providing you with a gentle and soothing light that is perfect for reading in darker conditions. It will also ensure that your natural sleep cycle is not disrupted. The lowest light level on offer here should prove more than sufficient for reading in the dark, but two brighter mode settings are also available for those who require enhanced visibility.

This reading light is lightweight and adjustable, allowing you to focus light exactly where you need it. The limb of this reading light can be bended to focus light on a specific part of the page or deliver light at a certain angle. The adjustable clamp will also ensure a good fit with books of varying thickness. It is also wide enough that it can be clamped onto a headboard. You can also expect impressive battery performance here, with an integrated 100mAh rechargeable battery included. When fully recharged, the lithium battery will provide you with approximately 60 hours of reading time when operated at low brightness setting.



Vekkia Bookmark Book Light, Clip on Reading Lights for Books in Bed, Infinite Brightness Levels, Soft Light Easy for Eyes, Built-in USB Cable Easy Charge. Perfect for Avid Readers

This Vekkia bookmark reading light is a good choice for anyone looking for a more compact solution. This reading light includes a built-in rechargeable battery to save the expense of having to constantly purchase disposable batteries. After a full charge, the 250mAh lithium battery will provide you with 20 hours of reading. This is more than enough reading time for those looking to use this in the home, but is also long-lasting enough that you can use this light when travelling. The small and flexible design of this reading light makes it a particularly portable option, with the device weighing just 1.5 ounces in total. If clipped directly onto your book or electronic reader, you will barely feel the extra bulk.

You can also easily adjust brightness levels with this reading. A simple click will shift the colour temperature to your preferred setting, with warm, white and mixed modes to choose from. You can also adjust brightness levels to your liking. To adjust the brightness settings, simply press down for longer. This is definitely a more convenient solution for those who like to read on the go.



LED Clip On Reading Light, Book Light, 16 Individual Eye Protection LEDs, 3 Brightness Levels, USB Rechargeable, Reading Lamp with Slick Touch Control, Perfect for Reading in Bed – Vont

This clip-on reading is very affordable and incredibly practical. You can choose between three different brightness levels at the touch of a button. The brightest intensity is recommended for reading in the dark, while the low settings are ideal for when you want to use this as a light lamp. The goose neck design will also appeal to those who want a more flexible design. With a 360-degree adjustment, you can clip this light onto any suitable surface and position the beam of light effectively. The wide opening of the clamp means you can clip this light onto any book or device with ease, while it can also be used to clamp onto headboards or bedroom furniture.

Despite the low price, you can enjoy the convenience of a rechargeable battery here. The built-in 1000mAh lithium battery provides you with around eight hours of reading time after a full charge. A Micro USB cable is included so you do not have to worry about investing in any extras. The illumination credentials of this reading light are also first-rate. In total, there are 16 individual LED bulbs that provide you with exceptional clarity and flicker-free lighting as you read. This not only allows you to focus on your reading material without any distractions, but also ensures the device is friendly on the eyes.



TOPELEK 7 LED Reading Light, Rechargeable Book Light with Stepless Dimming, Adjustable Color Temperature, Knob Control, Easy Clip On Reading Lamp for Night Reading in Bed

This TOPELEK 7 reading light is relatively inexpensive, but that does not mean you should expect inferior functionality. This handy reading light includes a convenient knob that allows you to adjust brightness levels steplessly. It is fairly uncommon to find this dimming capability in such a budget-friendly reading light. In addition to this, this reading light provides you with three distinct colour temperature settings, allowing you to choose the perfect illumination for your individual demands. This reading light also includes a built-in lithium battery, saving you the hassle and expense of replacing disposable batteries. After a full charge via USB, this light will provide you with approximately 60 hours of reading time at low light settings.

Looking for a lightweight and portable option? This reading light will satisfy your requirements. In total, this reading light weighs only 3.2 ounces and is barely noticeable when clipped onto your book or electronic device. The flexible neck can also be folded, allowing you to safely store the light when you are on the move.



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