Best Budget Sleeping Bag

Best Budget Sleeping Bag | 2022 Buyers Guide & Reviews

Camping gear does not need to cost a fortune. The best budget sleeping bags can offer some very impressive features and protection against the elements. Although budget-friendly sleeping bags tend to be limited in their application, they can be effectively used throughout most of the year, providing you with enough insulation to keep you warm during the night. Need some help finding a suitable model? Our guide has everything you need to know when shopping for the best budget sleeping bags.

The thing about a good sleeping bag is that it’s got to be super versatile. Which means that a high quality version has to work in all scenarios like car camping, work for backpackers and needs a high comfort rating along with a durability that stops it getting damaged. The lightest sleeping bags below were all tested over a number of backpacking trips and camping trips and was tested with side sleepers and those who slept on their backs. We even examined the packability of the bag as well as how roomy it was and whether or not it kept our toes toasty by being made of the warmest material.

Of course different from mummy bags, the backpacking sleeping bags listed below are the ones we felt had the greatest versatility, down insulation, could unzip without getting stuck every few seconds and was ultralight. The weight ratios for all below were perfect and we even got to test the upper and lower limits of the double sleeping bags. And just in case you are wondering where we tested these bags, and they were in all the cold spots of Colorado.

Temperature Ratings

This is key thing to look out for when shopping for sleeping bags. The temperature rating will give you a clear indicator of what conditions a sleeping bag can be used in. This rating will identify the lowest temperature a sleeping bag can be used in to ensure the user remains warm enough. However, it is worth remembering that that guidance also assumed the user will be wearing suitable clothing such as thermals. To be safe, go for as low a temperature rating as possible. This will provide you with enough flexibility to accommodate for unexpected temperature swings.

Insulation Types

If you are looking to keep to a tight budget, you will almost certainly end up buying a sleeping bag that features synthetic insulation material. Polyester is standard synthetic material used in budget-friendly sleeping bags. Synthetic insulation will certainly ensure you remain warm in the night and it is very durable. It will also dry quickly if exposed to moisture, making it practical if your sleeping bag is exposed to water. However, the downside of synthetic material is that is is not very compressible. Sleeping bags with synthetic fill material are usually more difficult to pack down and will often take up more space in your backpack.

Sleeping Bag Shape

The casual camper will probably want to invest in a classic rectangular sleeping bag. These sleeping bags are relatively spacious, making them a comfortable option. If you buy multiple bags of the same design, you can also usually fasten them together to provide a larger sleeping space for two users. Barrel-shaped sleeping bags are another option to consider, especially if you are looking for something more practical. These bags usually feature a tapered shape that helps retain body heat. If you are comfortable with a snug fit, definitely consider looking into a barrel sleeping bag. Mummy sleeping bags are another option. These sleeping bags are slimmer than other styles, providing you with a snug fit around the shoulders, while leaving more space around the hips. This style of sleeping bag is ideal for those who want to ensure maximum warmth, without having to worry about excess material and carrying weight.

Best Budget Sleeping Bag | Product Reviews

Looking for a sleeping bag that will not break the bank? Read on for shortlist of some of the most affordable sleeping bags on the market.

Sleeping Bag 3 Seasons (Summer, Spring, Fall) Warm & Cool Weather – Lightweight,Waterproof Indoor & Outdoor Use for Kids, Teens & Adults for Hiking and Camping

This budget-friendly sleeping bag is designed with cool and colder weather in mind. This affordable sleeping bag ticks all the boxes when it comes to waterproof performance and weather-resistant credentials, providing you with a suitable sleeping solution for extreme conditions. If you are looking for a hardy sleeping bag that will keep you warm and protected against damp, this is a go-to option. Double-filled technology will also ensure excellent insulation against cold temperatures. This sleeping bag is suitable for use throughout most of the year, although it is not recommended for use in winter months.

This great value sleeping bag is also lightweight and convenient. The compact design makes it easy to carry along with you during long hikes to your next campsite. A carry bag is included along with the sleeping bag itself to make transportation as simple as possible. This carry bag is a compression style sack, complete with straps for straightforward storage. This bag is also very easy to maintain. You can spot clean to keep on top of occasional stains, while the entire bag can be cleaned in the washing machine for maximum convenience.



TETON Sports TrailHead Sleeping Bag for Adults; Lightweight Camping, Hiking

This TETON Sports TrailHead sleeping bag is a perfect choice for anyone after lightweight convenience and good value. Despite the lower price tag, this sleeping bag delivers as far as comfort is concerned. The superior fill material and soft liner makes it a particularly comfortable choice of sleeping bag, while the innovative fill also allows you to do pack down the bag to a small size for easy storage and portability. This sleeping bag also includes a spacious foot box for even more comfort. This bag should also appeal to anyone who is tired of spending an age rolling their sleeping bag before storing it away. The compression design of this sleeping bag means it can be packed away discreetly in moments, with heavy-duty straps on hand to ensure it remains packed down neatly when you are not using it.

The lightweight nature of this sleeping bag make it ideal for those who are planning on spending a great deal of time outdoors. The microfibre insulation is also a welcome addition here, giving you more loft and ensuring you enjoy maximum compressibility, without you having to compromise on performance. To get the most out of this sleeping bag, make sure you combine it with an insulated camping pad to enjoy a warm night’s sleep.



Coleman Duck Harbor Cool Weather Adult Sleeping Bag

This Coleman Duck Harbor sleeping bag offers premium features at a relatively low price. As with most budget-friendly sleeping bags, it is worth considering that this particular design is only really suitable for mild temperatures and weather conditions. Generally speaking, you should not look to use this sleeping bag when camping at temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if you are looking for a sleeping bag for springtime sojourns outdoors or summer camping adventures, this sleeping bag should satisfy your requirements. This sleeping bag should also prove suitable for most users, although anyone over six feet in height might struggle to get a comfortable night’s sleep.

This sleeping bag includes a cotton cover, along with a cotton flannel liner that combine to deliver exceptional seeping comfort. A Thermolock draft tube is also included to maximise heat retention and ensure you remain pleasantly warm during the night. Despite being relatively affordable, this sleeping bag boasts some durable design features that will extend its life. The ZipPlow system is particularly effective at ensuring fabric does not snag and tear when you are using zipping yourself in or opening up the sleeping bag. The Roll Control design of this sleeping bag is also a handy feature here, allowing to easily roll it and secure it for storage.



Sleeping Bag, Lightweight 3 Season Weather Sleep Bags for Kids Adults Girls Women, Cotton Hollow Filled 5-20 Degree for Backpacking/Hiking/Naturehike/Camping/Mountaineering with Compression Sack

This budget-friendly sleeping bag is a perfect choice for those who are looking to spend less, but do not want to sacrifice on functionality and performance. This sleeping bag is incredibly lightweight, totalling just two pounds. It also packs away easily, with a tote bag included along with the sleeping bag itself for convenient storage. Comfort is also guaranteed with this sleeping bag. This sleeping bag boasts an envelope style design that provides users of all shapes and sizes with plenty of space for sleeping. Materials and overall construction are also of a high standard. All the key stress points are reinforced to ensure your sleeping bag remains in usable condition for as long as possible, with the double-stitched seams and particularly robust zippers included.

This sleeping bag is suitable for use for most of the year, although it is not designed for use in extreme cold conditions, so you are best to invest in something more substantial for winter excursions. This bag is waterproof and weatherproof, keeping the wind and rain out at all times. The double-fill material is particularly effective at ensuring moisture does not get a foothold, keeping you dry and warm for the entire night.



UPSKR Sleeping Bag Lightweight & Waterproof for Adults & Kids Cold Weather, 3-4 Season Envelope Sleeping Bags Great for Indoor & Outdoor Use Hiking Backpacking Camping Traveling with Compression Sack

If you find conventional sleeping bags too restrictive, this handy design from UPSKR has some interesting features you will definitely appreciate. This innovative sleeping bag features a two-way zipper that allows you to expose your arms and feet, while keeping the rest of your body covered and warm. If you regularly camp out during warmer weather, this feature will definitely come in handy. This budget-friendly sleeping bag is particularly useful for hiking holidays and camping excursions where you are looking to lighten the load. However, despite the lightweight construction of this sleeping bag, you can expect a durable design here. The outer fabric of this sleeping bag is made from 210T polyester, with the same material used for the liner layer. This material is not only effective at retaining heat, it also keeps water out.

When it comes to packing this sleeping bag away, things are straightforward. The lightweight sleeping bag rolls up discreetly, with the compressible fabric tucking away neatly into the included carrying sack. If you are looking for a sleeping bag that can be stored in your backpack, this product is a good choice. This sleeping bag can also be used in warmer weather, with the internal liner easily removed to provide you with a cooler sleeping environment.


WINNER OUTFITTERS Mummy Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack, It’s Portable and Lightweight for 3-4 Season Camping, Hiking, Traveling, Backpacking and Outdoor

This mummy sleeping bag offers a good balance of affordability and practicality. Made from hard-wearing polyester, this sleeping bag will hold up against the elements, making it a go-to choice for all outdoor excursions and camping adventures. The overall dimensions of this sleeping bag also make it suitable for the majority of users, with an overall length of 87 inches and a generous width of 33 inches. It will also maintain a very warm temperature range once occupied, while it can also be used in exceptionally cold temperatures. This sleeping bag is made from durable material, with a 350T polyester shell and liner. The interior filling is also of a premium quality, with an M2 3D cotton filling delivering plenty in the way of softness and warmth.

This sleeping bag will impress down to the tiniest details. SBS zippers and an adjustable SBS drawstring allow you to make quick adjustments without the worry of damaging the integrity of the sleeping bag. This is also a very lightweight option, with the total sleeping bag weighing just three pounds. It will easily roll away when not in use, allowing you to stuff it into a backpack or strap to your other gear for fuss-free transportation.



Active Era Mummy Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack for 3-4 Season – Lightweight, Water Resistant & Warm for Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Traveling and Outdoors

This Active Era mummy sleeping bag offers some standout features for such an affordable product. This sleeping bag is manufactured to a very high standard, with a durable 190T polyester shell and a water resistant liner that will ensure the damp is kept out. The 300 GSM filling is also superb, providing you with excellent insulation that will ensure the interior of the sleeping bag remains warm throughout the night. An insulated draft shield is also on hand to enhance the performance of this sleeping bag. This practical sleeping bag will also fold away easily, with a compression design that allows it to be bundled away neatly into the integrated carry sack.

This sleeping bag is suitable for use throughout most seasons, handling extreme lows of around 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Double anti-snag zippers are also included here, preventing the shell material from becoming trapped and tearing. Other handy features include an internal storage pocket that can be used to house valuables like smartphones, keys and wallets while you sleep.



Vumos Sleeping Bag Liner and Camping Sheet – Silk Like Material for Travel – Has Full Length Zipper

This Vumos sleeping bag is one of the cheapest options in this list, but still offers some impressive features. This sleeping bag includes a full zipper that runs the entire length along one side. This not only provides easy access to the interior of the sleeping bag, but also means you can utilise it as a large ground sheet. This sleeping bag liner is suitable for almost every user, with a total length of 85 inches and a generous width of 33.5 inches. Unless you are particularly tall, you should find ample room within the sleeping bag liner. An additional pillow pocket is also included to provide you with a further layer of comfort. Soft polyester material has been used to manufacture this sleeping bag liner, providing you with a breathable sleeping surface that feels fantastic against the skin.

This sleeping bag liner includes its own stuff sack, providing convenient storage when it comes to rolling up your sleeping bag and heading out on the next leg of your journey. Even when fully stuffed with the liner, the bag is compact enough that it can be comfortably stored away in your backpack.



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