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Best Bunkie Board | 2022 Buyers Guide & Product Reviews

The best bunkie boards provide you with a low profile support solution for platform beds and other frame varieties. Although they are ideal for those looking to keep aesthetics minimal in a contemporary bedroom, they are also incredibly durable and deliver a supportive foundation on which to sleep. They are also an inexpensive way of strengthening an existing bed frame, saving you the cost of having to invest in a brand new one if you are finding your mattress sagging and shifting during the night. However, you should pay attention to a few key things when shopping for bunkie boards. Our buying guide is on hand to serve as your go-to reference when selecting the best bunkie boards for your budget.

Bunkie Board Construction

Any good bunkie board should be constructed in such a way that it does not create excess noise when you shift around on your mattress during the night. This is achieved by a combination of factors. For a start, the bunkie board slat material should be strong and resilient to stress. High-quality wooden slats are arguably the best option here, although a well constructed metallic bunkie board base will also produce minimal noise. You should also think about purchasing a board that includes a layer of padding. This only helps keep noise to a bare minimum, it also protects your mattress from coming into contact with potentially abrasive slat material. Wooden bunkie boards will include a non-slip layer beneath the slats themselves. This allows you to place the boards directly onto a bed frame, with the material layer ensuring they stay locked in place and do not shift around as you sleep.

The vast majority of bunkie boards come as a single piece, with individual slats joined together by a non-slip strip of fabric at either end. This means all you need to do is unpack your bunkie board, unroll it, then place it atop your bed frame of choice. If you are looking for bunkie boards for larger beds, you may find your product comes in two separate pieces. However, fitting them to your bed frame works in much the same way.

Main Benefits of Bunkie Boards

Bunkie boards have many advantages over conventional box spring supports. If you own a platform bed frame, you almost certainly want to think about purchasing a bunkie board. Low profile frames like platform beds only include a slatted base on which to place a mattress. If the platform bed and slatted base is built to a high standard, this should prove sufficient. However, many platform bed slats have a tendency to weaken over time and can easily fall through. Adding a bunkie board atop the slats is an easy way of making your platform bed far more secure. It will also protect the slats underneath from being subjected to excessive strain and breaking.

If you have purchased a platform bed, you will definitely want to maintain its minimal aesthetic and low profile finish. A bunkie board helps maintain this look, keeping the mattress low to the ground, without compromising on supportive foundations.

Bunkie boards are also very affordable. A decent bunkie board will cost little more than a standard set of wooden slats and are far cheaper than purchasing a standard box spring base. Even if you think your current frame is strong enough to withstand regular use, it is worth investing in a bunkie board to extend the lifespan of your frame.

Should You Invest in a Bunkie Board?

A bunkie board makes a great addition to beds used on an occasional base. Trundle beds and daybeds are designed to be used infrequently, so their slats and mattress bases tend to be on the weaker side. Even when used on an occasional basis, these beds are not the most reliable and you will often find yourself dealing with shifted or broken slats. Purchasing an inexpensive bunkie board to use with such beds is a great way of ensuring your guests enjoy an undisturbed night’s sleep when they stay over.

They are also a good addition to children’s beds. As little ones have a tendency to leap onto their beds and jump up and down on their mattresses, adding an extra layer of support is advisable. Even the most solid metal or wooden bed frame will weaken over time, so a bunkie board will help extend the life of bed slats considerably.

Bunkie boards also help protect various types of mattresses from suffering from wear and tear. If you have paid a considerable amount of money for a memory foam mattress or a hybrid product, you will want to ensure your mattress stays within its warranty and serves you well for as long as it can. A bunkie board will help protect the underside of your mattress from wear and tear, while also ensuring it does not shift in the night. Bunkie boards with optimally spaced slats and a protective covering will also ensure your new mattress does not sag once pressure is applied to it.

Selecting the Right Size Bunkie Board

You will need to ensure you have picked the correct size of bunkie board to ensure you get the best out of it. As most bunkie boards are designed to be placed directly atop a bed frame, perfect sizing is crucial. If you opt for a bunkie board that is too small for the bed frame you are using it for, it will likely fall free and add additional pressure to the slats beneath. This will not only require you to readjust the bunkie board and slats on a regular basis, but also cause unnecessary damage to your mattress. You should also avoid purchasing a bunkie board that is too large for your bed frame. Although a larger bunkie board will not collapse into the centre of the frame, it might shift around a considerable amount during the night. Thankfully, most bunkie board suppliers and retailers offer products in a full selection of sizes to provide you with the perfect fit for your individual frame.

Best Bunkie Board |  Reviews

Tired of shifting slats and sagging mattresses? It’s time to upgrade your existing box spring with a new bunkie board. Below you will find some of the best bunkie board options currently available, with a range of high-quality products to suit all budgets.

Zinus Annemarie Solid Wood Bed Support Slats / Fabric-Covered / Bunkie Board, Full

If you are looking for bunkie boards that provide excellent durability and all the additional support you need, these high-quality Zinus Annemarie slats should more than fit the bill. These reliable bunkie board slats come in a variety of sizes, providing you with the perfect match for your individual mattress size. The smallest option is for a twin mattress, with six individual slats provided to provide you with superior support. The standard full size includes 9 slats, while the queen size version includes 10 slats. You will also find a king size option, with 12 invidivual slats to provide you with exceptional support.

These bunkie boards are suitable for use with a variety of mattress types. They are among the best bunkie boards in this list if you want true flexibility to use slats between beds, with their fabric-covered design making them ideal for use with spring mattresses, hybrid mattresses and memory foam mattress types. They can also be used with a variety of bed types, including platform beds, bunk beds and daybeds. Unlike horizontal slats, these boards are designed to be placed vertically across your bed frame, rather than horizontally. This provides you with enhanced durability and a more stability when compared to conventional wooden slats. They also have an impressive lifespan, with a reassuring 5-year warranty included to ensure you get maximum use out of them.



Zinus Gulzar Easy Assembly Quick Lock 1.6 Inch Bunkie Board / Bed Slat Replacement, Full

If you a studier alternative to wood slats, this steel frame bunkie board from Zinus is a good choice. This Gulzar bunkie board boasts a solid steel construction, providing you with incredible levels of stability and exceptional durability. Unlike some metal bunkie boards, the Gulzar is incredibly easy to put together. A quick-lock construction means you can assemble the board quickly and securely, leaving no room for weaknesses that might lead to creaking in the night. Foam tape is also included to provide the steel bunkie board with essential padding, eliminating noise as you move about on your mattress. Non-slip tape is also included, providing you with a secure mattress foundation.

This metal frame bunkie board is suitable for use with a wide variety of bed types, including daybeds and bunk beds. It can also be used with some platform beds, although you will need to ensure you have a sit-in style frame in order to use this as a supportive base for your new mattress. This bunkie board will also accommodate a full range of mattress types, including foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses and spring mattresses. With a 5-year warranty, you can count on a long-lasting lifespan from this essential box spring upgrade.



Spinal Solution Wood Split Bunkie Board/Slats,Mattress Bed Support,Fits Standard, Twin, Grey

This Spinal Solution wooden bunkie board is a good option for those looking for a low profile supportive base for their mattresses. This bunkie board is split into two sections, making it a very convenient option that can be easily stored and transported. This board also offers you proper support for all varieties of bed frame, helping you enjoy a better night’s sleep. With consistent support provided across the entire solid surface of the board, you can say goodbye to back pain and aches in the morning. The robust design also means you will not have to contend with creaking as you toss and turn during the night.

A bonded fabric cover encases the board sections themselves, bolstering the weight carrying capacity of this mattress support. With its more durable build, this mattress foundation is a premium alternative to using a particleboard base for your bed. If you are looking to extend the life of your current mattress, this Spinal Solution bunkie board is a must-have. Not only will provide much better support than a traditional box spring, the fabric covering will protect the construction of various mattress types to ensure they serve you well for a long time.



Zinus Vertical Wood Support Slats for Bed Frame / Bunkie Board / Box Spring Replacement, Full

This bunkie board from Zinus is a perfect upgrade for an existing box spring base. This bunkie boar includes 10 individual wooden slats that fit vertically across the length of your bed frame. The plywood slats are incredibly strong, providing you with a durable and supportive foundation on which to place your mattress of choice. Unlike some other wood supports, this bunkie board can be used with just about any mattress, including latex mattresses, hybrids, innerspring mattresses and memory foam alternatives. The smooth finish of the plywood ensures minimal friction, protecting the integrity of your mattresses to ensure you get the most out of them.

This bunkie board is also very user-friendly and can be rolled out in moments to be added to your bed frame. As these boards come in a variety of sizes, you will have no trouble finding the perfect fit for your existing bed frame. All size varieties include slats that are optimally spaced to provide you with maximum support, with no worry of mattresses sagging down between unsupported stretches. These slats are also relatively affordable, providing you with an inexpensive way to enhance your current bed frame without having to shell out for a new one.



Mayton Heavy Duty Vertical Mattress Support Wooden Bed Slats/Bunkie Board with Cover, Queen

This bunkie board from Mayton combines heavy-duty design with welcome design details that will protect your mattress and extend its lifespan. The slats themselves are made from sturdy spruce wood, providing you with a supportive base for your mattresses and individual sleepers. This bunkie board comes in two separate sections, providing you with reliable coverage for the entire sleeping surface of your bed. As the spruce wood is exceptionally strong, you can lay out and place the bunkie board directly on the bed frame itself, with no need for extra supports and fixtures.

A full layer of fabric covering means your mattress will never make contact with exposed wood. This not only prevents your mattress materials from suffering from abrasion, it also helps prevent slipping and sliding during the night. This further enhances the stability provided by this bunkie board. The fabric covering also negates the need for any assembly. Simply unpack, unroll and lay out your bunkie board on your bed frame and you are ready to enjoy a great night’s sleep. This bunkie board comes in a variety of sizes, with options to suit all standard sizes of bed frame.



Mattress Comfort 0.75-Inch Heavy Duty -Mattress Support Wooden Bunkie -Board/Slats, California King

This Mattress Comfort bunkie board is an inexpensive way to replace your current box spring with a new supportive base. Premium wooden slats provide you with a secure support for your mattress, with a design that means the slats can be placed directly on top of the bed frame itself. Although these slats are laid out horizontally, rather than vertically, this bunkie board includes a high number of individual slats to provide you with full coverage. All slats are linked together by a heavy-duty strip of fabric on either side, making installation and adjustments easy as possible.

This bunkie board comes in a variety of sizes, meaning you will have no trouble finding a size that best fits your individual bed frame. One thing to remember about this bunkie board is that the wooden slats are exposed. This means that your mattress will come into direct contact with the wood itself. As the non-slip base will prevent shifting around during the night, this is not really a problem. However, you may wish to add some padding to the upper surface of your slats to ensure mattress material is not snagged and ripped.



Selecting the Best Bunkie Boards for Your Budget

If your bed frames are in need of extra support, a bunkie board is a must. When selecting a bunkie board, first make sure you have picked one that is correctly sized for use with your frame. You will also want to make sure the composition and construction is to a high standard. Solid wooden slats should provide you with more than enough support for your needs. A fabric covering is also a good idea. A full covering will not only make it easy to roll out and fit your bunkie boards, it will also provide protection for your mattresses. A high-grade bunkie board covering will also provide you with enhanced stability, preventing your board from shifting around on top of your bed frame, as well as limiting how much your mattress moves about on top of the board itself.

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