Best Carpal Tunnel Brace for Sleeping

Best Carpal Tunnel Brace for Sleeping | 2020 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive strain injuries, you will know important it is to keep the problem area immobilised as much as possible. By immobilising the wrist, you will prevent further injury from occurring, while also ensuring good circulation is maintained that will encourage faster healing. When you are awake, ensuring a wrist brace is doing its job effectively is relatively simple. This is impossible to keep an eye on when sleeping, however. Wearing a brace during the night is essential to ensure injuries are not worsened and healing can happen more quickly. Below, we discuss what things to consider when shopping for the best carpal tunnel brace for sleeping.

Effective Support & Fit

A carpal tunnel brace will only prove effective if it fits properly. Many braces on the market are advertised as offering a universal fit. In most cases, this is usually true and such braces will provide you with a good degree of support in the right places. However, if your hands are larger or smaller than the average, you should definitely consider buying a brace from a manufacturer that offers a greater variety of sizes. Take some time to study the advertised measurements of any brace and measure your own hands and wrist precisely to ensure you receive the best fit possible.

Functional Fastenings

Although carpal tunnel braces come in a variety of sizes and styles, the vast majority of them will allow for a good degree of adjustment. Straps are particularly useful at providing you with a way to control the amount of compression exerted on your wrist. Adjustable straps are often preferred by users who want a brace they can continue to use for a long time, lessening the amount of compression over time as their injury heals. Some braces will include hook and loop fastening, while others feature more convenient rip-tape fastening. When looking for a brace to sleep in, the type of fastening it uses is important. If you move around a lot in the night, you should definitely look for a brace that offers secure fastenings that are unlikely to release as you toss and turn.

Wearing Comfort

Although you should be focused on immobilising your wrist to prevent further injury and promote healing, you should not overlook how important wearing comfort is. If you intend to use a carpal tunnel brace throughout the night, it needs to be manufactured from materials that will not irritate your skin and disturb your sleep. Sleeves made from neoprene are a good choice for those looking to sleep in their brace. Not only does this material ensure a snug fit, it is also breathable, ensuring moisture will not accumulate on the surface of the skin. More abrasive materials can cause your skin to become irritated and inflamed during the night.

Best Carpal Tunnel Brace for Sleeping | Product Reviews

Struggling with carpal tunnel syndrome? We have put together a first-rate list of some of the best carpal tunnel braces for sleeping you can currently find available.

Doctor Developed Premium Copper Lined Wrist Support / Wrist Strap / Wrist Brace / Hand Support [Single] & DOCTOR WRITTEN HANDBOOK— SUITABLE FOR BOTH RIGHT AND LEFT HANDS

If you are looking for a carpal tunnel brace that will not cost a small fortune, this premium wrist support is something to think about buying. This wrist support has been designed by doctors with experience of managing painful wrist conditions. This support includes a secure strap system that makes for a comfortable fit, while non-slip elements ensure it stays firmly in place at all times. A handbook is also included along with the support itself, providing you with essential advice on conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and guidance on exercises you can undertake to help improve strength and function in the problem area.

This wrist support is made from high-grade materials. Made from a quality blend of neoprene and nylon, this support is lined with copper for the best fit possible. It also comes in a universal size, meaning you do not have to worry about struggling to ensure a good fit. It can also be used for either wrist. The strap system is particularly effective at allowing you to tailor the support to your individual needs, ensuring you get the best results possible. One thing to consider is that the manufacturers of this support recommend you wear it for short spells before using it for longer sessions. Therefore, if you are searching for a support you can immediately start wearing for hours at a time while you sleep, you should probably look elsewhere unless you have consulted a health professional beforehand.



Wrist Brace for Carpal Tunnel, Adjustable Wrist Support Brace with Splints Right Hand, Small/Medium, Arm Compression Hand Support for Injuries, Wrist Pain, Sprain, Sports

The FEATOL wrist brace is a great remedy for all manner of wrist injuries and ailments, including carpal tunnel. This brace boasts an ergonomic design with a curved aluminium bar that attaches to the wrist, ensuring you enjoy superior protection and support for the entire time you are wearing it. It includes no less than three rigid metal supports that effectively contour to the wrist and hand, ensuring you experience a neutral fit, every time. This ensures you receive superior levels of support around the wrist in three strategic positions. Three adjustable straps are also included, allowing to make changes to compression levels. The support also retains body heat that is essential for improving circulation and helping your injuries to heal faster.

This is a good option if you are looking for a support that will limit movement in your wrist to promote faster healing. It successfully reduces pressure on the wrist, while also increasing space within the carpal canal to combat pain and selling. It can also be used to prevent further injury down the line, restricting motion and discouraging you from over-extending your arm. Such actions can often lead to tendon damage, dramatically extending the amount of time required for your injury to heal.



Vive Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace (Left or Right) – Arm Compression Hand Support Splint – for Men, Women, Kids, Bowling, Tendonitis, Arthritis, Athletic Pain, Sports, Golf – Universal Adjustable Fit

This Vive wrist brace is a must for anyone suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. This dual wrist splint by Vive stabilises and protects the wrist, providing essential pain relief and compression therapy for those suffering with carpal tunnel complaints. It can also be used for those dealing with other repetitive strain injury. This brace uses three removable splints that can be adjusted for tailored flexibility, while also maintaining a neutral position that will facilitate faster healing. If you are searching for a brace that will prevent further injury, this is a particularly good option. Each of the three splints can be removed at will, providing you with added flexibility as and when it is needed.

This wrist support will also impress as far as comfort is concerned. The breathable neoprene fabric makes it very comfortable, especially for those looking for a support they can wear throughout the night as they sleep. The lightweight neoprene is breathable and boasts some first-rate moisture-wicking properties. The design is also completely free of latex, making it an ideal option for those who suffer from allergies.



Night Wrist Sleep Support Brace – Fits Both Hands – Cushioned to Help With Carpal Tunnel and Relieve and Treat Wrist Pain ,Adjustable, Fitted-ComfyBrace

This adjustable wrist strap is specially designed with sleep in mind. This brace offers exceptional levels of support for your wrist, with the ergonomic design ensuring the injured area gets the support it needs as you sleep or rest. It is particularly suited to those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, but can also be used by those with tendon injuries or those who suffer from arthritis. This wrist support is an adjustable option, allowing you to enjoy a perfect fit. The ComfyBrace splint is a universal support designed to it every user. This support utilises hook and loop fasteners that can be quickly adjusted to provide you with the right level of pressure and support at all times.

This support can be used on either hand with equal levels of effectiveness. The slip on sleeve is easy to pull on, requiring minimal effort when it comes to adjusting. You can also expect a very comfortable wearing experience with this support. Cushioned beads provide you with soft support at all times, while the outer material is incredibly breathable. You do not have to worry about moisture building up as you sleep with this brace. The moisture-resistant properties of this brace also make it a very durable option that will withstand regular nightly use.



Mueller Green Fitted Wrist Brace, Black, Left Hand, Small/Medium

This Meuller Green fitted wrist brace is a simple and affordable solution for alleviating the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, although it can also be used to help support weak or injured wrists. Key features of this wrist brace include its breathable materials, providing a lightweight support solution that can be worn all throughout the day or night comfortably. Adjustable straps also allow for a seamless fit with any user. The hook and loop closure is incredibly simple to use, providing you with a custom fit and controlled levels of compression.

This support also includes a metal spoon section at the bottom side of the wrist. This padded section provides you with contoured support exactly where it is needed, without compromising on comfort. The top side of the wrist benefits from a supportive stay section. As with the metal spoon section, the rigid stay section is contoured for a more neutral fit with your hands, ensuring you get consistent levels of support at all times. This wrist support is also an eco-friendly option, with recycled materials used in its construction.



Sparthos Wrist Support Sleeves (Pair) – Medical Compression for Carpal Tunnel and Wrist Pain Relief – Wrist Brace for Men and Women – Made from Innovative Breathable Elastic Blend

This Sparthos support is a simple way of relieving wrist pain and ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome. This wrist support not only offers you essential compression for keeping your wrist in a stable and secure position, it will also encourage good blood circulation to help you heal faster. This compression design also makes this in ideal brace for relieving the symptoms of things like arthritis, sprains and tendon injuries. This wrist support has been designed with user-friendliness in mind. It is easy to take on and remove, with no complicated straps and clasps to worry about. It is also a skin-friendly solution. This wrist brace is made from non-irritating yarns that are soft to the touch. This support is also seamless, further reducing the chance of abrasion and irritation.

The breathable sleeve design of this support makes it particularly good for those looking for something they can wear while they sleep. The quality fabric will allow any moisture to quickly evaporate from the skin, without becoming saturated within the sleeve material itself. The low-profile design of this sleeve is not only good for sleeping, it also makes it a practical option for anyone looking to maintain good levels of mobility and dexterity in their daily routine.



Copper Compression Wrist Brace – Guaranteed Highest Copper Content Support for Wrists, Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis, Tendonitis. Night Day Wrist Splint for Men Women Fit Right Left Hand (Right Hand L-XL)

This Copper Compression wrist brace provides you with the superior support you need to overcome carpal tunnel syndrome and other ailments quickly. This wrist support is infused with copper, with multi-point support structures on hand to ensure your wrist remains immobilised as much as possible. This not only prevents you from worsening an existing injury, but also allows you to heal faster. Unlike other options out there, this brace provides full isolation of your wrist joint, providing effective relief from wrist pain, inflammation and other conditions.

This brace will also appeal to anyone looking for a comfortable support solution they can wear for the entire day or through the night. The breathable compression fabric provides you with stability and support, but ensures your skin remains dry and comfortable. This wrist brace is incredibly easy to put on and take off, while the adjustable straps allow for a secure fit to your wrist and hand. This is also a very durable design, with hard-wearing materials and a superior construction ensuring it will last for a long time. If you suffer from persistent symptoms that are hard to shake off and require a brace you can use on a daily basis, this is a cost-effective and very reliable option.



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