Best Contour Pillow | 2022 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Best Contour Pillow

A contour pillow is a great way to improve the quality of your sleep especially for back sleepers or those with shoulder pain. The best contour pillows on the market include memory foam cores that provide superior ergonomic support, alleviating the pressure on your neck and head, while also ensuring your spine is properly aligned, keeping the natural curve ideal for the optimum sleep position. There are various types of contours currently available, with different varieties better suited to different sleeping positions. Unsure of which one is the right choice for you? Our guide has all the information you should be bearing in mind when shopping for the best contour pillow.

Memory Foam Core

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The key feature of any good contour pillow is the core material. This almost always takes the form of memory foam, although there are various types of memory foam available. Memory foam is a premium material, boasting responsive properties that allow it to expand and retract when exposed to pressure. This high-grade foam means you can enjoy firm support for sensitive areas, without sacrificing comfort. Good quality memory foam will readily adapt to your anatomy, providing you with bespoke support that is perfectly adapted to the contours of your body.

Ventilated Core Material

If you struggle to drift of to sleep in warmer temperatures, breathability will be a crucial component of any contour pillow you buy. Look for contour pillows that include a ventilated foam core as this will ensure good levels of air circulation are maintained, preventing the build up of heat that can disturb your sleep.

Breathable Cover Materials

The outside of your contour pillow is almost as important as what lies at its core. Look for removable covers that are made from breathable materials whenever possible. Bamboo-rich materials are often the best option. Bamboo is very breathable material that dissipates heat quickly and effectively. It is often found blended with polyester. Whatever cover materials you go for, make sure they can be readily removed from the foam core itself for easy cleaning. Machine washable covers will make your life much easier. A secondary cover that lies between the outer cover and foam core will also extend the life of your contour pillow considerably.

Contour Pillows | Product Reviews

Keen to improve your sleep? Below, you will find an impressive selection of some of the best contour pillows around, with options to suit every budget.

Power of Nature Memory Foam Contour Pillow, Neck Support Cervical Bed Pillow for Sleeping, Side Sleeper – Relieve Neck Pain with Washable Zippered Soft Cover

This Power of Nature memory foam contour pillow is ergonomically designed to significantly improve your sleep. This pillow has been specially designed to accommodate the natural contours of the human body, ensuring it fits the curvature of the head and neck perfectly. It will also provide your with spine with optimal support, while allowing your muscles to relax so you can drift off to a restful sleep. This premium cushion is includes high-grade memory foam which is particularly effective at delivering strategic support for the shoulders, head and neck.

The pillow itself also comes with a hypoallergenic case that is both soft to the touch and incredibly breathable. This case can be easily removed is machine washable, making maintenance incredibly simple. The breathable outer cover ensures optimal air circulation at all times, keeping things cool so you can look forward to an undisturbed sleep cycle. The dust-proof inner cover is also a welcome addition, dramatically extending the life of the memory foam pillow core.


UTTU Sandwich Pillow, Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow, Bamboo Pillow for Sleeping, Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain, Neck Support for Back, Stomach, Side Sleepers, Orthopedic Contour Pillow, CertiPUR-US

If you are looking for a contour pillow that offers a good scope of adjustment, this UTTU sandwich pillow is for you. This pillow boasts an adjustable loft, with a high contour measuring 4.7 inches and a low contour measuring 3.5 inches if the pillow is left in its original state. If you want further loft options, simply remove the middle foam layer and enjoy a 3.5-inch high contour or a 2.8-inch low contour. This pillow offers superior pressure relief thanks to its UTTU dynamic foam composition. This high-quality foam will conform to your anatomical contours, naturally adapting to the curvature of your body, especially at the head and neck to ensure optimal support and long-lasting comfort.

The UTTU dynamic foam used here will ensure consistent levels of firmness. Unlike other memory foams out there that become too firm when exposed to cold temperatures, this dynamic foam pillow will retain desirable firmness levels at all times, providing you with maximum comfort, all year long. The bamboo-rich cover also provides an effective cooling effect, making this pillow particularly suitable for more stifling nights. The cover can be readily removed and thrown in the washing machine for hassle-free maintenance.


Contour Legacy Leg & Knee Memory Foam Support Pillow – Soothing Pain Relief for Sciatica, Back, Hips, Knees, Joints & Pregnancy – As Seen on TV (Original)

This Contour Legacy memory foam pillow is specially adapted to provide contoured support to your legs and knees. This patented design is ideal for ensuring superior support and helping to improve posture and is a good choice for those looking to relieve the symptoms of back pain and sciatica. It can also be used to improve sleep for those recovering from surgery, pregnant users or those suffering from arthritis in the legs, knees, hips or back. This contour pillow offers an instant alignment upgrade for better sleeping, allowing you to alleviate excess pressure and discomfort by offering your body proper support and ensuring the hips, back, legs and knees are all correctly aligned.

You can also look forward to a cooler and more comfortable night thanks tot he ventilated memory foam construction of this contour pillow. The ventilated foam allows for better air circulation and breathability, keeping you cool during the warmest of nights. You can also look forward to a universal fit, with this ergonomic pillow designed to accommodate users of all shapes and sizes.



Milemont Memory Foam Pillow, Cervical Pillow, Orthopedic Contour Pillow Support for Back, Stomach, Side Sleepers, Bed Pillows for Sleeping, CertiPUR-US, Queen Size

This Milemont memory foam pillow provides the ergonomic design and superior support you are looking for. The premium contour design of this pillow properly supports and aligns the head, shoulders, neck and back. This will help you achieve a deeper, more restful sleep. The ergonomic design of this pillow will also accommodate all types of sleeping positions. The overall construction and composition of this pillow will also impress. This first class pillow from Milemont utilises CertiPUR-US certified memory foam as its core material, which efficiently adjusts to varying pressure from the neck and head while you sleep.

This internal foam has been calibrated to ensure your neck remains in a suitable position for the duration of sleep, offering essential relief to problem pressure points and delivering optimal support at all times. This pillow also comes with a hypoallergenic polyester pillowcase that is both soft to the touch and offers essential protection against dust mites and other harmful allergens. The case can also be easily removed for easy maintenance and is both washing machine and tumble dryer safe.



Royal Therapy Queen Memory Foam Pillow, Neck Pillow Bamboo Adjustable Side Sleeper Pillow for Neck & Shoulder, Support for Back, Stomach, Side Sleepers, Orthopedic Contour Pillow

This Royal Therapy queens-size contour pillow will deliver the support and comfort you require for a great night’s sleep. This premium pillow has been manufactured to contour to your body shape, delivering effective support for your neck and head. This contour pillow is a good option for just about everyone thanks to it adjustable design. The middle foam layer can be easily removed, allowing it to be used for all types of sleeping positions. This pillow will also impress with its superb levels of support. The internal foam provides more resistance underneath the heavier parts of the head, while ensuring sensitive areas like the neck are provided with more evenly distributed support. This ensures muscles can relax more easily, while also ensuring you are receiving adequate spinal support at all times.

You can also look forward to the best in hygiene performance and breathability with this Royal Therapy pillow. The internal memory foam itself is non-toxic and completely safe, while the bamboo pillowcase cover will ensure heat dissipates quickly, keeping you cool throughout the night. The case can also be easily removed when it comes to washing.


Bedsure Contour Memory Foam Pillow – Ergonomic Cervical Pillows for Neck Pain, Neck Support for Back, Side Sleepers – Gel-Infused Bed Pillows with Washable Zippered Cover – Standard Size

This contour memory foam pillow from Bedsure is a very affordable option for those looking to improve their sleep. This ergonomic pillow features a wave-like design that provides you with different heights of 4 inches and 5 inches. These waves are contoured to accommodate the curves of your neck, helping alleviate stiffness as you sleep. Although very soft, this pillow provides you with superior support. The quality memory foam core is very responsive, adapting to your individual shape, but providing enough resistance that your head will not sink too deeply into the material. This dense foam material will also ensure that your spine is properly aligned as you sleep, making this pillow a particularly good choice for those who prefer to sleep on their back or sides.

The quality pillow covers here will also impress. This contour pillow includes an inner cotton cover, as well as a microfibre outer cover. Both covers have a custom fit to ensure you enjoy a deep and restful sleep. The outer cover includes zips for easy removal so it can be thrown into the washing machine for easy cleaning. The cover material also boasts a mesh design to ensure optimal air circulation throughout the night, providing you with breathable comfort, even in warmer temperatures.


AM AEROMAX Contour Memory Foam Pillow, Neck Orthopedic Sleeping Pillows, Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain Relief with Washable Pillowcase for Side, Back and Stomach Sleepers.(Soft & White)

This AM AEROMAX contour pillow is a great value choice for anyone looking for memory foam comfort and support. Ergonomic design provides you with a choice of two resting heights, with a 4.2 inches on the higher side and 3.4 inches on the lower side. This pillow will also accommodate a range of sleeping positions, while the curved shape provides superb levels of support for the shoulders, neck and head. The memory foam core is also ventilated to ensure good levels of airflow at all times. The pillow core has a honeycomb texture, maximising breathability performance to ensure you remain cool and comfortable throughout the night.

The cases that come with the pillow core are also manufactured to a high standard. Both the inner and outer pillowcases are skin-friendly and soft to the touch, enhancing overall sleeping comfort and ensuring the memory foam core remains in optimal condition for as long as possible. Robust zips are included to ensure the covers can be removed quickly and easily when it comes to washing.


Neck Pillows for Sleeping, Memory Foam Pillow, Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain Relief, Orthopedic Contour Sleep Pillows, Bamboo Ergonomic Bed Pillow, Support for Back and Stomach for Side Sleepers

Although relatively affordable, this premium contour pillow provides you with impressive memory foam functionality to help you enjoy a better night’s sleep. The high-grade OCES OPH memory foam core will gently cradle your unique contours with varying pressure to ensure the head and neck are strategically supported. The foam material provides medium to soft levels of firmness and rebounds gently, ensuring your sleeping comfort is never compromised. The ergonomic contours of this pillow ensure natural traction for the neck, resulting in easy breathing that will help improve overall sleep quality. It also effectively supports all the essential areas, including the neck, shoulder, upper back and head. This is an ideal option looking for those to relieve common pains and pressures experienced when sleeping, while also promoting better spinal alignment.

This contour pillow is particularly suitable for those who sleep on their back or side, with the centre cavity providing cradled support for your head and the cervical contour helping maintain the natural curvature of your neck. The breathable fabric cover makes the pillow even more comfortable, while sturdy zip make removing the outer case incredibly easy for straightforward care and cleaning.


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