Best Duvet Cover for Hot Sleepers

Best Duvet Cover for Hot Sleepers | 2022 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Warm bedding and a stuffy room can make it incredibly difficult to get to sleep. This is made even worse during the summer months. The best duvet cover for hot sleepers can make your nightly routine an enjoyable experience resulting in a good nights sleep, allowing you to maintain more comfortable temperatures throughout the night. There are plenty of suitable cooling duvet cover options for those who struggle to remain cool during the night, ranging from bamboo-rich slips for duvets to slimline weighted blankets that redistribute heat to the outer edges of your bedding. Let us explore what to look for when shopping around for the best duvet cover for hot sleepers.

When looking for the perfect duvet cover, it is advisable to note the thread count of the fabric, as the higher the thread count number, the fabric will have a soft feel, and the softest and generally best duvet covers are made from Egyptian cotton. whether you prefer pure Egyptian cotton, long-staple cotton or a microfiber duvet fabric, linen duvet cover, these ultra soft duvet covers, are ideal for people who sweat in their sleep, and tend to lean towards the cotton duvet covers. The best cooling covers are the ones that do the job and have a wrinkle-resistant, durability to it. The good news is they don’t all have to be high-end and luxe – these products are available in a number of price points.

So whether you are looking for something for your California King or for a twin XL, we should have you covered below….

Breathable Materials

Picking a new duvet cover or bedding made from breathable materials will definitely help you combat stuffy temperatures and keep your body heat to more comfortable levels. If you need to stick to a modest budget, you have plenty of cotton options to consider. Natural cotton will ensure good airflow throughout the night and is quick to dry, meaning your skin will not be agitated by damp sheets during the night. Bamboo is another high-grade material to consider. Duvet covers and bedding rich in bamboo has a considerable cooling effect. With bamboo-rich bedding, fabric will never accumulate warmth from your body heat, remaining comfortable and cool to the touch, all through the night.

Dual Functionality

If you live in a region that experiences significant extremes in temperature, a thin duvet cover with significant breathability will probably not serve you well throughout the year. You may be best looking for a duvet cover or comforter that includes two distinct sides. Many duvet covers and comforters now provide you with a dual face design to accommodate for swings in temperature and changes in the season. Look for covers that feature a textured side that can lie against the skin when the temperature is colder, allowing you to insulate against against external conditions. When the weather turns and the temperatures rise, you can flip to the alternate side for more breathability.

Weighted Blankets

In can be tricky to find weighted blankets that deliver high levels of breathability, but search the market hard enough and you will find suitable products. When looking for weighted blankets that are suitable for hot sleepers, it is best to select products that include zoned weighting. The best weighted blankets for hot sleepers should have the weighted filling distributed to the edges of the product. This will provide you with desirable levels of pressure to provide you with that weighted filling, but will prevent excess heat from building up in the centre of the blanket.

Easy Care & Maintenance

All bedding should be easy to care for and clean on a regular basis. Whatever your duvet cover is made from, make sure it can be laundered without any hassle in a washing machine. Most duvet covers and bedding can be cleaned in a machine at low temperatures, but some will also allow you to wash them at a higher temperature settings. If you are after maximum cleaning convenience, you should also look for bedding that can be tumble dried on a low setting.

Product Reviews

On the hunt for the best duvet cover for hot sleepers? Consider some of these essential options.

HOMBYS Lightweight Cooling Bamboo Comforter King Size Quilted Down Alternative Comforter Duvet Insert,100% Bamboo Cover with 8 Corner Tabs,Summer Comforter, for Night Sweats,for Hot Sleepers

This lightweight duvet cover from HOMBYS will prove a good match for hot sleepers. Unlike conventional duvet covers that trap excess levels of heat, this bamboo comforter will ensure temperatures remain at an almost constant level. Regardless of what the weather is doing outside, you can remain at a comfortable temperature all through the night. In addition to the bamboo-rich outer cover, this duvet cover includes a hollow microfibre fill material. This quality fill material will help transfer heat more efficiently, which will also minimise the amount of moisture that can build up. In fact, this first-rate synthetic material holds its own against the most premium down and feather filling.

The bamboo and viscose cover also provides an essential cooling effect. This quality material blend is both soft and incredibly quiet, with plenty of lustre and a good deal of elasticity. All of this combines to provide you with a snug layer to sleep beneath, but ensure you will never feel too restricted during the night. The cover is cool to the touch, effectively absorbing your body heat and transferring it as you sleep. This duvet cover is suitable for all skin types, with no harmful allergens to bother those suffering from any sensitivities. It is also very easy to care for. This cover is washing machine safe, provided you put it in on a cold cycle.



Degrees of Comfort [Advance Cooling Weighted Blanket Adults with Inner Cotton Insert Patented Zoning Design Distributes Weight to Sides (Grey18lbs 60×80)

This Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket has been designed with hot sleepers in mind and will help you enjoy a more comfortable, undisturbed sleep cycle. This weighted blanket boasts a patented zoned design that sets it apart from other blankets. The innovative zoning configuration here means the majority of the blanket weight is shifted to the outer sides, providing you with the deep pressure you are after, with none of the excessive constriction. By redistributing weight to the outer edges of the blankets, you will also experience less heat build-up in the centre.

This blanket also includes an internal cotton insert that provides you with superior levels of airflow and breathability. This breathability is enhanced by the lightweight blend of nylon and polyester, meaning you have no need to worry about moisture building up as you sleep. The weighted technology behind this blanket will certainly impress. Nano-ceramic beads are used for the filling, making this blanket a far more comfortable option than ones that use glass and plastic fillings.



LINENSPA All-Season White Down Alternative Quilted Comforter – Corner Duvet Tabs – Hypoallergenic – Plush Microfiber Fill – Machine Washable – Duvet Insert or Stand-Alone Comforter – King

This all-season quilted comforter from LINENSPA is perfect for hot sleepers. This comfort is incredibly soft, with microfibre material on hand to prevent heat from building up during the night. This comforter also include eight corner and side loops so it can be easily fastened to your duvet of choice. The microfibre fill material is a good alternative to conventional filling. It is dense enough to provide you with a cosy level of comfort for warmer nights, but breathable enough that it can be used effectively in warmer weather.

This comforter boasts a box stitch design that keeps the individual sections of fill material firmly in place. Not only does this provide it with all the advantages of a quilted duvet, it also ensures the comforter maintains a freshly fluffed appearance at all times. This comforter also provides you with a convenient option when it comes to maintenance. This easy-care comfortable can be machine washed on a cold cycle and is also suitable for tumble dry safe.



SLEEP ZONE Bed Sheet Set Cooling with Nanotex Moisture Wicking Technology Double Brushed Soft Wrinkle Free Fade Resistant Easy Care Sheets 4 PC, White,Queen

This SLEEP ZONE bed sheet set is a must-have for anyone looking for cooling comfort and long-term value. This sheets are made from premium microfibre yarn and are double brushed on either side, providing you the very best in soft comfort. These sheets have also manufactured with innovative NANOTEX Coolest Comfort Technology. This advanced system effectively wicks away moisture and dries far more quickly than other materials, such as cotton. This cooling system also helps balance body temperature, wicking moisture away from the skin and to the outer surface of the sheet material to keep you dry, cool and comfortable at all times.

The deep pocket design of these sheets also make them ideal for the thickest of mattresses. If you have an oversized mattress with a thickness of up to 16 inches, these sheets will deliver a precision fit. You also have a complete line-up of sheets included in this affordable set. You will find a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, plus two pillowcases included. All come in a neutral colour for easy coordination with your existing bedroom linens and fabrics. These sheets are also simple to care for and are suitable for laundering in washing machines and tumble dryers.



Weighted Idea Cool Weighted Blanket 12 lbs 48”x78” for Adult Woman and Man (100% Natural Cotton, Grey)

This weighed blanket is ideal for those who want to enjoy deep pressure simulation as they sleep, but who do not want excessive warmth during the night. This blanket will provide you with a more gentle pressure than other options, but provides effective weighting to help you enjoy a deeper and more restful night’s sleep. You can also expect premium softness from this blanket, with a high-quality natural cotton construction ensuring maximum comfort. The wholly cotton construction also makes this blanket very breathable, helping you maintain comfortable body temperature during the night in all seasons.

The quilted grid of this blanket also ensures it retains its shape and plumpness with minimal effort. Thanks to the quilted construction of this blanket, you will not have to worry about constantly fluffing it up to ensure the filling is evenly distributed. A perfect alternative to a conventional duvet cover, this weighted blanket will make a welcome addition to any bedroom. Available in a broad selection of colours, this weighted blanket will coordinate easily with your current linens. It also comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate everything from a single bed to a classic king.



Dreaming Wapiti Duvet Cover Queen,100% Washed Microfiber 3pcs Bedding Duvet Cover Set,Solid Color – Soft and Breathable with Zipper Closure & Corner Ties (Gray,Queen)

Looking for an all-in-one duvet cover and bedding set for a comfortably cool night’s sleep. This three piece bedding set from Dreaming Wapiti is something you will be interested in. In addition to a queen size duvet cover, this bedding set includes two pillowcases. All items in this set are made from washed microfibre fabric, providing you with breathable comfort and superior softness. The material used in the construction of this bedding will definitely appeal to hot sleeper. Not only will ensure good air circulation, it also feels great against the skin and will only get softer after multiple washers.

These linens have also been designed for easy fitting to your mattress and other bedding items. The duvet comfortable includes a concealed zipper that takes the hard work out of getting your freshly laundered bedding ready. You will also find additional ties in each corner of the comforter for additional security. The pillowcases some in an envelope design, ensuring the pillows inside are firmly tucked into place. The neutral colours and classic details of this bedding provides you with a versatile solution for your bedroom. It is also very simple to care for, with the material washing machine friendly and suitable for tumble drying.



Cooling Blanket Adult 15 lbs

This Babo Blanket is a good investment if you are looking for the deep pressure of a weighted blanket and breathable comfort rolled into one. This blanket measures 60 inches by 80 inches, making it suitable for use with any size of bed, be it a compact twin or spacious king. It also offers an impressive 15 pounds of weighted pressure, helping you enjoy a deeper sleep. Although many weighted blankets are not suitable for hot sleepers, the ingenious design stands out with its dual weather design. The textured side can be worn against the skin on colder nights to provide you with additional warmth, while the cooling bamboo side is ideal for stuffier nights when you are struggling to sleep.

This cooling blanket is more costly than some others, but it provides you with premium quality that will ensure it lasts for a long time. Not only will the high-grade material wear and launder well, the overall manufacturing standard ensures this blanket will perform well for years. Double stitching along the edges ensures the beaded fill remains in place during the night, preventing leakage and unwanted shifting. This is essential in ensuring an even distribution of weight to maintain a better quality of sleep, while also preventing unwanted warmth from building up in the centre.



Snuggle Pro Premium Adult Weighted Blanket Set, Large 20lbs (Queen Size 60″x80″, Gray) Breathable, Washable, Hypoallergenic & Heavy, Reversible Cooling Bamboo & Minky Duvet Cover + 2 Extra Gifts

The Snuggle Pro is an obvious choice for anyone looking for weighted pressure and breathability in one affordable package. This weighted blanket is large enough to be used with queen size beds, but is relatively lightweight so it will not encourage unwanted temperature build-up during the night. The weighted blanket includes high-grade glass bead filling that will ensure weight is evenly distributed throughout the blanket. This premium fill means the blanket is thinner than other weighted options, making it a more suitable option for hot sleepers. The quilted design also means that the filling material will not shift during the night. It also means you do not have to worry about forever fluffing the blanket to ensure the filling is evenly distributed.

In addition to the breathable weighted blanket, you will find an organic bamboo pillowcase included. This will come as a welcome bonus to any hot sleeper. Bamboo is ideal for helping you stay cool during the night, with the material being very effective at distributing heat, ensuring it always remains cool to the touch. You will also find this weighted blanket easy to care for. The inner blanket can be quickly removed and placed in a washing machine at a low setting.



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