Best Fan for Sleeping

Best Fan for Sleeping | 2021 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

If you are of countless people across the globe who struggles to drift off to sleep in stuffy bedrooms, it is probably time to consider investing in a quality fan. While the market is saturated with effective fans to cool rooms, not all of them are suitable for use in bedrooms as they generate too much noise that can prove distracting to sleepers. However, there is a great deal of choice for those looking for low-profile solutions that will effectively cool a room quietly. Need some guidance to help you select the right fan for your requirements? We break down what you need to think about when selecting the best fan for sleeping.

Air Circulation & Speed Settings

If you want to bring down the temperature of a room significantly, the fan you purchase needs to provide you with effective air circulation. There are various fan models to choose from, ranging from conventional blade designs to more contemporary standing towers. The most basic variety of fan will provide you with strong air circulation performance, although they are fairly limited when it comes to adjustable settings. More advanced alternatives will allow you tailor speed settings to your liking, allowing you to enjoy noticeable cooling effects with minimal effort.

Low Operational Noise

This is particularly important when buying a fan for use in the bedroom. Basic fans tend to be too loud for use in the bedroom, producing significant operational noise that will either prevent you from drifting off to sleep, or wake you up in the night. When shopping around for a fan, look to see if the manufacturer mentions how much operational noise it makes. Variable speed settings are a must if you want a fan that will run quietly in the night. The lowest settings are usually quiet enough that they will not disturb your sleep.

Onboard Settings & Remote Control

User-friendly settings and controls are essential when it comes to a quality fan. If you are looking to invest in a more contemporary fan with variable settings and multiple air circulation modes, the control interface should be intuitive and easy to use. Look for fans that include clear LCD displays to keep you updated on current temperature levels. More advanced fan appliances will also include remote controls, allowing you to make adjustments to your fan without having to leave your chair or bed.

Compact Design & Portability

It makes sense to invest in a smaller fan if you intend to use it in the bedroom. Not only will this free up floorspace, it also makes the fan easy to move from room to room. If you are short on cash and want a fan that can be used throughout the home, compact design and portability is something you definitely want. Much smaller fan models can also be used when travelling away from the home. Many compact fans can be placed on a bedside table discreetly, providing a targeted channel of air to take the edge off hot nights (you could of course use a cooling duvet)

Best Fan for Sleeping | Product Reviews

Finding it too warm to get a good night’s sleep? Below, you will find our selection of some of the best fans for sleeping you can currently buy.

PELONIS PFS40A2ABB 16” 3-Speed Pedestal, Standing Fan for Home and Office, 85° Oscillation and Adjustable in Height, Black, 16 Inch

This PELONIS PFS40A2ABB oscillating fan is budget-friendly and easy to operate. This fan offers three different speed settings to provide you with the right amount of cooling performance for your needs. Speed settings are easily selected by rotating the control knob at the back of the fan housing. This fan also provides an 85-degree wide angle oscillation, along with a generous tilt. This fan can be tilted 16 degrees upwards and 8 degrees downwards to provide you with cool air in the direction you want. This makes it particularly suitable for large rooms.

This fan is incredibly convenient. The lightweight build and integrated carry handle makes it easy to move around, while the sturdy base ensures it will not topple over, regardless of what surface you place it on. This standing fan is also incredibly easy to assemble in minutes, while the height can be adjusted to best suit your needs. If you are looking for a standing fan that is both affordable and effective, this quality design is for you.



TaoTronics Tower Fan, 36” Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote, 9 Modes, Large LED Display, 12-Hour Timer, Space-Saving, Portable Floor Bladeless Fan for Bedroom Living Rooms Office, Black (TT-TF002)

If you are prepared to spend a little more on a fan, this TaoTronics oscillating tower fan is something to think about. This oscillating fan delivers a breezy cooling effect that will travel throughout any room thanks to a powerful generator. This space-saving fan is more compact than other options out there, making it ideal for cluttered rooms with relatively little free floorspace. An accessible control panel is included so you can make quick adjustments to settings, with a large LED display providing you with clear oversight. A remote control is also included, allowing you to make setting adjustments without having to leave the comfort of your chair.

The automatic mode is perfect for sleeping. This mode will activate whenever the ambient temperate in a room climbs above 78 degrees Fahrenheit and will shut off again whenever the temperature falls below 75 degrees Fahrenheit. This is perfect for maintaining ideal temperature conditions in a bedroom as you sleep. This fan also generates minimal operational noise, making it particularly suitable for sleepers who are easily disturbed by minor noises. A 12-hour programmable timer is also included so you can fully adapt this tower fan to your lifestyle and routine.



PELONIS PFB50A2ABB-V 3-Speed Box Fan for Full-Force Circulation with Air Conditioner, Black, 2020 New Model

This box fan from PELONIS provides effective cooling for those looking to bring down the temperature as they sleep. This rotary fan offers three different speed settings, with easy controls so you can choose optimal air circulation for your space. This fan is also built to a high standard, with the durable housing and quality blades ensuring you have a product that will cope well with regular use. The high-performance blades have the added benefit of being relatively quiet, meaning you can use this fan throughout the night without it disturbing your sleep. This box fan is also a smart choice if you are looking to lower your fuel bills. This fan uses less energy than many other models, especially when used at lower settings.

The compact and lightweight design of this fan makes it easy to move between rooms. It is an ideal option for those looking for something they can use throughout the house, including in the bedroom. An integrated carrying handle makes moving it even easier. Although this rotary fan is affordable and has some good features, it is not the most effective option in this list. If you live in relatively cool climes and do not anticipate particularly hot nights, this fan should be more than sufficient for your needs. It can also be used alongside conventional air conditioners to provide an additional cooling effect.



Lasko 20″ High Velocity QuickMount, Easily Converts from a Floor Wall Fan, Silver 2265QM

This Lasko QuickMount fan is an ideal choice for anyone looking for reliable cooling and versatile design. The real standout of this product is that it can be used as both a floor fan and wall fan thanks to the QuickMount system. You can easily adopt this fan to changing requirements with minimal effort. A tubular steel frame is included for when you need to use this fan as a floor fan, with rubber pads on hand to ensure delicate surfaces to protect. A separate wall mount is included that can be fixed to vertical surfaces. When you wish to mount your fan on a wall, simply fold the tubular base and hook it over the mounted stand.

This fan will also impress in terms of it cooling ability. This fan pivots to effectively direct airflow and ensure good air circulation throughout a room. You can direct cooling air in almost any direction, providing you with targeted cooling in particularly stuffy rooms. A 6-foot cord is included for easy access to mains sockets, while patented safety features are included to provide you with peace of mind. You also have three different speed settings to choose from, providing you with plenty of choice for tackling warmer conditions. When operated on low settings, this fan is particularly suitable for use in the bedroom.



Tower Fan, Homech Whole Room Wind Curve Auto Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote, Quiet Cooling, 3 Modes, 3 Speeds, up to 12H Timer, LED Display with Auto Screen Off, Floor Bladeless Fan

Those with more money to spend will definitely want to think about investing in this tower fan from Homech. The HM-TF001 provides you with a user-friendly way to keep interior temperatures cool, even when faced with balmy summer days. This compact fan will fit just about anywhere, with powerful performance credentials that ensure even the largest of spaces can be cooled with ease. This circular fan includes a multitude of settings to choose from. In addition to three air circulation styles, you also have three distinct wind speed settings to choose from. This provides you with plenty of choice when it comes to selecting a setting that is suitable for sleeping.

A built-in 12-hour timer is on hand so you can adapt this fan to your individual routine and lifestyle. An LED display allows for instant oversight of chosen settings, while a remote control is also included so you can make adjustments from from across a room. This lightweight tower fan is also very easy to move around, with a convenient carry handle integrated into the appliance housing.



OPOLAR Portable Travel Mini Fan with 3-13 Hours Battery Life for Camping, Personal Battery Operated or USB Powered Handheld Fan, Internal Blue and Side Light, 3 Speeds, Quiet, Rechargeable

This OPOLAR mini fan is ideal for those looking for an appliance that can be placed on a bedside table. This travel fan is particularly good for those with much smaller bedrooms, or for those who need something they can take with them when travelling. Despite its compact build, this fan is surprisingly powerful. A maximum rotation speed of 3200 rpm provides you with enough air circulation for targeted cooling. Despite its powerful rotation, this fan is also very quiet, meaning it will not disturb your sleep.

Unlike other fans in this list, this device includes a rechargeable battery. The integrated 2200mAh battery can provide you with between three and 13 hours of cooling after a single charge. Provided you are using it a low enough setting, this should be more than sufficient to keep you cool throughout the night. If you regularly struggle to sleep due to the ambient temperatures within your bedroom, this compact fan may not be enough to keep you cool. It is effective enough when used in combination with traditional air conditioners, but is probably too limited to be used on its own. However, it is definitely worth the small investment if you want a secondary fan you can use at the desk, throughout the home and when travelling.



Vornado Pivot Personal Air Circulator Fan, Copper

Although compact, this stylish Vornado fan delivers some impressive air circulation performance. This fan utilises Vornado’s patented Vortex air circulation technology, ensuring all the air around you is moved to create a desired cooling effect. The contemporary aesthetics are also worth a mention, with the combination of gloss white and copper making a real statement. Although smaller than other options in this shortlist, this compact fan is incredibly versatile. It can be placed on top of your night stand, on your desk or atop any other surface to provide you with targeted cooling that will take the edge off of warmer days.

This fan also provides multi-directional airflow thanks to the pivoting axis. This allows you to direct air exactly where it is needed. You can also choose between three speed settings, allowing you to enjoy optimal cooling performance at any time. This mini fan is very affordable and is definitely something to think about if you are looking for a compact solution with more functionality than the standard desktop appliance.



Lasko 2535 52″ Space-Saving Pedestal Tower Fan with Remote Control – Features Built-in Timer and Wide Spread Oscillation

If space is at a premium, this Lasko 2535 pedestal tower fan is worth a look. This appliance combines the best features of a tower and pedestal fan, providing you with an adjustable height, wide oscillation and first-rate cooling performance. This fan provides you with three different speed settings, all of which are energy-efficient and result in minimal operational noise. This makes it ideal for those looking for a fan to use when sleeping. You can also enjoy a good dispersal of cooling air thanks to widespread oscillation.

This fan includes a built-in 6-hour timer, allowing you to tailor cooling to your routine. This fan also includes a specialised sleep mode, which is not something you can expect to find as a standard with most fans in this price bracket. A wireless remote control is also included to make adjusting settings as convenient as possible.



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