Best Futons for Everyday Sleeping

Best Futons for Everyday Sleeping | 2022 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

A quality futon makes a good addition to any home, providing you with a spare bed for overnight guests and a handy seating solution for just about any space. Futons are ideal for those who do not have a spare guest room in which to house a conventional bed, while they can also be placed in other rooms to double up as seating when not used as a bed. While you can pick up a budget-friendly futon relatively easily, you need to be careful when purchasing one if you intend to use it on a daily basis. Most futons are only intended for occasional use, so if you intend to use it everyday as a bed, you need to ensure you are investing in a first-rate product. Need some guidance on selecting a suitable futon for your needs? Our guide breaks down all the key things you need to consider when shopping for the best futons for everyday sleeping.

Comfortable futons are incredible. They look perfect in the living room, come with comfortable armrests and are perfect for lounging. Some of the newer models fit well in small spaces and the innersprings are now more comfortable today than ever before. The best models have luscious upholstery (microfiber or faux leather), chrome legs, cup holders and come with the best futon mattresses known to man.

They’re not quite a sofa bed, but many full size futons have an array of features. They’re sturdy on account of their metal legs, can be foldable, come with a hardwood frame, changes to a few different positions and came in different colors. They’re actually better than a guest bed, and have a functionality that can rival a descent guest bed.

And don’t worry about limited space, many of these minimalist products can fit perfectly into small spaces and so living space doesn’t matter so much.

Futon Style

The most common form of futon is a flexible mattress that can be combined with a special futon frame. These mattresses are similar to conventional mattresses, with good levels of spring support and plenty of cushioning. However, unlike traditional mattresses, those designed for use with futons can be more easily bent to adjust to the recline of a frame. This type of futon mattress comes in a variety of sizes, although most are around the same size as a standard double mattress. If you are looking for a futon that can be used as both a bed and a sofa, this type of futon mattress is the ideal option for you.

However, there are alternatives available on the market. Many manufacturers offer futon mattresses that take inspiration from further afield. There are many Japanese inspired futon mattresses now available on the market, providing a more streamlined alternative to bulkier designs. These mattresses provide a much thinner sleep surface that can be folded away neatly when not in use. While practical and an ideal choice for those with less available space, they are best reserved for those who have no issue sleeping on a firmer surface. The benefit of their simplified design is that they are relatively durable, with less material layers that can wear out over time.

Frame Compatibility

If you are looking to purchase a conventional futon mattress to be used with a frame, make sure the futon you are buying is compatible. Any good retailer or manufacturer will specify what frames are compatible with their futons. Avoid the temptation of picking a futon that is too large or too small, just because you like the credentials of the mattress itself. An incorrect size will make a futon mattress more or less useless. If your futon mattress is too large, it will likely make unwanted contact with the frame and become damaged over time. If your mattress is too small, you will likely come into contact with the wood or metal frame yourself, making for an uncomfortable night’s sleep.

Materials & Composition

No matter what type of futon mattress you go for, you should make sure the product you buy is manufactured to a good standard. If you are looking to use your futon on a daily basis, it should be made of materials that will cope with intensive use. A conventional futon mattress will need to include substantial filling and, if possible, spring support. The outer material is also important. Look for polyester blends whenever possible as this provides a good balance between skin-friendly comfort and durability. This material is also easy to spot clean and care for.

Best Futons for Everyday Sleeping | Product Reviews

In need of additional sleeping arrangements? Read on for our selection of some of the best futons for everyday sleeping.

FULI Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon (shikibuton) High Grade Floor Mattress, Twin XL. Made in Japan

This traditional Shiki futon proves you do not need much space for an additional sleeping surface for overnight guests. This Japanese floor mattress might look minimal in size and design, but it actually offers the user plenty of comfort. The materials and overall construction are what makes this futon mattress so comfortable. The outer cover is made from pure cotton, providing an ideal sleep surface that is soft to the touch and a decent performer in terms of breathability. The interior stuffing is also substantial. In the case of this futon mattress, you are looking at a soft and sumptuous polyester stuffing that should provide adequate comfort for those looking to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

If you are looking for something compact that can be easily compressed and stored away when not in use, this FULI Shiki futon mattress should appeal to your requirements. However, for best results, it is best to use this mattress along with multiple bedding layers to ensure the user gets the best in terms of support and comfort. You will almost certainly want to use a base layer beneath this mattress if looking to bed down on on the floor. This floor mattress also gives you the option of using it as a mattress topper. This saves you the hassle having to find cupboard space for storing it.



Mainstay.. Memory Foam Futon, Black Suede, Fabric, Wood, Metal + Free Clean Fabric Cloth (Black Suede)

If you are looking for a more conventional futon bed for the home, this design from Mainstay is something to consider. This memory foam futon will make a stylish addition to the home, while also offering you a flexible sleeping solution for unexpected guests. This futon comes in classic black, with a quilted design and slick black feet that make ensure it makes a contemporary design statement. It also allows for multiple sleeping, sitting and reclining configurations. When you do not need to host overnight guests, you can use it as an everyday sofa, with a conventional backrest and side supports. The side supports can be inclined or laid flat, providing you with a comfortable reclining position for kicking back and relaxing. If you require a more conventional sleeping surface, this futon can be fully adjusted, with the back and sides folding down to provide you with a flat bed base that can be dressed with sheets in moments.

This futon will appeal to those seeking a multifunctional and user-friendly design. The stylish aesthetics will complement any room, with the suede finish of the material particularly attractive. The multiple layers of this futon also make it a comfortable option, providing sitters and sleepers with plenty of support. The memory foam interior is particularly impressive, providing sleepers with first-rate support throughout the night.



Mozaic Full Size 8-Inch Cotton Twill Gel Dual Memory Foam Futon Mattress, Blue

This versatile memory foam futon mattress from Mozaic will fit any standard futon frame. Although it looks fairly basic, this futon mattress scores maximum marks in terms of comfort. This dual sided mattress utilises high-grade gel memory foam that delivers superior support for the user, as well as optimal levels of comfort for hours at a time. Not only does it prove a comfortable option, it is also a long-lasting choice. The superior materials used in the construction of this mattress means you have a product that can be used regularly, without the worry of having to replace it only months after purchase.

This futon mattress is also manufactured to a very good standard. In addition to the premium memory foam interior, the cotton twill cover is engineered for longevity. The cotton twill material will resist fraying, wear and tear, ensuring the high-quality interior remains undisturbed and fit for use for years to come. This durable mattress can of course be used on its own to provide a flat sleeping surface, but is best utilised with a futon frame that folds upright.



MustMat Japanese Tatami Mat Traditional Futon Mattress Rattan Firm and Folds Easily 35.4″x78.7″x1.2″ (2 Piece Set)

If you prefer a firmer surface for sleeping, the MustMat is an essential purchase. This traditional Tatami futon mattress is stripped-back sleeping solution with broader applications. Made from quality rattan with a durable fabric underside, this Tatami mat will give you a good balance of support and comfort as you sleep or relax. This is an ideal alternative to softer futon mattresses, especially if you suffer from back ailment and spinal stiffness. It can also be used in relaxation rooms and makes a good alternative to a conventional yoga mat.

This Tatami mat is a good option for anyone who is short on storage space. When not in use, this mat folds away easily and can be store in even the smallest of spaces. This great value mat is definitely worth a try if you are looking for something different to traditional mattresses. However, if you are not used to sleeping on firmer surfaces, it may take a little getting used to.



MustMat Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress 35.4″x78.7″x1.2″ Rattan Tatami Mat Folds Easily Firm and Comfortable

Here is another great value MustMat product for you to consider. This traditional Tatami mat is an ideal choice for those who are short on space, or simply want a futon alternative that can provide you with multiple applications. This Japanese futon mattress is a good option for those who prefer sleeping on firmer surfaces. The robust rattan material is not only durable, but will also provide you with a firmer layer of support as you sleep. If you suffer from back problems or stiffness in the morning, a firmer sleeping surface might be an ideal way of remedying such complaints.

This Tatami mat folds away neatly when not in use, meaning you will not have to worry about finding suitable storage space for it. The low-profile nature of this mat also means you can leave it unfolded when it is not being used. Lightweight furniture and room accessories can be placed upon it without damaging the integrity of the mattress, while its subtle aesthetics ensure a subtle complement to your existing décor. If you require a more substantial sleeping surface, you can simply pair this mat with a second one to provide more square footage.



Mozaic Futon Mattress, Full, Suede Khaki

Looking for a stylish futon mattress to use with an existing frame? This Mozaic futon mattress is a perfect pick. This mattress is designed to fit standard size futon frames with ease, with a flexible build so that it can be used with frames that fold upright to provide a backrest. This futon mattress will not disappoint as far as comfort is concerned. The foam interior will deliver cushioned support for the duration of a sleep cycle, while the hard-wearing polyester cover will ensure the mattress serves you well for years to come.

This futon mattress will also satisfy those in search of a more stylish solution. Unlike other options with inferior cotton coverings, this futon mattress boasts an impressive suede texture that lends an attractive complement to any room. The khaki colour also makes this mattress a very versatile option. The colour will complement a wide variety of room interiors with ease, while quilted construction adds a further layer of luxury to this essential futon solution.



MustMat Japanese Traditional Tatami Mat/Futon Mattress Firm and Comfortable 35.4″x78.7″x1.2″ Green/Natural Rush Grass/Folds Easily Great for Bed/Meditation Space/Yoga/Zen Room/Japanese Tearoom

If you prefer a firmer surface to sleep on, this MustMat mattress warrants serious consideration. This traditional Tatami mattress is a very convenient and comfortable sleeping solution, especially if you are looking for something more low-profile than bulkier alternatives. This Japanese Tatami mat features a rush grass surface, while the underside is covered in non-woven fabric. The sleeping surface features narrow banded sections that distribute pressure evenly across the entire mat, providing you with more support than you might expect from something so thin.

The folding design of this mat also makes it a great option for those with minimal free space. This mat includes three distinct sections that fold down neatly when you are not using it, allowing you to store it away in the smallest of cupboards, nooks and crannies. The muted colours also ensure it will blend seamlessly with your existing room themes and décor.



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