Best Husband Pillow

Best Husband Pillow | 2022 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

A husband pillow is one of the most versatile types of support pillows you can find on the market and is very different from a therapeutic pillow. These snug pillows usually include a substantial backrest that will provide support for the back and shoulders, as well as protruding armrests to support your limbs. The best husband pillows will also include a neck roll cushion for enhanced levels of support and additional comfort. Need some useful pointers on what to look for when shopping around for a good husband pillow? Read on for essential tips, along with a round-up of some of the best husband pillows currently on offer. And don’t forget to read all about how to sleep next to a snorer

Suitable Dimensions

Most husband pillows include a generously proportioned back and shoulder support, along with integrated armrests. Some will also include an additional support for the neck. Generally speaking, you want to be looking for a husband pillow with a backrest that measures 18 inches high, with a width of around 15 inches. Armrests should ideally protrude by at least 11 inches to provide sufficient support and comfort. This size should prove suitable to the vast majority of users, although those looking for a roomier solution can find extra large products on the market. Likewise, those looking for something smaller, especially if the intended user is a child, can find petite husband pillows readily available.

Filling Material

The fill material of a husband pillow is very important as this will ultimately dictate how comfortable it is to use. The most affordable pillows on the market will usually use some form of polyester as a filling material. Provided the pillow itself has been manufactured to a decent standard, polyester filling is perfectly comfortable and offers basic levels of support for the back and shoulders. However, pillows filled with this material are likely to sag and require require plumping up. If you are prepared to spend a little bit more on a husband pillow, look for products that use shredded memory foam as a filling. Although the foam is shredded down to smaller pieces so it can be used as a conventional filling material, it still retains the responsive properties that make it such a popular choice for ergonomic support. Shredded memory foam will bounce back to its original state once pressure has been relieved, meaning you do not have to worry that much about constantly plumping up your pillow to return it to its original state.


Any husband pillow you invest in will no doubt be put through its paces and used on a regular basis. Therefore, it should be durable enough to accommodate regular use. In addition to a durable filling material, you need to ensure the outer fabric of your husband pillow is made from a rugged enough fabric. Polyester is arguably the best option as it will hold up well to frequent use, wear and tear. Double-stitched seams are also something to look out for as these will ensure the outer fabric maintains its form for as long as possible, preventing the inner filling from spilling out. You might also want to think about purchasing a husband pillow from a manufacturer that sells replacement covers. With these, you can extend the life of your purchase considerably. You can also mix things up in terms of colours and prints with little effort.


To ensure your husband pillow lasts for a long time, make sure the one you purchase is easy to clean and maintain. Go for pillows with removable pillows that can be easily laundered in the washing machine. Grab handles are also a must if you intend to use your pillow in various rooms of the home. Handy pouches or pockets at the armrests are another practical detail to look out for. If you want a husband pillow to recline in while reading or watching television, these pockets provide the perfect place to stash your everyday essentials, keeping them within easy reach.

Product Reviews

Ready to experience enhanced comfort like you have never experienced before? Take your pick from our shortlist of some of the best husband pillows on the market.

ComfortSpa Reading Pillow Bed Wedge Large Adult Backrest Lounge Cushion with Arms and Pockets | Back Support for Sitting Up in Bed/Couch for GERD Heartburn Bedrest

This ComfortSpa husband pillow is one of the most affordable on the market, but certainly doesn’t skimp on comfort and support. This deluxe pillow features a shredded foam interior that will perfectly conform to all body types to ensure optimal alignment when relaxed in an upright position. This pillow is particularly suited to reading, with integrated storage at the sides providing the perfect place to tuck away smartphones, spectacles, tablets, books and more. As with most husband pillows, you will want to ensure you properly decompress this design when it arrives. You will need to loosen the shredded foam interior by shaking it for approximately five minutes, before leaving it for between 24 and 48 hours to ensure it has expanded enough to provide you with ample back support.

When fully expanded, the back support should measure 18 inches high and 15 inches wide. This pillow also includes two arms that extend by 11 inches to provide you with additional support for your neck and shoulders. This will combine to reduce overall stress on muscles and joints, providing you with the very best in comfort, even when sitting upright for long periods of time.


Husband Pillow – Dark Grey, Big Backrest Reading Bed Rest Pillow with Arms, Plush Memory Foam Fill, Remove Neck Roll Off Bungee, Change Covers, Zipper On Shell of Bed Chair for Adjustable Loft

If you can afford to spend more on a backrest, this premium husband pillow is worth a second look. Compared to other husband pillows on the market, this design is substantially larger, providing you with enhanced support and higher levels of comfort. The main back area itself stands 24 inches high and, with a width of 15 inches. An additional bolster section for your neck extends by a further 7 inches, with a width of 16 inches. Two arm rests extend out by 12 inches. All of these individual support sections combine to provide you with an incredibly sturdy backrest that will easily accommodate larger users.

This backrest includes removable covers that can be cleaned in a washing machine. However, you will also find a zipper on the bottom of the backrest shell itself. This allows you to customise the foam filling to your liking. If you find the level of support is too firm, simply open the zipper and remove excess filling. Need more support? You are free to add additional filling material. The neckroll includes a separate zipper, allowing you to more easily adjust the level of filling this section. Another nifty feature of this husband pillow is that you can readily change the outer covers, with 16 different colourway options available from the manufacturer. This is very handy if you wish to mix it up with a new colour to coordinate with a different space.


Vekkia Reading & Bed Rest Pillow with Support Arms, Pockets, Memory Foam. Perfect Back Support Cushion for Adults Reading/Watching TV/Sitting Up in Bed – Extra Foams Incl. Customize Softness-18

This husband pillow from Vekkia is a perfect choice of reading support or backrest. This pillow is generously proportioned to provide a comfortable retreat for users of all sizes, with an 18-inch backrest height, ample width of 15 inches and arm supports that protrude by 11 inches. Although it lacks the sectional design of other pillows found in this list, this Vekkia pillow does come with 200 grams of additional filling material that you can use to customise the level of firmness and support to your liking. This pillow also includes convenient extra details, like the carry handle on the top of the backrest that allows you to pick it up and move it to another room with ease. You will also find elasticated pockets at either side, providing the perfect place to store little essentials as you recline in comfort.

As with other backrest pillows, you will need to vigorously shake the filling prior to using it, before leaving it for a minimum of 24 hours to ensure the filling material sufficiently expands. The inner shell of this pillow includes a zipper that allows you to easily remove excess foam or add more to meet your individual requirements. It also allows you to quick access to the internal filling so you can shift around the existing material to ensure an even distribution of of cushioning.


LINENSPA Shredded Foam Pillow Perfect for Back Support While Relaxing, Gaming, Reading, or Watching TV – Soft Velour Cover, Standard, Stone

This husband pillow backrest from LINENSPA provides you with premium memory foam support at a fraction of the price of other options on the market. This standard size backrest pillow will provide ideal for children and teens. Ideal for relaxing in bedrooms, reading, watching TV or gaming, this plush pillow provides support and comfort for the back, neck and arms. Unlike other budget-friendly backrests that use polyester filling, this pillow uses shredded memory foam. Not only is this material more comfortable than standard filling, it allows the interior to be customised to the contours of the individual using it. The superior choice of filling also provides enhanced support for the back and shoulders, making it a good option for those looking for a pillow that can be used in bed when sitting upright.

Another standout feature of this backrest is its incredibly soft velour cover. Not only is this velour material soft on the skin and extremely comfortable, it will add a stylish touch to any interior. A choice of navy and stone colourway sallow for an effortless style complement to any room. This pillow also includes a sturdy grab handle for convenient carrying between rooms.


Milliard Reading Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam, Great As Backrest for Books Or Gaming- 18×15 inches (Sit up Pillow)

This Milliard husband pillow is a budget-friendly option for those looking for quality backrest support. In addition to a standard size mode, this pillow comes in petite and extra large varieties, ensuring everyone can enjoy first-rate support and exceptional levels of comfort as they relax. Each pillow is filled with shredded memory foam, with the filling being particularly responsive to pressure, ensuring the pillow will mold itself to your contours for maximum comfort. The outer cover includes a zipper so you can remove or add filling material as required, or simply shift around what is already there to provide you with perfectly tailored levels of comfort.

The outer cover is made from an attractive velour material to add a stylish touch to your interiors. Unlike some other velour covers, this one can also be removed with ease and thrown into the washing machine for straightforward cleaning and maintenance. As with any decent husband pillow, you will need to shake this one around after unpacking it and leave to expand for 24 to 48 hours to enjoy the best results.


Nestl Reading Pillow, Medium Bed Rest Pillow with Arms for Kids Teens & Adults – Premium Shredded Memory Foam TV Pillow – Teal

Kids will love this colourful husband pillow from Nestl. Available in a wide range of eye-popping colours, this quality pillow is perfect proportioned to accommodate younger users, although larger sizes for teens and adults are also available. You can expect superb comfort when reclining with this Nestl pillow, thanks to the high-quality shredded memory foam filing. This dence material provides you with many of the same benefits as solid memory foam core, ensuring you get enhanced ergonomic support that effectively molds to your contours.

The luxurious velour cover will also add to overall levels of comfort, with the silky fabric soft on the skin. The cover also includes a convenient zipper for easy access to the filling material itself. This allows you to add or remove the shredded memory foam at will to achieve tailored comfort and support. You can also zip it open to access the filling and shift it around if things have moved around too much after repeated use. A grab handle can also be found on the top of the backrest pillow so it can be picked up and moved to another room with ease.


Brentwood 557 Corduroy Bedrest, Navy

This Brentwood 557 husband pillow is cheaper than other options included in this list, but it still delivers impressive levels of support and comfort. The outer shell of the pillow is made from hard-wearing polyester that will hold up well to regular use and is incredibly easy to clean and care for. The interior fill is also made from polyester which, although not on the same level as memory foam alternatives, provides you with reliable support for your back, neck and arms as you relax and recline. This pillow is generously sized, meaning more or less everyone can make the most of this comfortable essential. The 18-inch backrest height and impressive depth of 18 inches provides a snug retreat for reading, chilling out in front of the television or snoozing.

This pillow is also very convenient, with a sturdy top handle to allow for hassle-free carrying between rooms. The durable polyester fabric is also easily maintained by spot cleaning with nothing more than a damp cloth. This great value husband pillow comes in a range of classic shades, while the corduroy texture makes a subtle style statement.


Brentwood Originals 907 Back Rest Pillow, Backrest, Mineral

This Brentwood Originals 907 husband pillow will add a touch of character to any room. Made from durable polyester, this comfortable pillow provides you with the perfect place to relax and can also be used as an effective backrest in bed. Measuring 16 inches in width and 18 inches in height, this pillow is suitable for everyone, but will particularly appeal to the younger market. In addition to a good range of colour options, you have a variety of shapes to choose from here, ensuring the perfect style accent for any room. The chunky cord texture also makes these pillows an especially stylish option.

This comfy backrest pillow includes a polyester filling material that, combined with the cord texture, provides ample comfort for the back, shoulders and arms. A convenient grab handle is also included as part of the overall design, allowing the pillow to be picked up and transported between rooms with ease.


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