Best Low Profile Box Springs

Best Low Profile Box Springs | Guide & Reviews | 2022

For a healthy mind and body, sleep is essential. It helps you recharge your energy and develop a good mood for the next day. However, you will need the best quality bed to guarantee a good night’s sleep. The best low profile box springs offer ultimate comfort and support for more enjoyable slumber.

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Zinus Jayanna 4 Inch Low Profile BiFold Box Spring

From Zinus

The Zinus BiFold box spring is designed to provide a traditional look with heavy-duty steel frame co....

Things to Look For in a Low Profile Box Spring

Low profile box springs are now the latest trend regarding bedding. It efficiently uses high-quality construction procedures through standard box springs. This product also creates a wooden frame which is relatively shorter than the standard-sized box springs. Metal rods are installed inside the wooden frame to give excellent support. The outer layer materials cover the entire bedding for extra durability.

Standard box springs have a height of approximately 9 inches while low profile box springs only measure between 5 and 5.5 inches. Support and aesthetics make this box spring one of the best products in the bedding industry right now. Besides, these are perfect for those who want to achieve a specific style in their bedding without compromising room design.

Here are some of the helpful tips in choosing this type of box spring:

  • Choosing the correct box spring you need is essential just like selecting the mattress. Remember, it is the foundation of your bed, so make sure you are choosing overall comfort for the best price.
  • When it comes to warranty, most of the manufacturers today offer mattresses with box springs before honoring such agreement.
  • There are various types of box springs to choose from, be aware of that. For instance, some contain natural fillers, hypoallergenic, organic fabrics, and densely-packed coils.
  • If you are torn between two box springs with almost the same price, investigate further on what makes them different from each other. Consider factors like spring types, manufacturing materials, and variations of fiber used.

Best Low Profile Box Springs 2020 Comparison Table

Benefits of Low Profile Box Springs

Since a low profile box spring sits more economical than the standard one, it creates an illusion of more space in your bedroom. It is ideal for those who have smaller rooms while making sure that it looks stylish and inviting. With this type of box spring, you can also take advantage of the convenience of getting up and out of your bed. You can use this in your kid’s bedroom to make sure they have safer bedding due to a lower height that is easy to access.

Also, this box spring has less expensive price tag because it has fewer materials used during the manufacturing process. You may also have an issue in your headboard, which is covered by a thick mattress. With low profile box spring, you can keep the divine appearance of your headboard since it is smaller in height. These are only some of the benefits you will enjoy with this product. There are more to take advantage of once you buy one.

What are the Best Shorter Box Springs

1. Zinus Jayanna 4 Inch Low Profile BiFold Box Spring

Zinus Jayanna 4 Inch Low Profile BiFold Box Spring

From Zinus

The Zinus BiFold box spring is designed to provide a traditional look with heavy-duty steel frame co....

The Zinus BiFold box spring is designed to provide a traditional look with heavy-duty steel frame covered with fabric. The foldable mattress support easily compresses for electric mobility as well as storage. Also, you don’t need to assemble the box spring. You only need to open the package and slide the support out then unfold. The box spring will easily open and ready to use.


  • It has a height of 4 inches which means it is ideal for higher profile mattress.
  • The product comes with a worry-free 5-year limited warranty.
  • It offers innovative mattress support designed for functionality, mobility, and durability.
  • Quick shipping is offered to make sure it reaches the customer’s location with great convenience.
  • BiFold box springs are more comfortable to use, especially in tight areas of the house.
  • It is priced reasonably with quality materials and excellent features for longer-lasting performance.
  • It doesn’t look high just like other standard box springs available in the market today.
  • Decorative headboards remain visible when using this premium box spring.


  • The whole package can be a bit dark. You need someone to help you out in arranging the box spring.
  • The bottom is foam so it may sink when used by overweight.

2. Zinus Armita 5 Inch Low Profile Smart Box Spring

Zinus Armita 5 Inch Low Profile Smart Box Spring

From Zinus

The steel structure of the Zinus smart box spring is sturdy and durable with its 5-inch low profile ....

The steel structure of the Zinus smart box spring is sturdy and durable with its 5-inch low profile design. It offers a compact and convenient packaging for efficient shipping. This box spring is simple to assemble because all tools needed are included in the package. So if you are looking for a firm mattress that can last in the long run, here are the pros and cons to consider:


  • Five inches in height, ideal for higher profile mattress.
  • It comes with a worry-free 5-year limited warranty. The compact bed frame and innovative mattress foundation provide better support, lifespan, and functionality.
  • It offers quick shipping to preserve the pioneering comfort. It also delivers new sleep product right to the customer’s front door.
  • Ultra-plush and cloud-like luxury comfort make you sleep better than other mattresses offered on the market.
  • The mattress layer includes Viscolatex Responsive Foam, memory foam, pressure-relieving comfort foam, and high-density base support foam.
  • Available sizes are Cal King, King, Queen, Full, and Twin.
  • It offers home delivery options via FedEx and UPS.
  • The packaging can pass through tight spaces such as hallways and stairs.


  • It can be noisy when moving.
  • Shipping may take longer than the expected time.


3. Zinus Walter 4 Inch Low Profile Metal Box Spring

Sleep Master Smart Box Spring, Full

Strong and Sturdy metal structure with a Convenient and compact packaging....

The Zinus low profile metal smart box spring is made of durable steel structure as well as wooden slat support. It’s easy to assemble since the tools needed are included in the package. There are various sizes available, including Cal King, King, Queen, Full, Twin XL, and Twin. With a height of 4 inches, it’s also ideal for high profile mattresses. But to know more about the efficiency of the product, here are the pros and cons:


  • With combined look and practicality that is beyond the traditional box springs, this product is an excellent investment.
  • Assembly is clear and straightforward, and even non-pro can quickly arrange the box spring in their bedrooms.
  • It can also be used under the hybrid foam mattresses for ultimate comfort and support while sleeping.
  • Lower profile so everybody can easily access the bed even the little ones and the dogs.
  • It comes with additional support and height for the best platform bed. It’s reliable when it comes to long-term functionality and durability.


  • The whole structure is firm and stable. But sometimes, due to manufacturing processes, some pieces are improperly attached.


4. Zinus Edgar 4 Inch Low Profile Wood Box Spring

Zinus Edgar 4 Inch Low Profile Wood Box Spring

From Zinus

Available in twin, full, queen, king for all mattress types....

This product is a perfect choice for those looking to find durable, low profile box spring mattress. The wooden mattress support is robust and long-wearing, so you are guaranteed to have a comfortable bed in the long run. There are different sizes available such as King, Queen, Full, and Twin, so you’ll meet your exact needs.


  • Great features like the easy assembly so even the ladies can only organize the box spring in a few minutes.
  • It features 4-inch height to match higher profile mattress.
  • It comes with a worry-free 5-year limited warranty.
  • It is shipped in a convenient packaging that includes manageable pieces so you can quickly arrange the box spring.
  • There are installed hinges provided on both sides to simplify setting up. The beautiful cover is fastened with Velcro to meet crossbars.
  • Easy install and robust construction for long-lasting performance.


  • Some may find it challenging to assemble the box spring on their own, so they need someone to help them out.


5. Zinus Victor 4 Inch Low Profile Quick Lock Smart Box Spring

Zinus Victor 4 Inch Low Profile Quick Lock Smart Box Spring

From Zinus

Strong and sturdy structure with less than 3 inch spacing between steel slats....

The Zinus low profile quick lock smart box spring is designed with a stable structure for higher quality and durability. It has less than 3 inches spacing between the steel slats which adds to the overall elegant look. The shipping box is compact and convenient, so the item inside is protected from any damage. This product also comes with quick-lock construction for quick and straightforward assembly.


  • Higher profile mattress can ideally match the 4-inch height box spring.
  • Delivered with a worry-free 5-year limited warranty.
  • The item can fit tight interior space like hallway and stairs.
  • Comfort innovation to ensure good night’s sleep.
  • Perfect for kid’s bedrooms due to the low profile structure.
  • Less noise or squeaking sound, unlike other box springs.
  • Upholstered backboard remains visible with the convenient leveling of this mattress.


  • The bulky packaging can be a little bit backbreaking to handle if you’re doing it on your own.
  • Delivery time may exceed the expected schedule, depending on the location of the customers.


6. Classic Brands Instant Foundation Low Profile 4-Inch Box Spring

Classic Brands Instant Foundation Low Profile 4-Inch Box-Spring

Easy to assemble instant foundation is a low-cost solution that provides perfect support for today's....

The instant foundation of this easy-to-assemble box spring provides a more affordable solution to those who want sturdy support for any mattress. It can even accommodate more substantial mattresses like latex and memory foam while increasing the longevity of the bed by just preventing sagging. And to know more about the efficiency of the product, check out the following pros and cons to help you make an informed buying decision:


  • It’s durable, noise-free, and supports any mattress.
  • The solid spruce is handcrafted from America by Pennsylvania Amish.
  • The package is conveniently delivered to your front door. It can fit narrow stairs and hallways so no need to worry about that.
  • Fast and easy to assemble with tools included in the package.
  • 5-star customer support with availability within the whole week.
  • It can be assembled within 20 minutes with an easy-to-follow guide.


  • Assembly may require work and other handheld tools to secure the slats and bolts.
  • There might be issues in quality control so better check your package and immediately report if there’s any problem.


7. Lifetime Sleep Products 4” Low Profile

Lifetime sleep products Box Spring Great for Memory Foam Mattress, King

This is a perfect solution for tight stairwells, narrow hallways, apartments, condos or anyone looki....

This American-made low profile wood box spring measures 4 inches. It’s fast and easy to assemble in only 15 minutes. Satisfaction guaranteed with a lifetime warranty for the best price. Plus, it offers free shipping so you won’t have to worry about the delivery process. The design allows the box spring to fit elevators, stairs, and hallways. You can use this in condos, townhouses, and other places where fully-assembled box springs cannot provide.


  • No need for split box spring. It is ideal for thick mattresses while it makes getting in and out of bed much more manageable.
  • Premium mattress foundation so that heavier memory foams can be accommodated without the hassle. It can be used with latex and innerspring mattresses.
  • Timely delivery and item arrived in perfect condition as expected.
  • Fits nicely on bed frames while not making an odd noise like a squeak.
  • Lower beds like this are more comfortable to access, so your kids won’t find it challenging to get into the bed at night.
  • Low profile box springs make nightstands look equally proportional when it comes to height. That’s a plus if you’re trying to enhance the overall of your bedroom.


  • The slats are a little bit far from each other. It’s like 4.5 inches separated.
  • Some would find it inconvenient to assemble the box spring, especially if they don’t have prior knowledge to do the work.


8. Continental Sleep Comfort Bedding Low Profile 4-inch Mattress Foundation Box Spring

Continental Sleep Comfort Bedding Low Profile 4-inch Mattress

It provides excellent support for memory foam mattresses and other types at a very affordable price.....

This product is fully assembled, so you don’t need to sweat yourself in arranging the whole package. After it reaches your doorstep, the Continental Sleep Fully Assembled 5-inch box spring is ready to use. It’s perfect for any mattresses, so it doesn’t matter which bed you are using right now. Made in the US, this is robust and sturdy for long-term use. Not to mention, it offers fast and secure shipping.


  • Available sizes include California King, King, Queen, Full XL, Full, Twin XL, and Twin.
  • It provides excellent support for memory foam mattresses and other types at a very affordable price.
  • Long-lasting and reliable during a surprise house visit. Guests feel comfortable with this box spring because it is designed with a luxury feel in mind.
  • It’s easier to add linens or display decorative pillows in your bed with this low profile box spring.
  • Regarding height, this is not inconveniently made higher as the standard box springs offered on the market.


  • The foundation might easily be dented when regularly used.


9. Simple Life Fully Assembled Mattress Box Foundation

Simple Life Fully Assembled Mattress Box Foundation, Twin

Heavy-duty tubular steel construction provides maximum edge firmness with no side-sway for long last....

The Simple Life fully assembled foundation box spring is an 8-inch profile with King size 76 inches by 80 inches dimensions. The tubular steel structure is heavy-duty to provide maximum edge strength without side sways. It is designed to achieve long-lasting durability as well as noise-free support. You can take advantage of small-parcel shipping service for the most convenient delivery and setup.


  • The package can fit stairs and tight areas in the house.
  • No need for assembly and specific tools to use the box spring.
  • Active support feature to avoid the mattress from sagging.
  • Smart shipping for fully assembled box springs with timely delivery at all times.
  • The product comes with unique styling, which makes the box spring foldable in a flat position.
  • Money-saver but doesn’t compromise quality and functionality.
  • In just a few minutes, you can enjoy the box spring altogether.
  • The steel construction offers ultimate support. Can be used with any mattress.
  • Sizes available are California King, King, Queen, Full, Twin XL, and Twin.
  • The item is 8 inches in height with white, soft knitted finish and cover.


  • The folding design makes it susceptible to shorter longevity, especially when you regularly fold and open the box spring for moving or shipping.
  • There might be a problem in using latex mattress on this box spring due to foundation issues.



The standard height of low profile box springs is about 5 inches. That only means they are perfect for higher profile mattress. The Zinus 4-Inch BiFold box spring foundation is the best choice if you’re looking for affordability and quality. With its innovative features and construction, you get a longer-lasting box spring that meets your exact needs and expectations. Plus, this product offers a durable frame and springs to achieve stronger support.

Low profile box springs are also used for aesthetic purposes. The Zinus BiFold box spring provides excellent styling for any bedding, which makes the room look less crowded. It makes sure that the headboard is still seen, thanks to the lower profile construction. This box spring also makes nightstand appear more proportionate in height, which is a significant advantage for the elderlies. So if you are currently in need of lower profile box spring, Zinus box spring is highly recommended.

Best Low Profile Mattress: What are the Options

A low profile mattress is a perfect match for a low profile box spring. Here are some of the top choices:

1 – Zinus Jayanna 4 Inch Low Profile BiFold Box Spring

2 – Zinus Armita 5 Inch Low Profile Smart Box Spring

3 – Sleep Master Smart Box Spring, Full

Box Springs Frequently Asked Questions

What is a box spring?

The supportive square, which serves as a mattress foundation of your bed, is called a box spring. Before, box springs contain original springs to provide strong support to bedding. Although today some still include springs to assist foundations and absorb bodyweight efficiently, most box springs are designed to support firmer mattresses and make sleeping more convenient.

What is the purpose of a box spring?

Primarily, a box spring is made to hold up a mattress containing springs. But it can also accommodate memory foams, hybrid mattresses, and latex foams. All in all, it makes the bedding more comfortable and convenient for sleeping.

Do I need a box spring?

Okay, if you’re not going to use a box spring for your bed, what alternative can you use? Box springs are mainly designed to support mattresses. As a result, people get a good night’s sleep while enjoying the comfort and ultimate support in the long run.

What does a box spring do?

If you don’t want to put your mattress on the floor, the best way is to get a box spring to keep it protected from stain and dirt. It is also a convenient way to design your bedroom without having to compromise your interior. You can choose the wooden box spring or metal type to match your room design.

Do you need a box spring with a platform bed?

It’s up to you if you will use a platform bed to support your box spring. But in essence, you may only use a box spring for your mattress. The adjustable already offers excellent support for your bed. The base may be controlled remotely to lift, bend, or flex your mattress.

Do memory foam mattresses need box springs?

Foam mattresses are softer than other types of mattresses. Hence, they need a box spring to get premium support and stability for your bed.

How high is a low profile box spring?

Typically, low profile box springs are smaller in size and measure between 5 and 6 inches. If you want enough support for your bed, make sure to consider the height of your mattress before buying a box spring. That way, you can enjoy quality sleep and rest no matter what time of day.

How many inches is a low profile box spring?

The box springs offered today in the market usually measures 5 to 5.5 inches. They are perfect for wooden bed frames that can suit any style of the room interior. It’s essential to understand the exact measurement you need for your mattress to get comfortable bedding.

How thick is a low profile box spring?

For aesthetics, low profile box springs are created with 5 inches thick or more. They provide better support and stronger stability even with regular use. You can use box springs for all types of beds and mattresses. With ultimate support and comfort, you can always get a good night’s sleep without interruption.

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