Best Massage Tables | 2022 Buyers Guide & Product Reviews

If you want to enjoy the luxury of spa treatments at home, a massage table is a good investment. The best massage tables on the market include a variety of features usually only encountered in professional spa environments. Self-employed therapists looking to take their business to the next level should also think about investing in a massage table. Even the most basic of massage tables can provide you with all the key features required to deliver first-rate spa treatments, with portable designs making it easy to travel between clients with your equipment. Our buying guide explores the essential factors you should be focusing on when selecting the best massage table for your budget.

Build Quality & Materials

If you want a massage table that will serve you for a long time, you should opt for a model made from high-grade materials. The frame itself is very important, as this will determine the overall weight capacity of the table and provide you with a sturdy base your client can lie on. Solid wood frames are the most commonly encountered options. Beechwood tends to be the material of choice for massage table legs, providing you with a stability and a neutral aesthetic that lends itself well to spa treatments. However, you should make sure any beechwood base is reinforced by a stronger wood at the corners. This will prevent the frame from weakening over time and ensure you can maintain a consistent working weight when carrying out treatments. Metal frames are also popular. Aluminium tends to be the material of choice for metallic frames, as it is both lightweight and very durable. Regardless of what material your massage table frame is made from, look for models that include additional support struts and cables to enhance overall robustness.

Table Size & Adjustments

You will want to ensure you have purchased a massage table that is large enough to cater to a wide variety of clients. Most massage tables allow you to make quick adjustments to the height of the table itself, with telescopic adjustments carried about via knobs found at each frame leg. Adjustments can be made in increments, with at least half a dozen height positions usually provided by even the most basic of tables. The best massage tables will also include adjustable backrests and headrests. These usually provide you with a minimum angle adjustment of 70 degrees, although 90-degree adjustments are possible so your client can be positioned upright.

You also need to consider how long your table needs to be. Massage tables come in a variety of lengths, but it is always best to go for the longest model you can afford. This will ensure your taller clients are not left facing a deck that is too small for them to comfortably lie down on. That being said, you should still consider shorter users. If you opt for a particularly long massage table size, make sure it includes an additional face hole/opening positioned partway down the neck so shorter users can make full use of it.

Foam Support & Fabric Coverings

No matter how short or long a treatment is, you want to make sure your clients are kept comfortable for the duration. Therefore, make sure you purchase a massage table that includes high-quality foam support. Memory foam is undoubtedly the best option, although poly-gel material is also a good bet as it will facilitate better airflow and breathability. If your massage table has a headrest, this should also include a layer of foam or sponge support, with a thicker layer preferable. The deck layer of your massage table should also be covered with an easy to clean and durable fabric. Artificial leather is the most common type of material you will encounter when shopping for massage beds. This material is incredibly easy to clean, allowing you to main strict levels of hygiene when carrying out treatments. You should also ensure any material is resistant to staining from oils and other products you may be using when performing treatments on clients.

Portable Convenience

The best massage tables should be easy to store and travel with. If you are a travelling massage therapist, you will need a lightweight table that can be folded down and carried easily to and from client addresses. Most tables will include a reliable folding mechanism that allows you to fold them in half, with the folded bed then serving as its own carry case. If your massage table includes additional elements like armrests, headrests and storage compartments, make sure there is designated storage space for these items. This will ensure your massage table inventory is kept neatly organised as you travel between clients.

Best Massage Tables | Reviews

Looking to launch a massage therapist business? These massage tables will provide you with the professional edge you need to make a real success of your new venture.

Massage Table Portable Massage Bed Spa Bed 73 Inches Long 28 Inches Wide Height Adjustable Massage Table 2 Folding Massage Bed Spa Bed Facial Cradle Salon Bed W/Carry Case

This portable massage table is ideal for spa professionals, or for those looking to enjoy a premium pampering session from the comfort of home. The top layer of this massage table is particularly comfortable, with a 2-inch thick layer of sponge material. This makes it ideal for longer massage and treatment sessions. This sponge layer is encased with a soft PVC material that is both comfortable to lie on and easy to clean. The main frame of this table is also built to a high standard. Durable beech wood has been used to construct the legs and main frame, while the corners are reinforced with hardwood. These corner blocks make the table particularly strong and able to comfortably accommodate loads of up to 204 kilograms.

This table can also be easily adjusted to accommodate different heights. Each of the four feet feature knobs that allow you to quickly make adjustments to table height, requiring minimal effort to make changes. At its lowest height, this table stands 60 inches tall, but can quickly be adjusted to a maximum height of 86 inches. When folded away, this table can be locked in place, with the integrated handle and lightweight build making it particularly easy to transport. For massage therapists who need a table for life on the go, this is the perfect option.



Entil Massage Table Spa Bed Portable 3 Sections Wooden Legs with Face Hole Carrying Bag

This Entil massage table is the way to go if you are after convenience and portability, as well as premium comfort to keep your clients happy. This massage table includes a particularly thick top layer of sponge material, with a PVC covering ensuring maximum comfort. This PVC material is also easy to wipe clean after a treatment, ensuring you always achieve the highest hygiene standards. This is also a very hard-wearing and sturdy choice of massage table, with a beech wood frame and reinforced hardwood corners ensuring it will cope with maximum loads of up to 270 kilograms. This table is also easily adjusted to provide you with various heights. The lowest height available is 59 centimetres, but by quickly adjusting knobs found at each leg, you can bring the table height to 83 centimetres. Each leg can be securely locked in place once you have finished making adjustments, providing you with incredible levels of stability when carrying out treatments.

This massage table also includes an adjustable headrest, allowing you to select bespoke inclines for various treatment sessions. As with the legs, the headrest can be locked in place once you have selected a suitable reclining angle. This is also a convenient option for those who need a portable massage table. The whole thing folds down easily when you are done using it, and folds out again quickly when you are ready for your next session. The overall carrying weight of this table will also impress those after something that is easy to carry, with a total weight of just 14.5 kilograms.



Yaheetech Massage Table Portable Massage Bed Massage Therapy Table Spa Bed 84 Inch Adjustable 2 Fold Salon Bed Face Cradle Bed Black

This Yaheetech massage table is the ideal choice for massage therapist professionals looking for high-quality design and convenience. The real standout feature of this massage table is its ergonomic design. This table includes a removable headrest that provides additional cushioning for your clients when carrying out treatments, while two rectangular armrests also had to the overall comfort of this ingenious design. As with any good massage table, this product also includes a small hollow cut-out that clients can place their faces through as you carry out back massages and other treatments. The adjustable headrest also allows you to make quick changes to height, letting you select specific angles for when carrying out reiki massages and other treatments. This section of the table also includes an adjustable face cradle.

The level of craftsmanship here will definitely impress. The beech wood frame makes this table a hard-wearing option that scores well in terms of durability. It is also a comfortable choice, with a high-density foam layer covered by PU leather upholstery. This oil-resistant and water-resistant covering makes it easy to keep your table clean in between sessions. This deluxe table also offers a high weight capacity, with a working weight of 250 kilograms provided. This is definitely one of the best portable massage tables out there if you are looking for full functionality, hardwood frame durability and premium comfort features for your clients.



Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table, Black

This Sierra Comfort massage table is a good option for those looking for something for home use, but it will also serve the needs of professional therapists looking for a portable solution. Although it might look compact when folded away in its integrated case, this is one of the sturdiest stationary tables in this list. The hardwood beech frame makes it particularly durable and able to withstand significant working weights of around 180 kilograms. Support cables are also included to bolster the stability of this table when in its upright working position.

This heavy-duty massage table boasts a full-length high-density foam layer that is both oil and water-resistant, with the PU leather upholstery providing your clients with a particularly comfortable surface on which to lie as you carry out treatments. This massage table also includes a useful height adjustment that gives you various working heights for different treatment types. Also included with this table is a face cradle and face cushion, as well as a sheet set. This is a good choice for those seeking portable convenience, with a piano hinge folding mechanism and integrated handle that makes getting this table from A to B incredibly straightforward.



Luxton Home Premium Memory Foam Massage Table – Easy Set Up – Foldable & Portable with Carrying Case

The Luxton Home Premium massage table might cost slightly more than other options, but it is well worth the additional cost for its slate of first-rate design details. This massage table includes a layer of memory foam across the deck, providing superior comfort for clients. A combination of memory foam and conventional foam ensures the best in support at all times, regardless of what angle your client is sitting or lying at. This table will also suit those looking for something that is easy to set up. In just a minute or two, this table can be folded out and erected in any space, with little effort involved.

This massage table combines a heavy-duty frame with portable convenience. The sturdy wood frame supports maximum weights of approximately 225 kilograms, which is more than sufficient for even the heaviest of massage clients. Steel support cables provide the table with additional strength. In addition to this, this massage table includes a face hole in the centre for when working on smaller clients, while a storage pouch can be found on the side for holding massage oils and other treatment essentials.



Massage Table Massage Bed Spa Bed Height Adjustable 77 Inches Long 30 Inches Wide Salon Bed 2 Fold 4 Inches Thick Foam Pad Portable Massage Table W/Carry Case Bolster

This quality massage table is worth your time if you are looking for something comfortable, easy to set up and portable. The deck of this massage table is particularly comfortable, with a thick layer of sponge providing just as soft a surface as small cell foam. The overall build of this table is also first-rate, with premium beechwood ensuring maximum strength and stability. The beechwood frame is reinforced with hardwood blocks at the corners, providing you with a high weight capacity of approximately 225 kilograms. Each of the legs of this table include adjustable knobs that allow you to make quick changes to the overall height. At its lowest, this table stands approximately 60 centimetres tall. If you need to opt for a higher working height, you can make quick adjustments to bring the table up to a level of approximately 86 centimetres.

This table also includes a padded face pillow with an adjustable headrest, along with an armrest shelf at either side to keep your clients comfortable and happy. You also have a tilting backrest included as standard here, with the backrest adjusting from a completely flat position to a 70-degree incline. When you have finished carrying out your treatments, this table folds away neatly and can be easily transported thanks to the integrated carry case. The case also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, meaning you can transport your massage table with ease, even if you don’t have access to your own vehicle.



Giantex 84-inch Massage Table Massage Spa Bed, Portable Massage Bed with Adjustable Height & Headrest, Professional Portable Facial Salon Tattoo Spa Bed with Face Cradle and Armrest (White)

If you want a massage table that can be easily adjusted to provide you with a variety of positions for treatments, this table from Giantex is a solid option. This table features 11 individual positions in all, with quick and easy height adjustments and plenty of scope for playing around with the tilt so you can use it for a broad range of treatments. Even the headrest can be adjusted to meet your changing requirements. The padded pillow and side armrests make it a particularly comfortable choice for clients, while the PU leather covering makes it a very hygienic choice that is easy to clean and care for.

This massage table is also a sturdy choice. The beechwood frame is reinforced in the corners to provide you with excellent weight capacity, while non-slip foot pads are also included to ensure your table does not move around in the middle of treatments. Despite being a heavy-duty choice of massage table, this product is very lightweight and easy to move around. When you are finished treating clients, you can fold this massage table in half and use the integrated carry case for fuss-free transportation. An additional carrying bag is also included, protecting the PU leather covering from suffering scratches and damage in transit. This is also a very affordable massage bed, making it perfect for those just starting out in their career as a therapist.



Yaheetech Portable Massage Table 84-inch 2 Folding Massage Bed Aluminium Height Adjustable Facial Salon Tattoo Bed Pink

This Yaheetech massage table is an affordable and portable option for therapists. High-grade materials have been used throughout here, providing you with a massage table that will cope with regular use. A plastic and aluminium frame makes this relatively sturdy, meaning you do not have to worry about the bed moving around while you carry out treatments. The bed surface is also very comfortable, with a high-quality sponge material used to provide clients with a soft deck on which to lie as you carry out treatments. Although this material is not as premium as poly-gel or memory foam, it should prove more than adequate for everyday massage treatments. A PVC leather finish adds to the comfort of this bed, while also making for easy maintenance.

You can also make quick adjustments to the height and tilt of this massage table. The overall height of the table can be adjusted in increments, with user-friendly knobs on each of the main legs to make life simple. The headrest can also be adjusted quickly, with a secure locking mechanism included so your clients remain in a desired position for the duration of their treatments. This table will also appeal to those after something that is lightweight and easy to transport. The headrest, hand pallet and armrests can all be removed when treatments are finished, allowing you to fold the table in half and carry it to your next appointment.



Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table with Carrying Case – Cream

If you want to leave a lasting impression with your clients, you should think about investing in this premium massage table from Saloniture. Comfort takes on a whole new meaning here, with deluxe cushioning across the entire deck layer of this table. The main surface of the table and armrests feature a thick layer of high-density foam, while the additional face pillow includes an even thicker layer of plush foam. This is also a very sturdy choice of massage table. Premium beechwood makes up the majority of the frame, with reinforced corners and steel support cables providing you with impressive working weight capacity. The addition of non-slip feet make this table resistant to moving around as you carry out treatments, while the composite material of the head support will withstand warping and bending, even when subjected to significant physical stress.

User convenience has also been taken into account when designing this table. When folded away, this table is very lightweight and easy to carry, with secure locking mechanisms ensuring everything stays firmly in place in transit. All accessories can be removed and safely stored away in the interior, with secure straps included so you can also store them underneath the deck when they are not required for treatments. Additional side pockets provide you with useful storage for massage oils and other products.



The Verdict

If you are looking to purchase a massage table to use as part of a new business venture, you should think about spending a bit more on a premium product. Go for heavy-duty options with hardwood frames or supports made from aircraft grade materials. Support cables and struts will also make your table more sturdy. You should also think about the range of clients you will be serving. Not everyone will share the same weight and height, so your table should be strong and long enough to cater to a broad demographic. Purchase a table with a table with a minimum carrying weight of around 220 kilograms if you can, as this will provide a sturdy base for almost any massage client. You should also think about the overall length of your massage table. The full-length of your table should be long enough to provide a comfortable reclining area for your clients, although there is some room for manoeuvre if you also include additional headrests and backrests. Height-adjustable legs are also crucial.

Portability is also very important, especially if you will be travelling to your clients. Almost every massage table will include a folding design, with the folded table doubling up as a carry case so you can transport it easily. However, some basic additional features will make travelling with your table easier. Look for tables that include secure locking mechanisms, ergonomic handles and additional securing straps to keep detachable accessories firmly in place while you are on the move.

If you have a larger sum of money to spend, you can think about exploring more premium options. An electric massage table is definitely an option if you want to cater to a higher-end share of the market. If you do spend a considerable amount of money on a massage table, you will want to make sure it is covered by a decent warranty. Avoid going for products restricted by a one-year warranty and opt for those with a lifetime warranty if possible, even if this extended guarantee is only limited to specific parts.

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