Best Mattress Bag for Moving and Storing

Best Mattress Bag for Moving and Storing | 2022 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Most mattresses are not cheap, so keeping them in good condition when moving home is important. In addition to ensuring mattresses are not damaged in transit, you may also be planning on putting one into storage for a long period of time. It is therefore important to ensure they are stored in sealed environment that will prevent damp and dust from rendering the mattress useless. A mattress bag makes life easier in these situations.

Types of Mattress Bag

You have two main types of mattress bag to consider when moving or putting items into storage. The cheapest option is the humble plastic bag that provides a resilient sealed enclosure for your mattress. These bags are available in varying thickness, with the plastic sheathing unlikely to tear or puncture when you are carrying a mattress. If you are looking to store your mattress for a long time, you should opt for the thickest plastic possible. Another option is a tarp style mattress bag. Although these bags look as though they are made from fabric, they are actually manufactured from incredibly rugged canvas style material with hard-wearing plastic sections.

Carry Handles

Mattresses are incredibly items and are notoriously difficult to carry and manoeuvre. Even a mattress bag made from thick plastic with a secure seal can be easily torn if the mattress inside can not be moved easily. Whenever possible, buy mattress bags that include at least a few integrated handles. This will allow you to carry the mattress more easily, placing less stress on the bag it is sealed in. Carry handles should be distributed evenly across the bag, giving you more flexibility when it comes to moving mattresses through awkward spaces like doorways, along corridors or up tight staircases.

Long-Term Storage

If you intend to place your mattress into storage for a considerable amount of time, make sure the bags you are buying will keep it sealed against external factors. You want no moisture exposure, as this will allow damp to set in and cause bacteria and mould to begin building up. This will render your mattress unfit for use. Never buy a mattress bag that includes vent holes as these provide the perfect entry for moisture.

Easy Sealing

To ensure your mattress is kept in unspoilt condition, you should ensure the bag you are storing it in is easy to seal. Many mattress bags include an adhesive strip that allows for a ‘peel and seal’ approach. However, many mattress bags will require you to seal down one side with tape. Always use premium packing tape that is waterproof and provides an airtight seal. You should also think about buying mattress bags that include an overlong side that will allow for an enveloped edge that can ensure a tighter, more secure seal.

Best Mattress Bag for Moving and Storing | Reviews

Keen to ensure your mattress remains in pristine condition when moving? Need to store a spare mattress for the time being until you invest in a new bed frame? You definitely want to consider some of these first-rate mattress bags to ensure your mattresses stay in good condition while they are not being used.

UltraBlock Mattress Bag for Moving, Storage or Disposal – Queen Size Heavy Duty Triple Thick 6 Mil Tear & Puncture Resistant Bag with Two Extra Wide Adhesive Strips

This UltraBlock mattress bag is the perfect option for storing and transporting mattresses. These heavy-duty bags will protect your mattresses from harm while you are on the move, with extra-wide closure slips that include self-adhesive edges to ensure that bags are firmly locked and mattresses are protected against the elements. Using these bags is incredibly easy. All you need to do is peel the closure clips and seal them. Mattresses can be slipped into the bags with ease, with these bags designed to accommodate a variety of mattress sizes and thicknesses.

These bags are particularly durable, with the outer plastic made from puncture-proof and tear-resistant polyethylene. The plastic is also free of any vent holes, allowing for maximum protection of your mattresses. This is particularly important if you are looking to store your mattresses for a considerable stretch of time and are worried about moisture and damp. Once sealed, these bags are completely leak-proof. The plastic these bags are made from is also completely recyclable, making them an eco-friendly option.



Queen Mattress Bag for Moving Storage Cover – 4 Mil Heavy Duty Thick Plastic Wrap Protector Reusable Bags Supplies

These commercial-grade mattress bags are ideal for those looking for peace of mind when it comes to moving house. These mattress bags are designed for use with Queen size mattresses and will ensure your stored items are kept in pristine condition during relocation. The hard-wearing design of these bags also makes them suitable for storing your mattresses for long stretches of time. These bags are thicker than other options out there, making them far stronger than other available bags. This makes them particularly suitable for moving home, when weaker bags can often tear in transit and mattresses can become damaged.

These durable bags are sealable and leak-proof. One thing to keep in mind about these bags is that they do not include an adhesive strip. This means you will have to seal them at one end with packing tape in order to ensure your mattress has been stored in a sealed environment. Provided you have done this properly, your mattresses will be protected against external air, moisture, dust and pests.

Mattress Bag with 8 Handles for Moving and Storage – Cali King Size – Reusable Cover with Strong Zipper Closure – Extra Thick Mattress Protection – Mattsafe

If you want a more premium choice of mattress bag, this product is something you should consider. This fabric mattress bag is designed for long-term storage of mattresses, but can also be used when moving home. The high-quality tarp material is far more durable than plastic bags easily found on the market. Not only will this ensure that your mattresses are protected from scuffs and minor damage when moving, it also provides an airtight environment for long-term storage of mattresses. This will help ensure moisture does not penetrate into the bag and begin to damage the integrity of your mattress. Even if you are planning on storing your mattress for months or longer, you can expect to find it in a serviceable condition when you finally get around to unzipping this bag and retrieving your mattress from inside.

This durable bag includes convenient carry handles and a robust zipper. Even the smallest of mattresses can be tricky to move around, so these handles are a particularly welcome feature. In total, there are eight handles included here that allow you transport your mattress with ease. These handles also make lifting incredibly straightforward, preventing you from straining yourself when it comes to relocating. Unlike cheaper plastic bags, this hard-wearing mattress bag is reusable. If you move home on a fairly regular basis, this mattress bag is a worthwhile investment.



Mattress Bags for Moving Queen -Mattress Storage Bag – 5 Mil Heavy-Duty – Thick Plastic Bed Mattress Cover Protector for Moving Queen – Reusable Bed Moving Supplies

If you are looking for a reusable mattress bag that is more robust than other options, this 5-MIL commercial grade bag is something to think about. This plastic mattress bag is manufactured to a high standard, with premium plastic used in its construction to ensure it can cope with larger mattresses with more considerable weights. The stronger plastic on offer here all but eliminates the chance of tears and punctures while you are on the move, making it a suitable choice for those looking to move home. The high-quality plastic also means you can reuse this bag at a later date, rather than have to replace it with a brand new one.

This mattress bag is designed for storing and transporting most Queen size mattresses, providing the mattress thickness is no greater than 14 inches. This bag is longer than many other available options, with the end flap designed so it can be wrapped over the end of the mattress to provide a sealed environment for long-term storage. You will need to use packing tape to seal the end of the mattress bag, but the additional length of plastic means there is no chance of moisture, dust or air penetrating in side once you have done so.



CRESNEL Mattress Bag for Moving & Long-Term Storage – King Size – Enhanced Mattress Protection with 5 mil Super Thick Tear & Puncture Resistance Polyethylene

CRESNEL is an established name in the mattress bag market. This particular mattress bag is one of the thickest and most durable option around. In fact, this mattress bag is twice as thick as most other bags you can find on the market. This bag is unlikely to tear or suffer from punctures, even when dragged across coarse terrain or when handled by heavy-handed movers. The generous proportions of this bag make it suitable for most King size mattresses, including XL sizes and pillow-top mattress designs. If your King mattress has a thickness of 14 inches or less, this mattress bag should provide a good fit.

This mattress bag also a particularly long design that allows you to effectively envelope a stored mattress by overlapping the end material. Once sealed down with packing tape, there is no chance of moisture penetrating into your mattress, while dust and other allergens will be kept locked out. The plastic does not include any vent holes, which makes the bag a good option for those looking for a storage solution for their mattress. Another good feature of this mattress bag is that the plastic is shaded slightly. This will obscure the mattress from view, ensuring any stains or discolouration is concealed from view.



HOMEIDEAS 5 Mil 2 Pack Super Thick Queen/King Mattress Bags for Moving, Not Clear Non-Transparent Mattress Storage Bag Disposal, Protecting Mattress and Your Privacy – Tear & Puncture Resistance

If you are looking for an exceptionally thick mattress bag for storage or moving, this opaque mattress bag from HOMEIDEAS should appeal. This mattress bag is considerably thicker than other bags out there, with tear-resistant properties that make it ideal for when you are moving home and want to keep your mattresses protected. This bag is three times as thick as other options out there, helping keep your mattresses safe from stains, tears and other damage that is all to easy to sustain when handling your mattress during relocation. Once sealed, this mattress bag also effectively locks out moisture, dust and pests. If you need to place your mattress in storage for a considerable amount of time, this bag will offer you peace of mind that your item will remain in pristine condition until you come to retrieve it.

The unique 3D shape of this bag also allows for a custom fit to your individual mattress size and shape. Not every mattress has the same dimensions, even if they are the same size, and this mattress bag will accommodate for that. This mattress bag is also opaque, meaning that any stains or discolouration of the mattress within will be obscured from view. This will be a welcome feature for anyone who has ever suffered the embarrassment of nosey neighbours inspecting their possessions as they move into a new home.



SpaceSaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags (2 x Small, 2 x Medium, 2 x Large) (80% More Storage Than Leading Brands) Free Hand Pump for Travel!

If you are planning on moving home or need to place a large quantity of items into storage, these SpaceSaver Premium vacuum storage bags are worth investing in. This great value set of storage bags includes six individual vacuum bags in a range of sizes. The double-zip seals and valves included with these bags ensure every last bit of air can be removed from the inside of the bag, dramatically reducing the amount of space required for storing your goods. You can also ensure your items are kept in better condition over a longer period of time, with no chance of moisture, dust and other environmental factors causing any damage to your belongings.

These bags are too small to store conventional mattresses, although the larger bags included in this are suitable for storing mattress toppers and sleeping pads. A travel pump is included along with the bags themselves so you can use these bags when travelling away from the home. Alternatively, the pump can be used to remove excess air from any packed bags should you notice they have not been sealed correctly while you are in transit.



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