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Best Mattress for Day Bed | 2022 Buyer’s Guide & Product Reviews

A day bed is a very practical piece of furniture. If your guest room is currently being used as a home office or play area for kids, a day bed will provide you with an occasional sleeping solution that can be deployed as and when the need arises. However, one key thing to bear in mind when investing in a day bed frame is that you will need a certain type of mattress to properly utilise it. A conventional high quality mattress with a substantial thickness and coiled springs is not suitable for use with a day bed frame as it can not be folded and laid flat on a regular basis. We have whittled down the key points you should be keeping in mind when selecting the best mattress for day beds.

When it comes to the best mattress for day bed, there’s so much to explore. To write this post we examined everything from the warranty, to the innersprings, from the gel memory foam, to checking which pressure points they hit. We even checked different options for twin mattresses, trundle beds, bunk beds and even our bed of choice – Zinus.

A comfortable mattress makes all the difference, and looking for something that’s medium firm, has a good durability and helps with pressure-relieving should always form part of your criteria when picking the winning product. We examined a range of products that worked with box springs and futons alike. We even checked out the new hypoallergenic, lucid hybrid mattresses. The reviews below come at various price points, from an affordable price to expensive and everything in between.

Folding Design

Folding mattresses are easily the most convenient choice for use with day beds. These mattresses usually included three distinct sections of equal size, which are attached via durable fabric that allows you to fold and unfold the mattress at will. When folded, these mattresses provide you with a thick seat and slightly thinner backrest. However, when your day bed frame is deployed, these mattresses can be laid flat to provide you with a smooth sleeping surface. An alternative option is a mattress topper that can be bent and laid flat, depending on how you have your day bed configured. The problem with this type of mattress is that the foam filling needs to be of a high enough standard that it can cope with the pressures of being bent on a regular basis.

Filling Material

High-density foam is the ideal choice of filling for a day bed mattress. Thinner mattresses will usually only include a single layer of high-density foam with a depth of around 3.5 inches. However, slightly thicker mattresses can include multiple layers of foam. The base layer is arguably the most important as it will contribute the most support to the overall design. The upper layer is intended to enhance comfort and is usually made up of a combination of high-density memory foam that and gel-infused foam.


If you are looking for a mattress that is solely to be used with a day bed frame, you will not usually have to consider portability. However, most mattresses of this type are designed with portability in mind. Most day bed mattresses are very lightweight, allowing them to be adjusted easily. This also means minimal effort is needed to move them between rooms. Many day bed mattresses will also include a carry bag that can be used for storage. Grab handles are also useful to allow you to carry folded mattresses around easily. This is less about compensating for any significant weight and more about making it easy to handle the awkward size and dimensions of a folded mattress.

Additional Features to Consider

A removable outer cover is something to add to your list of requirements when shopping for day bed mattresses. These will allow you to keep your day bed clean and fresh for overnight guests. If possible, purchase an additional cover to make adding fresh linens to your day bed as straightforward as possible. The underside of your day bed mattress should also provide plenty of traction, allowing it to remain firm in its place. A mesh texture is particularly effective at keeping mattresses still and secure when laid atop a day bed frame.

Best Mattress for Day Bed | Reviews

We have picked seven of the bed mattresses for daybeds for you to consider. We have chosen a varied range to suit all requirements and budgets, with all key specs covered to allow you to make an informed decision.

Olee Sleep Tri-Folding Memory Foam Topper, 4″, Gray, Single size, Play Mat, Foldable bed, Guest beds, Portable bed

This tri-folding memory foam mattress topper from Olee Sleep is a perfect solution for smaller daybeds. This memory foam topper will accommodate daybeds requiring a standard single mattress. This folding mattress might look fairly slim, but you actually get a surprising amount of thickness here. In total, there is four inches of support provided here, with two different layers of material combing to provide you with ample comfort. The bottom layer measures 2.5 inches in thickness, with standard support foam providing a solid base for the mattress. Th upper layer is 1.5 inches thick and is made from premium gel foam. This gel foam top layer will conform to your shape, providing you with exceptional comfort as you sit and sleep.

This mattress is made up of three equally sized square panels that can be folded together for easy storage. It can also be configured to be used as a floor cushion for casual relaxation. The folding design makes it particularly suitable for use with daybeds, with the hard-wearing outer fabric and folding design holding up well to regular use. If you want a mattress that can be used on a daily basis with your daybed, this tri-folding topper is a good choice. If you feel that the mattress is a little on the thin side of your comfort requirements, you can always think about adding a comforter layer.



Olee Sleep Tri-Folding Memory Foam Mattress Topper (TWIN, 38″ x 78″), Blue, Twin

If you like the idea of the previous mattress in this list, but need a larger size, this twin tri-folding mattress topper from Olee Sleep is the solution. As with the single mattress topper from Olee Sleep, this twin size design provides you with multiple layers of memory foam comfort. In total, you can enjoy four inches of padding, with a firm base layer and a more malleable gel layer above that will provide you with a comfortably soft sleeping surface. Due to its larger size, this folding mattress is a suitable match for a broader range of daybed frames. It can also be used with folding guest bed frames. Alternatively, you can lay it directly on the floor to provide occasional guests with a comfortable place to sleep.

The convenience of this folding mattress makes it one of the best options around. When you are not using it with your daybed or guest bed frame, you can fold it to a third of its original size. This make sit easy to store on deep shelving or in small cupboards. This is also considerably lighter in weight than other mattresses, making it considerably more portable than other products.



Simmons BeautySleep Siesta Memory Foam Mattress: Roll-Up Guest Bed/Floor Mat, 3″ Single

Although this lacks the folding convenience of Olee Sleep mattresses, the Simmons BeautySleep Siesta offers exceptional comfort and a good basic level of support. This standard single mattress will work well with smaller daybeds, although it may prove a bit too small for more substantial frames. You can enjoy three inches of memory foam support here, providing you with a plush surface on which to sleep or recline on. There are two different layers of foam here, with conventional memory foam at the base and a further layer of comfort foam above that. This mattress has plenty of give to it, meaning it can be gently bent when a daybed is being used to sit on. When it is time for sleep, the daybed can be deployed and the mattress can be rolled out to provide you with a smooth and flat surface on.

This is definitely one of the more practical daybed mattress options out there. When you are not using it with your daybed frame, it can be rolled up to a diameter of just 12 inches. This makes storage very easy and allows you to transport the mattress roll you with if you need to take it away from the home for camping or overnight stays. This mattress also comes with a removable cover that can be cleaned with ease in the washing machine. Also included is a carry bag with attached straps.



Tri-Fold Folding Mattress w/Storage & Carry Case – Best as Adult Guest Bed, Camping Cot, RV, Floor Mat – Ultra Soft Removable Washable Cover, Foldable, Portable & Compact [75 x 31 x 4 inch]

This tri-folding mattress is a good idea for anyone looking for a single daybed mattress that can double up as a handy sleepover solution. This compact folding mattress unfolds to a standard single size that will suit the smaller daybed frame. The folding design is particularly handy for quickly deploying daybed frames as the multiple foam panels can be quickly laid out flat. When it is time to turn your daybed back into a seating area, the foam panels can be folded to your liking, with the option to choose between a double-layered base or double-layered backrest. The filling material is particularly comfy, with high-density foam providing you with a soft surface for sleeping or sitting.

This convenient daybed mattress offers you four inches of thickness, with a maximum length of 75 inches. This makes it one of the thicker options you can purchase. A removable cover is also included to add an extra level of comfort for sleeping. The removable cover can also be cleaned easily in the washing machine, allowing you to keep your daybed as hygienic as possible should you find yourself having to host overnight guests. Finally, you will find a storage bag included. Should you wish to take the tri-folding mattress with you for camping trips or overnight visits to friends and family, this will come in very handy.



American Furniture Alliance Hide A’ Mat 3.5 x 30 x 75 inch Jr Twin TriFold Mattress, Navy

The Hide A’ Mat from American Furniture Alliance will suit anyone looking for a budget-friendly daybed mattress. Although relatively cheap, this mattress will not disappoint when it comes to sleeping comfort. The soft fibre filling provides you with a relaxing surface for sleeping, while an ultra-soft polyester cover enhances overall comfort. The overall depth of this mattress is 3.5 inches, putting it somewhere in the middle of what you can expect from other mattresses designed for daybeds. With a width of 30 inches and length of 75 inches, this mattress should prove big enough for most adult sleepers.

There are welcome features that make this mattress a particularly good solution for daybeds. The non-slip mesh sides and bottom ensure it will remain in place when laid flat on daybed frames. The folding design also makes it easy to switch between sitting and full recline configurations. This is also a very portable option, with the folded dimensions relatively compact at just 30 inches by 25 inches. A storage back is included to house the mattress when it is folded and not in use, with carrying handles included so you take it with you on camping trips and other excursions away from the home.



Milliard Tri Folding Mattress with Washable Cover, Cot Size (75 inches x 31 inches x 4 inches)

If you want a more premium sleeping surface for your daybed, this Milliard tri-folding mattress is worth a look. This folding mattress provides you with a plush surface for sleeping, with CertiPur certified foam that is designed to maintain its shape and integrity for as long as possible. This is one of the thicker mattresses in this list, with a total depth of four inches. The folding design also makes your life a hassle-free one, at least as far as your daybed is concerned. Simply fold the mattress when you wish to use your daybed for sitting on, then unfold and lay flat when it is time to sleep.

This mattress also includes a removable bamboo cover which is very breathable and will help you achieve a more comfortable night’s sleep. The bamboo cover can also be cleaned as regularly as you want in the washing machine. The underside features a mesh textured surface that will ensure it remains firmly in place atop any surface you place it on. This mattress will not move around on top of a daybed frame in the night. It can also be placed securely on just about any flooring.



Cozzzi Folding Mattress – Trifold Foam Mattress Topper with Removable Cover -Lightweight and Portable Sleeping Mat – Compact and Easy to Storage (Grey)

This Cozzzi folding mattress is perfect for use with daybeds and will serves as a superior sleeping solution for camping, overnight stays away from the home and sleepovers. This tri-fold mattress is particularly durable, with a first-rate construction that utilises some of the best materials around. The top layer is particularly soft and breathable, with high-density foam to ensure you achieve a comfortable night’s sleep. This is a firmer option than many other mattresses out there, with a total depth of four inches when laid flat. When fully folded this mattress provides you with a sumptuous depth of 12 inches.

This mattress also includes a cover with zip, which can be quickly removed for easy cleaning. The cover is machine washable, meaning you will have no trouble keeping your daybed and mattress as hygienic as possible. This mattress also includes integrated handles, allowing you to carry it around with ease once it is fully folded.



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