Best Meditation Cushions | 2022 Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Meditation Cushions

A meditation cushion is an essential accessory for anyone looking to enjoy relaxed states of consciousness. A good meditation cushion needs to be comfort enough that you can sit on it for long periods of time, but should also be firm enough that your spine is properly aligned and your back fully supported. If you are looking for the perfect companion for meditation sessions or yoga classes, our guide has all the essential information you need to be thinking about. Read on for our guide on what to keep in mind when browsing the market for the best meditation cushions.

Shape & Size

The vast majority of meditation cushions are round in shape to provide you with a suitable seat for lengthy meditation sessions. Although you will find some variety in terms of size, most cushions will have a diameter of around 15 inches. This should provide sufficient for most users, although larger individuals may wish to look for a cushion with a wider diameter. Height is another important measurement to consider when shopping for meditation cushions. A height of 5 inches should prove more than sufficient for most users, although taller individuals will want to think about investing in a taller option.

Filling Material

The filling of your meditation cushion is very important. The majority of cushions on the market include buckwheat hulls as a filing material. Buckwheat is particularly useful when it comes to achieving comfortable meditation poses as it offers enough firmness so you ca properly align your spine and enjoy good levels of back support. However, it is also a very pliable material. It will easily adjust to accommodate your individual shape, maintaining good levels of comfort at all times.

Enhanced Features

To help you achieve deep meditative states, you should considering spending a little more on a cushion with enhanced features. Some of the best meditation cushions available will include aromatic ingredients to help you achieve you more relaxed states. Lavender is one such ingredient, known for its relaxing properties that will help you enter into a deeper and richer state of meditation. Such ingredients are often incorporated into the filling material, although some cushions will also include fragrant cover materials.

The most advanced meditation cushions may also include acupressure points on the sitting surface. Such features will help trigger certain pressure points throughout the body, helping you enjoy maximum relaxation and alleviate deep-rooted aches and pains. Those new to the world of meditation may find acupressure points a little uncomfortable to begin with, however. If you do wish to invest in a more advanced meditation cushion, look for one that includes an acupressure side, along with a conventional plain side so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.


If you intend to use your meditation cushion on a regular basis, you will want to ensure the design you pick includes practical features and details. A carry handle will make your life much easier, allowing you to transport your cushion between spaces easily. A removable outer cover is also important if you wish to keep your meditation cushion clean and hygienic. If you want maximum flexibility, you should also loo for a cushion that includes an adjustable fill. Opt for cushions that allow you to remove and replace some of the filling material so you can adjust the level of firmness and support provided by it.

Product Reviews

Looking for a cushion that will allow you to achieve maximum mindfulness and deep states of relaxation? Our shortlist includes some of the best meditation cushions you can currently find available on the market.

Florensi Meditation Cushion (16″x16″x5″), Large Velvet Meditation Pillow, Premium Yoga Pillow for Women and Men, Yoga Cushion, Meditation Pillows for Sitting on Floor, Buckwheat Meditation Cushions

This Florensi meditation cushion is perfect for yoga sessions or when you want to unwind. Although relatively compact, this round cushion is still amply proportioned to provide you with enough support as you tackle all manner of yoga positions. However, it is also lightweight enough that it can be carried between rooms with ease. It is also portable enough that it can be tucked away into a backpack or suitcase with little effort. This meditation pillow is filled with premium material, ensuring it properly conforms to your natural contours to ensure optimal support of the spine. The backless design of this cushion also makes it very effective at alleviating back pain, strengthening your muscles and improving posture.

This cushion is also very multifunctional. It will definitely come in handy in yoga classes, providing you with a reliable support for a wide variety of positions. You can use it to support your knees when attempting things like reclined twists. You can also lay over it when attempting to master poses like the reclined bound angle.



Body Quiet Meditation Cushion with Acupressure for Stress Relief | Large 13″ x 6″ Buckwheat Meditation Pillow Floor Pillow| Zafu Yoga Pillow with Easy-Handle | Includes 7-Step Meditation Guide

This meditation cushion from Body Quiet will become a firm fixture of your yoga and exercise sessions. This premium meditation seat has been designed to ensure your hips and spine are properly aligned at all times, reducing stress on your back, angles and knees to provide you with a comfortable support as you meditate. This cushion is one of the tallest on the market, making it incredibly versatile. However, the overall height of this cushion can be lowered to accommodate shorter users. This cushion also includes lotus flower acupressure points that work to gently trigger specific tension point. This will help relax your muscles, as well as improve circulation.

If you find this acupressure points a little too intense at first use, you can always flip the cushion over and make use of its other side. The second side is free of such points, providing you with conventional support for everyday meditation applications. This cushion is also very effective as a bolster support for yoga sessions. This multifunctional cushion has been designed with rigorous, everyday use in mind. High-quality materials and expert craftsmanship ensure you have a cushion here that can be put through its paces on a regular basis.



FelizMax Round Zafu Meditation Cushion, Zabuton Meditation Pillow, Yoga Bolster/Pillow, Floor seat, Zippered Organic Cotton Cover, Natural Buckwheat, Kneeling Pillow – 5 Colors and Large

If you are looking for a more affordable meditation cushion, this design from FelizMax will likely appeal to your needs. This cushion is generously sized to provide you with plenty of support when meditating, with a diameter of 15 inches and a generous height of 5.5 inches. This round cushion allows you to achieve optimal alignment of the spine when meditating, while also ensuring your back is always properly supported. The buckwheat filling provides you with a good degree of firm support, but is also pliable enough that it can be adjusted to your individual needs.

This cushion is also incredibly easy to care for. The cushion has been specially treated to allow for worry-free washing at high temperatures, while the buckwheat hull filling is low in water content, ensuring minimal distortion when it does come to cleaning The canvas cover is also incredibly durable, despite being very soft to the touch. An inner cover is also included, providing you with additional levels of support, while also ensuring the interior filling is protected at all times. This cushion comes in a variety of eye-catching primary colours, providing you with a suitable complement for your meditation spaces. A convenient handle is also incorporated into the overall design to allow for easy carrying between spaces.



Yoga Meditation Buckwheat Bolster Pillow Cushion

This great value meditation cushion is perfect for when you want to unwind or indulge in a spot of yoga. This bolster pillow makes an instant impression with its geometric lotus pattern, while an impressive selection of attractive colours provide you with the perfect match to your relaxation space. This cushion is ideal for when you need to elevate yourself above hard floors, or simply relieve stress on the joints. Most importantly, it also allows you to properly support and align your spine when meditating. It can also be used as a bolster pillow for yoga sessions.

The core of this pillow is made of up buckwheat hulls, providing you with a premium balance of pliability and firm support. The hulls are kept contained within their own sealed pouch, which can be quickly removed when it comes to cleaning. The cotton cover includes a zipper for quick removal, which again makes machine cleaning incredibly straightforward. Gran handles are also included, making this cushion a very portable choice.



FelizMax Zafu Buckwheat Meditation Cushion, Round zabuton Meditation Pillow, Yoga Bolster, Floor Pouf, Zippered Organic Cotton Cover, Kneeling Pillow – 6 Colors and Large Small Sizes

If you are looking to keep things simple, this FelizMax meditation cushion will instantly appeal with its low-profile finish and choice of classic colour options. The ergonomic design of this cushion will ensure you always achieve optimal alignment of the spine. The buckwheat hull filling also provides you with desirable levels of firmness, while also remaining pliable enough that you can count on maximum comfort. This meditation cushion is available in two different sizes to meet your individual needs. The smallest size has a diameter of 13 inches, while the larger option measures 16 inches. Both versions stand 5 inches tall, providing you with ideal elevation from hard floors.

This floor cushion is very effective at preventing numb legs and feet as you meditate for long stretches of time. It will also alleviate the stress placed on limbs and joints as you exercise or carry out yoga practice. This cushion is also designed with convenience in mind. The organic cotton cover can be removed and machine washed with ease, with the durable fabric resistant to shrinkage and fading. Each cushion also includes integrated handles, allowing them to carried around with little effort.



Buckwheat Meditation Cushion Round Zafu Yoga Pillow – Zafu Meditation Cushion Velvet with Zippered Organic Cotton Liner to Add or Remove Hulls | Machine Washable – Free Carry Bag

Comfort and user convenience combine in this premium meditation pillow. This Ajna meditation cushion is designed to provide you with all the ergonomic support you need to fully unwind and settle into a deep meditative state, while also ensuring you enjoy optimal spinal alignment. This cushion stands out from other options in this list due to its two robust layers. These include an outer cover that can be removed and easily machine cleaned, along with an additional inner case that protects the filling material. The filling material is particularly impressive, consisting of a blend of buckwheat hulls and aromatic lavender hulls. The addition of lavender is particularly beneficial to those looking to achieve relaxed states. The filling can be removed and adjusted at your convenience, allowing you to select a suitable height for your needs.

You will love the luxurious velvet texture of this cushion, while the stunning selection of colours provides a serene complement to any relaxation area. In addition to being ideal for meditation, this cushion can also be used as a bolster pillow for yoga or a support for all manner of exercises. Each cushion includes an integrated handle for easy carrying, as well as a storage pouch to ensure your cushion remains in pristine condition when not in use.



YogaAccessories Round Cotton Zafu Meditation Cushion Pillow

You have plenty of choice when it comes to aesthetics with these meditation cushions from YogaAccessories. These round cushions are the ideal choice for ensuring you have sufficient back support when meditating, while they also ensure your spine is properly aligned to prevent strains and discomfort. These round cushions are amply proportioned, with a 15-inch diameter and a height of six inches that should prove more than sufficient for every user.

There are some downsides to this inexpensive design, however. The fill material here is natural cotton. While this is relatively durable and provides you with decent levels of support, it does not perform as well as traditional buckwheat and lacks the pliability of that material. However, the outer twill cotton cover is very durable and should ensure this cushion holds up well for a decent amount of time. An integrated zipper is included to ensure easy removal of the outer cover when it comes to washing it. A sturdy handle is also included, meaning this cushion can be carried from A to B with no effort.



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