Best Portable Guest Bed

Best Portable Guest Bed | 2021 Buyer’s Guide & Product Reviews

No matter how regularly or rarely you entertain overnight guests, it makes sense to invest in a guest bed to accommodate them comfortably. However, purchasing in a conventional bed frame or divan is not always an option. You may only have one bedroom or you may be using your spare room for secondary purposes. In such cases, a portable guest bed you can fold or deflate and store away when not in use is a must. You may also want to invest in a portable bed that can be used in multiple settings, including away from the home. To help you make a better buying decision, our buying guide shows you what to think about when selecting the best portable guest beds.

Types of Guest Bed

As well as portability and easy storage, you should consider the type of person who is like to use the guest bed, if this happens to be a young child, the weight capacity will not be so important, whereas  if it is a full grown adult or adults, you may need a full size heavy duty guest bed. As far as sizes go, you can get singles, twin size, right up to queen size guest beds,  and depending on whether the beds to be used are for the occasional sleepovers or for the more frequent weekenders, choosing the right guest bed which is either cost driven or a all out deluxe high end product becomes more of a consideration.

Rollaway beds and Folding bed frames are a versatile option and provide you with a good combination of comfort and support. They often come with a choice of removable and washable portable mattresses or high density foam mattresses, either or, it may be worth considering to buy a mattress cover to protect the mattress when the bed is not in use. Rollaways and folding bed frames are usually made from sturdy metal materials, such as steel. These frames fold in the middle so they can be stored easily. The most basic folding frames will include a durable fabric panel suspended within the frame itself, providing a base for a mattress or topper. While these folding cots can be comfortable when used on an occasional base, they are best used when camping. You will also need to ensure you are using a thick enough mattress or topper to ensure the sleeper is comfortable.

A more advanced alternative to this type of folding guest bed is the kind that incorporates wooden slats within the frame itself. Slats provide better airflow and a supportive base for a comfortable mattresses which in turn makes for a more comfy sleep for your guest. Regardless of which type of folding bed you go for, make sure you are purchasing one with a high-quality folding mechanism that will not wear easily. You should also ensure the frame itself is lightweight enough that it can be carried with ease when moving it between spaces. A frame that includes caster wheels will make your life far easier in this regard.

Another type of guest bed to think about is an air mattress. If you are tight on space, but can move things around in your living room when you need it, be prepared to spend a reasonable amount on an inflatable air mattress which can provide premium levels of comfort and a substantial amount of sleeping support. If you are purchasing an air mattress, make sure it will inflate to a significant height that is a close match to a conventional bed frame. You may also want to think about investing an inflatable air mattress that includes a self-deploying frame. If investing in air mattress, make sure it includes an automatic electric pump to make inflation simple. Other essential features include a flocked mattress top and a puncture repair kit is also a must.


No matter what type of guest you buy, never overlook the importance of portability. One of the main things that will determine how portable your guest bed is will be the materials used in its construction. You want a good balance between lightweight convenience and durability. Bed frames made from steel are usually the best way to go. Steel is fairly lightweight and therefore easier to carry, but is robust enough that it can cope with substantial pressures over a long period of time. Wooden slats can often provide guests beds with additional support for mattresses, but if not properly housed in cushioned gaskets, they can fall free and make life difficult when it comes to moving your guest bed around.

Folding bed frames should include a reliable folding mechanism that will maintain a firm hold, even when used over a long period of time. You do not want your frame to unfold when you are on the move. Look for folding frames that include a locking latch or mechanism to ensure it stays folded while you are in transit. Integrated wheels will also make transporting a bed frame far simpler.

If you are purchasing an inflatable airbed, you will need a rugged storage bag / carry bag to transport it. Air mattresses are fairly robust, but you want to minimise the chance of tears and punctures when carrying your airbed around. A compatible carry case also provides you with a handy storage solution when the airbed is not being used.

Best Portable Guest Bed | Reviews

Struggling to find a suitable bed for overnight guests? Read on for our list of some of the best portable guests beds currently on the market.

Linon Home Dcor Linon Memory Foam Luxor Folding Bed, Single, Beige

This folding bed is an ideal solution for overnight guests, combining the best in durable design with comfortable features. Unlike other portable beds on the market, this model has a surprisingly sturdy steel frame. This makes it suitable for heavier users and ensures it can be used on a fairly regular basis. The mattress will also appeal to users looking for high levels of comfort. Although the mattress will not provide the same level of support as a conventional one, you can still expect good levels of sleeping comfort here. The mattress includes a substantial layer of polyurethane foam, while the damask fabric covers adds another essential layer of comfort. If you are looking for the luxurious edge of memory foam, you will find it here.

The tubular steel frame is topped with wood slat supports to keep the mattress in place. This not only provides a more secure and stable base for sleepers, but also provides essentials support to improve overall comfort. When not in use, this bed frame can be folded at the middle and tucked away in small spaces for convenient storage. The centre of the frame features castor wheels to help with moving this bed from A to B, requiring minimal effort when it comes to transporting the bed to your desired location.



LEISUIT Rollaway Guest Bed Cot Fold Out Bed – Portable Folding Bed Frame with Thick Memory Foam Mattress for Spare Bedroom & Office

If you are looking for simpler guest bed solution, this LEISUIT model might appeal. Unlike the previous entry in this list, this folding guest bed takes its inspirations from camping cots. This bed features a very robust metal frame that can be folded in half when not in use, allowing for easier storage. This bed can also be assembled in minutes, with no tools or complex fixtures required. Unlike other guest beds that include wooden slats as part of their design, this folding bed includes a layer of high-strength Oxford fabric to serve as the base for a mattress. This layer of Oxford cloth is held in place by strong support spring which provide you with a more elastic and comfortable sleeping surface.

Included along with the metal bed frame itself is a memory foam mattress. This 3-inch memory foam mattress is ideal for occasional use, with a high-density sponge construction providing ample comfort. However, if you plan to use this bed fairly regularly or you have reservations about comfort levels, you may wish to add a mattress topper to provide users with something a little thicker to sleep on.



Olee Sleep Tri-Folding Memory Foam Topper, 4″, Gray, Single size, Play Mat, Foldable bed, Guest beds, Portable bed

If space is at a premium in your home, you will probably want something far more discreet than a folding bed frame. This tri-folding memory foam topper from Olee Sleep provides you with an ideal alternative to conventional bed frames. Although this folding mattress is sleek in design and looks relatively thin at first glance, you can actually expect some pretty impressive credentials when it comes to comfort. This mattress provides you with a 4-inch thick sleeping surface, which is more substantial than many mattresses found with guest beds. This thickness includes 1.5 inches of gel foam, along with a 2.5 inches of durable support foam. This mattress also comes with a memory foam topper to provide you with additional support and an extra layer of comfort.

This mattress is definitely something to think about if are looking for first-rate convenience and maximum portability. Not only is this topper lightweight and easy to move from A to B, it provides you with broader applications. When not in use as a guest bed, it can be used as a topper on a conventional mattress so you do not need to find somewhere to store it. However, it can be easily folded away and stored in cupboards.



Coleman ComfortSmart Cot

If you are after something simple and relatively affordable, this Coleman ComfortSmart folding cot is an ideal pick. Great for camping and an ideal sleeping solution for overnight guests, the ComfortSmart combines the best in user convenience and sleeping support. The minimal design of this folding cot will appeal to those who value simplicity. To use it, simply unfold it and set it down on the ground. The coil suspension system of this bed frame provides you with surprisingly high levels of support, while the foam mattress offers a good level of thickness to deliver impressive levels of comfort.

This folding bed is also surprisingly sturdy, with the robust steel frame supporting weights of up to 275 pounds. This makes it suitable for the vast majority of individuals. However, it may not prove suitable for particularly tall individuals. The portable design of this folding bed makes it ideal for all manner of uses. It will store away easily in small spaces, making it a perfect selection for an occasional bed for overnight guests. It is also lightweight enough that it can be taken away on camping excursions, without you having to sacrifice too much space in your vehicle.



AmazonBasics Foldable, 14″ Metal Platform Bed Frame with Tool-Free Assembly, No Box Spring Needed – Twin

Need to host more than one sleeper? This foldable metal platform bed is an ideal choice. This robust bed frame has been designed to accommodate any sleeper, with the frame able to hand weights of up to 250 pounds with ease. This twin platform frame provides a solid base for any type of mattress, with an integrated design and substantial build quality that ensures minimal squeaks and creeks in the night. Pretty much any type of mattress can be used with this bed frame, meaning you will not have to invest in a box spring base.

This bed frame includes a folding mechanism that makes incredibly easy to store and transport this frame. When folded, this portable guest bed can be stored in the tightest of spaces. The folding mechanism also makes it easy to guide this bed through narrow spaces if you are moving it between rooms. Unlike more minimal beds, this frame also offers plenty of under-the-bed storage space, with a vertical clearance of 13 inches. This makes it a good option if you are browsing for a guest you can leave unfolded for long periods of time. Although you are best advised to avoid using it on a nightly basis, it can be left unfolded and dressed for long periods, with the under-the-bed clearance providing you with ample storage. If you do end up leaving it unfolded, it will look right at home in any guest room. The durable steel frame is surprisingly sleek, with the black finish providing a subtle style accent to any room décor or colour scheme.



Ivation EZ-Bed (Queen) Air Mattress with Frame & Rolling Case, Self Inflatable, Blow Up Bed Auto Shut-Off, Comfortable Surface AirBed, Best for Guest, Travel, Vacation, Camping

If you do not want to sacrifice too much in the way of support and comfort, the Ivation EZ-Bed is a good alternative to conventional folding cots and guest beds. This practical product combines a sturdy metal bed frame with a premium inflatable mattress. This mattress with frame includes an integrated electric pump that will automatically inflate the mattress in as little as four minutes. As the mattress inflates, the frame will expand and automatically erect itself. The pump also features an automatic shut-off function, with multiple firmness settings for you to choose from.

The self-deploying frame feature of the Ivation EZ-Bed makes it one of the most convenient options for those looking for a portable guest bed. Simply unzip the case, plug the pump into the wall and turn the pump on. Leave it to its own devices for a few minutes and everything is taken care of. The flocked mattress material also provides a secure base for bedding, meaning sheets will not pull free in the night. This air mattress with frame can be used on a fairly frequent basis. If you need to leave it deployed for multiple nights, you can easily add more air to the mattress to ensure the desired levels of firmness are maintained. When it comes time to deflating it, the pump will take care of things for you. A convenient carry case is included for storage, with built-in wheels to allow for complete portability.



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