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Best Queen Loft Bed | 2022 Buyers Guide & Product Reviews

If you are looking to maximise floorspace in a small bedroom, a loft bed is a good idea. The best queen loft beds are an ideal choice for small apartments with minimal storage space, doubling your square footage in some instances. If you are struggling with a particularly tiny space, such as a studio apartment with a combined living and sleeping area, loft bed is pretty much a necessity. Rather than see a loft bed as a compromise, look to it as a versatile way to maximise your living space. Our buying guide explores all the key things you should be looking out for when selecting the best queen loft bed for your budget.

What Are Loft Beds?

A loft bed is fairly similar to a bunk bed in appearance. A top bunk provides you with a generous sleeping area, with enclosed siding and access via a ladder. However, rather than have a bottom bunk beneath this, the space below is left open. This provides you with valuable space to place other items. If you have a small sleeping space with little square footage for additional furniture, this open area can be fully utilised. You can also add workstations and desks to serve as a designated study area. This space-saving study application makes then a common sight in dorm rooms. They are also a popular choice for children’s rooms for the same reasons, however the open space beneath the top bunk can also be utilised as a play area. Provided the open space beneath the top bunk is large enough, loft beds can also be transformed into something more akin to a bunk bed by adding a futon into the mix.

Loft Bed Varieties

Although the overall design of loft beds is fairly similar between models, there are a few varieties to consider. The most classic variety of bed features a top bunk for sleeping, with an open space below. The top bunk usually includes guardrails, as well as a footboard and headboard. Ladder access is also a standard feature, with larger loft beds including more than one ladder to provide access from different sides of the bed frame.

You will also find many loft bed designs that include integrated desks and workstations. If a study area is something you are enthusiastic about, look for desks that are fitted along the length of the bed frame as this will give you more surface to play with. You will also find many workstation loft beds with additional shelving included. Slide-out trays for keyboards and other computer peripherals are another feature to look out for.

If you are short on storage space, go for a loft bed that includes built-in shelving, drawers and cabinetry. Although this leaves you with little scope for adding additional furniture to the open space beneath the top bunk, such loft beds are a good choice for those with very little space to store clothing and other essential items.

Materials & Build Quality

When selecting a loft bed, you will have to decide between wood and metal. Wood is arguably the most attractive option, with more impressive finishes and a better overall aesthetic. However, once fully assembled, wooden loft beds can be cumbersome and difficult to move. Metal loft beds are tend to be more affordable and are more readily available. Most metals are lighter than wood, so fully assembled loft beds are generally easier to shift around your space. Most metals used in the construction of loft beds are also hard-wearing, so will cope with regular stress and accommodate heavier sleepers with ease. However, make sure you go for a metal frame that will maintain its finish for as long a possible. A powder-coated finish is preferable, as this will protect the frame from becoming scratched and scuffed over time.

Ladders & Guardrails

These are important elements of any good loft bed. Regardless of how low to the ground the top bunk is, you will want a ladder that provides easy access to your sleeping area. An integrated ladder is the best way to go as this provides you with a safe and secure access point. Go for loft beds with ladders built in toward the edges of the frame, as this will leave the space beneath as open and accessible as possible. You may also want to pick a frame that includes multiple ladders, allowing you to access your loft bed from multiple aspects.

Guardrails are another important safety feature you should not overlook. Full-length guardrails are advisable, especially if the top bunk is a considerable distance from the ground. Headboards and footboards are also preferable, providing you with a safe and enclosed sleeping area. However, you will need to ensure your mattress is of a suitable height. Using a particularly thick mattress might render the guardrails useless, while also adding unnecessary weight to the frame.

Product Reviews

Need to fully furnish a bedroom, but struggling with minimal floorspace? A loft bed is the answer to your prayers. Below, you will find a selection of some of the best queen lot beds on the market, allowing you to add a complete suite of furniture to a small bedroom or studio apartment.

Walker Edison Orion Urban Industrial Metal Double over Loft Bunk Bed, Full Double, Black

If you are short on space, but do not want to sacrifice on a full size bed, the Orion from Walker Edison is a good option. This generously proportioned loft bed offers a space saving alternative to a standard platform bed, with sleek industrial styling to ensure an effortless complement to contemporary spaces. This stylish queen loft bed comes in classic black, with minimal metal framing that will coordinate with any interior décor and colour scheme.

The overall dimensions of this loft bed will suit a studio apartment or open living area requiring an additional sleeping solution. The upper section provides sufficient room for a full-size double mattress, with high guard rails to ensure sleepers do not fall free during the night. The reinforced bed base also provides a reliable load-bearing capacity of 200 pounds. Beneath the sleeping level is a spacious open area that will easily house seating, desks or other furniture. Two ladders are included at either end, providing double entrance aspects for easy in and out. This loft bed is also easy to assemble, with minimal individual pieces and step-by-step instructions included for your convenience. It is also a fairly affordable choice, making it a good fit for those with a modest budget.



DHP Miles Metal Full Loft Bed with Desk, Silver

This Miles loft bed from DHP is a good option for those looking for a piece of furniture that combines a comfortable sleeping solution and an additional study area. This queen loft bed boasts a sturdy metal frame, with a stripped-back silhouette to ensure minimal impact in a smaller space. The subtle grey colour will also suit just about any interior and go well with most decors. This queen size bed frame is definitely the way to go if you are short on floor space, with an integrated desk in the lower section.

The upper section provides you with a queen size loft bed that will house just about any standard size mattress. Full-length guardrails also come as standard, providing you with a safe place to sleep, with no worry about falling to the floor during the night. A built-in ladder is also included at one end, although you are restricted top bunk access via the right-hand side of the frame. Although a good fit for small spaces, the inclusion of an integrated desk does limit functionality slightly. You have limited scope for amplifying storage space, with no room to place a bookshelf or other items of furniture. However, if you are looking for a full-size loft bed that provides you with a dedicated workspace area, this is a heavy-duty and affordable option.



Dorel Living Denver Full Size Loft, White bed

If you want a more traditional aesthetic, this solid wood loft bed from Dorel Living should get your attention. This queen bunk bed is made from quality wood, with a classic white finish that ensures an effortlessly complement to any interior. This loft bed scores top marks for durability, with a robust frame that also includes a solid headboard and footboard. The side of the bed is also enclosed with a sturdy side rail, keeping you in bed throughout the night.

This is a great option for those looking to furnish a small bedroom with minimal floorspace for additional items like a bookcase or desk. The open space beneath the sleeping surface is large enough to add a small desk and chair, a futon, or shelving. Because of its solid wood build, this bed also offers an impressive weight capacity. Provided you follow the assembly instructions closely, this bed will serve you well for many years.



DHP Full Metal Loft Bed with Ladder, Space-Saving Design, Black

This stylish loft bed from DHP will make a great addition to contemporary bedrooms or open plan living arrangements. The attractive black frame and matte black finish makes this loft bed a good choice for any interior, regardless of interior décor or existing colour schemes. The upper section provides you with sufficient space for a full-size double mattress, with the metal slatted base providing you with decent load-bearing capacity. The full-length guardrail also keeps you safely in bed throughout the night. A single ladder provides easy access to the sleeping level, without imposing too much on the open space below.

Underneath the sleeping platform you will find a generous open space that can be used to house all manner of furniture. You will find more than enough room to place a desk and chair, bookcase or shelving, as well as seating. As this space is enclosed on three sides, this loft bed also helps you create more defined zones within a larger area. It is also large enough that you can place a minimal twin-size bed if you would prefer to use this piece of furniture as a conventional bunk bed. The sturdy metal frame is certainly durable, but lightweight enough that you can easily move the loft bed to different parts of a room once fully assembled. The modest price tag also makes this a desirable choice.



Twin Over Pull-Out Bunk Bed with Trundle, Wooden Twin Over Twin/Full/Queen/King Bunk Bed, Accommodate 4 People Extendable Bunk Beds with Ladder and Safety Rail (Espresso)

If you need a loft bed alternative that will accommodate a larger number of overnight guests, this pull-out bunk bed from KLMM is a good option. In its basic form, this product serves as a twin bunk bed. The top bunk level will accommodate a single twin size mattress, while the bottom layer can serve as an additional twin-size sleeper. However, this bottom layer includes a trundle mechanism, folding out to provide you with a queen or king size sleeping surface as and when required. The top level is fully enclosed with full-length guardrails, with an integrated ladder providing easy access via the headboard/footboard. The bottom layer also includes a headboard and footboard section when used as a twin bed.

Although you lack the open space convenience of a conventional loft bed here, the wooden frame and classic black colour makes this an attractive furniture addition to any bedroom. It is certainly one of the best options around for those who need a flexible sleeping solution. However, if you are looking to make the most of minimal square footage, the lack of open space beneath the top bunk is a significant drawback.



DHP Abode Loft Bed, Full, Black 1 Metal Frame With Desk And Ladder

The Abode loft bed from DHP will appeal to those after modern aesthetics and minimal design. This impressive loft bed provides you with a full-size sleeping level that will accommodate a standard queen mattress. The top bunk layer includes full-length slats to provide a sturdy base for your mattresses, with full-length guardrails and a barred headboard and footboard to keep you safely in bed during the night. Access is provided by two built-in ladders, with each ladder placed at a different aspect for convenience.

This loft bed also includes an integrated workspace area underneath the sleeping level. The integrated desk is placed widthways, beneath the headboard, meaning there is minimal intrusion into the open space. This frees you up to add multiple pieces of furniture like seating and shelving. However, those after a more substantial desk area may find the workstation a little too shallow and lacking in storage options. Despite its minimal design and low-profile metal construction, this loft bed is surprisingly durable. You get the best of both worlds here, with an impressive weight capacity and a frame that is fairly easy to manoeuvre around once fully assembled. Easy assembly is also guaranteed, meaning you can have this erected and ready to be used in no time at all.



Dorel Living Milton Junior Twin Loft Bed, Espresso

If you are looking for a loft bed for a child’s room, the Milton from Dorel Living is a good choice. Unlike other loft beds in this list, this model is somewhat smaller than other options. The height of the bed section itself is on the short side, standing just shy of 80 centimetres. However, a full-length guardrail is included for safety, along with a two-step ladder to provide the full experience of a standard loft bed. Despite being slightly shorter than standard loft bed models, you still have the benefit of an open space beneath the sleeping area. Although the open space is insufficient for desks and other bulky pieces of furniture, it will serve as a good play space for youngsters. You can add cushions and beanbags, along with toy storage and other items to serve as an inviting snug in a child’s bedroom.

This loft bed is also sturdily built, with a solid wood construction and plenty of reinforcement to ensure minimal wear and tear. Energetic youngsters can bounce away with little worry of the frame becoming loose, while the compact ladder will comfortably handle the weight of little ones as they climb in and out of bed. The classic black finish also makes this a versatile choice of loft bed that will complement any bedroom décor beautifully.



The Bottom Line

If you are looking to purchase a loft bed, you are almost certainly looking for a space-saving solution. The best queen size loft beds should provide you with all the comfort and functionality of a standard bed frame. However, you will also want ample dimensions beneath the top bunk so you can maximise your living space. Although wooden frames are an attractive option, they can be fairly cumbersome and the chunkier material can limit access to that valuable open space beneath the sleeping bunk. Metal loft bed frames are without doubt the most convenient option. Not only are they more lightweight and generally easier to assemble, they are also more affordable. Provided you pick a premium metal frame with a powder-coated finish, you can still enjoy premium aesthetics.

While loft beds with integrated desks and storage furniture are a tempting option, you may want to avoid these models and go for a frame that includes an open space that can be fully utilised. You can always add compact furniture of your own choosing at a later date, while leaving yourself the flexibility to rearrange things as and when required.

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