Best Recliner for Sleeping

Best Recliner for Sleeping | 2022 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

There are few greater pleasures than enjoying a mid-afternoon snooze in your favourite chair. However, traditional armchairs and sofas can only offer so much in the way of comfort. If you are serious about taking your naps to the next level, you should certainly think about investing in a quality recliner. Perfect for relaxing in front of the television or unwinding with a good book, recliners provide you with significantly more comfort and support than everyday armchairs. Looking for the best recliner for sleeping? Our guide explores all the essential spec you need to look out for when shopping for one.

When it comes to looking at the best recliners for sleeping, it’s about looking for something high quality, that’s a comfortable recliner for back pain and still has the durability to last. Part of our research involved analysing how the lumbar support of a chair would support the lower back, whilst also seeing if a recliner made any impact on sleep apnea.

These types of recliners have come a long way. Many come with a whole host of options, ranging from fancy remote controls, to USB ports, side pockets  to of course some cup holders. And if you are looking to take these ergonomic bad boys lay flat, you’ll be impressed with how the reclining mechanism work. Whether it’s a rocker recliner, manual one or an electric recliner, the models below  were incredible for ultimate comfort.

Recliner Design

When most people picture a recliner, they tend to imagine a bulky, often unsightly design. However, there is a surprising amount of variety on the market. The most common type of recliner chair looks very much like an armchair, with a thick padded seat, cushioned backrest and armrests. As a minimum, these types of recliner will allow you to extend a concealed foot rest out in front of you, providing you with the perfect place to rest your lower legs and feet. Many recliners will also allow you to adjust the reclining angle of the backrest itself. This type is the ideal choice for those looking for a recliner they can sleep in.

However, other options are available. You will regularly encounter recliners that include a chair and separate footrest. The chair itself will include an adjustable recliner, allowing you to lean back and unwind. Rather than having a concealed foot rest, the stool component provides support for your lower legs and feet. These are often considered a more stylish option for those looking to add some flair to their interiors, but they can be a little awkward to sleep in.

If you are looking for a more subtle design that will blend seamlessly with your interior décor, you should consider a stripped-back model that includes a pre-existing recline at the backrest, along with a concealed foot rest. Recliners of this type are often smaller, making them a good choice for compact spaces.

Reclining Angles

If you want a chair you can sleep in for hours at a time, you need to be special attention to reclining angles when exploring the markets. Not every recliner will allow you to adjust the backrest, for example. This type of recliner is highly unsuitable for sleeping. As a minimum, you want a recliner that includes a concealed foot rest that can be expanded manually, along with an adjustable backrest. Many recliners allow for multiple reclining positions, with full reclining often possible. This provides you with the perfect position for sleeping.

Padding & Upholstery

As with any good piece of lounge furniture, a recliner should feature substantial cushioning and quality upholstery. The seat and backrest are the most important sections as far as cushioning is concerned as these are the areas that will make most contact with your body and have to endure the heaviest loads. The foot rest section should also include adequate padding to ensure your calves and feet are kept comfortable as you sleep. An integrated headrest is also important if you intend to sleep in a recliner. Padded armrests are another staple of a good recliner. In most cases, recliners will have lower armrests than traditional chairs, with more of a curved edge.


A solid base is a must for any recliner, especially if you intend to put it into a full recline for sleeping. There are various types of base you consider. Some recliners feature conventional feet that you might find with regular armchairs. Provided the recliner is properly balanced, this type of base is fine. Swivel bases are also popular, providing you with some flexibility when it comes to positioning the recliner. A glider base is another worthwhile option as it will allow you to move your piece of furniture across a room, without worrying about damaging flooring.

Best Recliner For Sleeping |  Reviews

Looking to snooze in a quality recliner? Read on for our selection of the best recliner models for sleeping currently on the market.

Amazon Brand – Ravenna Home Oakesdale Contemporary Recliner, 35.4″W, Langley Grey

This affordable recliner should appeal to everyone, with its classic design and comfortable features that make it perfect for relaxing and snoozing. This recliner is built to a good standard, making it suitable for everyday use. The base from is made from durable iron, with a further layer of fibreboard and fabric covering. The upholstered fabric seat is particularly comfortable, with good levels of padding at the back and sides so you can drift off with ease. This chair is also very easy to care for, with the hard-wearing fabric easy to spot clean.

This recliner will take some assembling, but it will only take around 15 minutes to put together. Once assembled, you can put it to use and place it any room of your home for a comfy retreat at the end of a long day. One thing to bear in mind about this recliner is that it is a manual design, so the reclining position will need to be activated by hand. If you are looking for automatic reclining, you will need to invest in a more expensive model.



JC Home Argus Ultra-Plush Bonded Leather Swiveling Recliner with Mahogany Wood Base and Matching Ottoman – Vanilla

This JC Home Argus recliner will appeal to those looking for a more stylish addition to their home. Unlike other recliners in this list, this mode includes a chair and separate stool. The chair has a swivel base and includes a manual reclining function, while the Ottoman is a stationary stool that needs to be placed close to the chair itself. There is plenty of comfortable padding on offer here. The chair includes a padded seat, cushioned back, headrest and arms. Unlike cheaper alternatives included in this list, this recliner includes dense foam padding that provides a particularly comfortable reclining experience.

The premium materials make this recliner a particularly attractive option. The boned leather upholstery will suit modern and more traditional rooms, with the material particularly soft to the touch. That being said, the upholstery is very hard-wearing, meaning you can use this on a regular basis without worrying about wearing it out. The durable wood bases are also eye-catching, with the dark mahogany beautifully complimenting the leather upholstery. Although this recliner is a stylish option, it is perhaps less suited to sleeping than other options. This is largely down to the swivel base of the chair which may distract some as they drift off. The separate Ottoman section also makes it hard to maintain a relaxed position while sleeping.



Homall Recliner Chair Padded Seat Massage PU Leather for Living Room Single Sofa Recliner Modern Recliner Seat Club Chair Home Theater Seating (Black)

This Homall recliner chair offers some brilliant additional features not found with other options in this shortlist. Firstly, this recliner makes a good visual impression. The high-grade artificial leather not only looks great, but feels superb against the skin. There is also plenty of soft padding here. The seat itself is particularly soft, while the back and headrest also provide the user with plenty of support. You will also enjoy the curved armrests on offer here, which are wider than most for extra comfort. The footrest is also incredibly thick, providing your feet and lower legs with superior levels of cushioned support as you doze. The retractable footrest provides you with multiple modes to accommodate different reclining requirements, making this chair a must for anyone looking for multiple positions in which to relax in.

A standout feature of this recliner is the integrated massage function. You can enjoy a lumbar vibration massage function at the touch of the button. This massage function can be enjoyed as you sit and read or watch television, or can be activated to help you relax and unwind as you drift off to sleep. This recliner is definitely something to think about buying if you are looking for a chair you can sleep in. The durable design also makes it a must for anyone who intends to use their recliner intensively.



Wingback Recliner Chair Leather Single Modern Sofa Home Theatre Seating for Living Room (Black)

If you value aesthetics as highly as functionality, this wingback recliner is definitely something to think about. This stylish recliner will make a fantastic statement in any room with its clean lines and contemporary design. This chair also delivers when it comes to reclining functionality. The foot extension is particularly good at keeping your legs and feet elevated while your relax, while the backrest reclines adequately to allow you to snooze. Even larger users will have little trouble unwinding in this chair.

This recliner also impresses as far as quality is concerned. The durable artificial leather looks just like the real thing, with the added benefit of being incredibly easy to care and maintain for. It is also resistant to sunlight, meaning it will not fade if placed in rooms that are exposed to constant sun exposure. This makes it an ideal choice of recliner for sun rooms and conservatories. The stripped-back finish of this chair also makes it ideal for use in other spaces within the home, such as cinema rooms and studies.



JUMMICO Fabric Recliner Chair Adjustable Home Theater Single Massage Recliner Sofa Furniture with Thick Seat Cushion and Backrest Modern Living Room Recliners (Light-Blue)

If you prefer the soft appeal of fabric upholstery to contemporary leather, this JUMMICO recliner is a good choice. This quality recliner is built around a steel frame that provides excellent stability, no matter what your weight. It is also very user-friendly and easy to operate, with a push-back recliner function that requires little effort. This chair is a very comfortable choice, with incredibly thick seat cushions and wide curved armrests that allow you to fully relax. The linen material makes this recliner particularly comfortable and more suitable for sleeping than leather alternatives.

This linen recliner chair offers multiple reclining positions. You can use it as a simple chair, or recline slightly when watching television or reading. It also offers a full reclining configuration that is ideal for those looking to sleep in their recliner. The classic finish and simple details ensure it will work with any room décor, while thee is a good selection of colour variants to consider.



Macedonia Mid Century Modern Tufted Back Fabric Recliner (Muted Orange)

If you find most recliners a little bulky in their design, this Macedonia fabric recliner is a great alternative. This stunning chair showcases a mid-century style that looks perfect in traditional spaces and more contemporary living areas alike. The tufted seat back is another eye-catching detail that also adds to the comfort credentials of this essential piece of home furniture.

This recliner is a good option for those with less floorspace to work with. The clean lines and compact dimensions of this chair ensure it will fit in even the smallest of rooms with ease. However, you are somewhat limited when it comes to reclining positions with this chair. The leg rest is concealed at the front of the chair itself and need to be manually ejected. While this takes very little effort, the amount of support provided by the leg rest is minimal. The chair backrest has a slight natural recline that will provide you with a comfortable place to relax in, but this is not an ideal choice for those looking for a recliner they can nap in for long periods of time.



Amazon Brand – Ravenna Home Pull Recliner with 360 Rotating Swivel Glider, Living Room Chair, 39″W, Dark Grey

If you are searching for a practical recliner that can be used throughout the home, this Ravenna chair is definitely something you should have on your radar. Unlike bulkier alternatives, this relatively lightweight recliner includes a 360-degree rotating swivel base. This is a great feature to have if you intend to use the recliner in larger living spaces, allowing you to pivot around at will. The glider base also makes it easy to move the chair from place to place, without worrying about damaging hardwood floors or carpets.

This recliner will also tick boxes when it comes to comfort. The hardwood frame is surrounded by foam padding and microfibre upholstery, providing you with fantastic levels of comfort. This chair also includes an integrated headrest and wide armrests. The foot rest is easily activated via manual operation, with plenty of coverage to keep your lower legs and feet supported. This will definitely provide you with a snug retreat for mid-day napping and longer sleep sessions.



ACME Arcadia Recliner – – Light Brown Microfibre

This compact Arcadia recliner from ACME is a good choice for smaller rooms. Although fairly compact at first sight, this recliner offers some impressive functionality and features that make it ideal for sleeping. At the core of this design is a sturdy hardwood frame, with plenty of foam padding and soft microfibre upholstery that provides you with exceptional comfort. The reclining function can be activated via the side knob, allowing to lower the backrest to your desired angle. The foot rest extension is activated by a separate lever, allowing you to tailor your reclining position exactly to your liking.

Admittedly, this recliner is hardly the most stylish of options. However, it is simple enough in terms of aesthetics that it will look at home in most rooms. Should you need to, you can always add some aesthetic flair with throws and cushions. This is certainly one of the best choices for those looking for a recliner they can comfortably sleep in.



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