Best Sleeping Pad For A Hammock

Best Sleeping Pad For A Hammock | 2022 Buying Guide & Reviews

If you are looking to take your outdoor adventures to the extreme, you will probably want to consider investing in a sleeping bag that can be used with a hammock. Unlike conventional sleeping bags that are designed to be used within a tent or camp shelter, the best sleeping bags for hammocks are manufactured to a much higher standard. These durable sleeping bags are more hard-wearing than conventional ones, providing you with added insulation for the cold weather and made water resistant giving campers protection against the elements. However, you will also need to consider more factors when investing in one to ensure you have got a good deal. Need some pointers? Read on for our guide on what to keep in mind when shopping for the best sleeping bag for a hammock.

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Sleeping Bag Style

If you are looking to use a sleeping bag within a hammock, you are probably better off investing in a mummy style sleeping bag. This type of sleeping bag is better suited to being cradled within a hammock, ensuring body remains snug and comfortable, with minimal chance of you shifting around in the night and falling over the edge. The key difference between mummy bags and traditional sleeping bags is that that they feature material that encompasses the head and shoulders, providing backpackers insulation for their entire body, hence why their temperature rating and warmth ratio is often higher than a conventional hammock. Keep in mind, as you will be camping away from the ground, you may not necessarily need the extra insulation, unless you are exposed to windy weather conditions.


As with all camping gear, a hammock sleeping bag should be made from durable materials that will withstand the elements. Look for sleeping bags made from hard-wearing nylon or polyester. Many sleeping bags are made from the same material used in the construction of parachutes, providing you with long-lasting performance that is also incredibly lightweight. You should also ensure that zippers and fasteners are designed to last. When camping in a hammock, you will often be exposed to moisture which can compromise the integrity of metallic zippers. If a zipper becomes rusted and can not be fastened, it will render your sleeping bag useless. Reinforced seams will also ensure that your sleeping bag lasts for as long as possible. Look for reinforced construction at all the main pressure points.


If you are looking for a sleeping bag that is compatible with a hammock, you are probably someone who regularly enjoys camping excursions. Therefore it makes sense to invest in a versatile sleeping bag that can be used more generally. Consider buying a sleeping bag that includes a comfortable base layer, allowing you to camp directly on the ground. A decent base will ensure you can camp comfortably without the worry of cold and damp penetrating through into the interior. Some sleeping bags can also be opened to provide a thick ground sheet for use inside tents. You should also look at the insulation credentials of any sleeping bag you are interested in buying. The vast majority of sleeping bags are only really intend for use in milder seasons, but more premium models can be used in colder conditions and throughout the winter season.


Any good sleeping bag needs to provide you with a good measure of protection against the elements. When it comes to hammock sleeping bags, this is even more important. Your sleeping bag should be resistant to rain and moisture, preventing light downpours from penetrating into the insulation material of your bag. When using a sleeping bag with a hammock, windproof material is also advisable as you will be more exposed to blustery conditions.

Best Sleeping Bag for a Hammock | Reviews

Planning a camping trip? We have put together a shortlist of some of the best sleeping bags for hammocks you can currently find on the market.

Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Camping Double & Single with Tree Straps – USA Based Hammocks Brand Gear, Indoor Outdoor Backpacking Survival & Travel, Portable

This hammock from Wise Owl Outfitters provides you with a superior sleeping setup. This sleeping bag is made from high-quality 210T nylon for maximum durability. This is the same material used in the construction of parachutes, so you can expect a particularly strong design that still allows for comfort and relaxation. The nylon material is also very lightweight, making it incredibly portable when you are moving between camping sites. Getting this sleeping bag hammock from A to B is incredibly easy. When not in use, this hammock packs down to a discreet size, while the integrated carry bag means you do not have to carry multiple items about with you.

Two 9-foot tee straps are also included, allowing you to erect this hammock just about anywhere. Te overall manufacturing standard of this hammock is particularly impressive, with reinforcements at high failure points to ensure the integrity of the hammock does not wear over time. If you are looking for a hammock sleeping bag that will hold up well for a long time, this Wise Owl Outfitters design will certainly impress.



Hyke & Byke Antero 0 Degree F 800 Fill Power Hammock Compatible Hydrophobic Goose Down Sleeping Bag with ClusterLoft Base – Innovative Design for Hammock or Tent Backpacking

This Hyke & Byke Antero sleeping bag is ideal for those looking for something that is compatible with hammocks and braced for all weather adventures in the great outdoors. This ultralight sleeping bag is designed for use during any season, with the 800 Fill Power goose down filling providing you with plenty of insulation against the elements. This sleeping bag also features a ClusterLoft base that enhances the overall durability of the design, while also adding some essential moisture resistance. This premium base can be used as both an under quilt and or top quilt. If you are looking to bed down in a tent for the night, it can also be used as a ground sheet.

The extra wide design of this sleeping bag also provides users with extra room for comfortable sleeping. The additional width of this design is unusual for a mummy sleeping bag, but here you get the benefits of a snug design and rectangular bag rolled into one. This bag is also a very convenient and user-friendly option, with large YKK zippers for easy access, along with anti-snag sliders to ensure the material of the sleeping bag does not suffer any unwanted damage. This bag also features additional width at the shoulders, along with a large foot box to ensure every user has plenty of space to move around.



Bessport Mummy Sleeping Bag 3-4 Season Sleeping Bag for Adults – Warm and Washable, for Hiking Traveling & Outdoor Activities

This Bessport mummy sleeping bag is ideal for those looking to enjoy the great outdoors throughout the year. Despite being relatively lightweight and easy to carry, this bag offers a generous interior that makes it suitable for most adult users. Heat retention technology is on hand to ensure you stay warm throughout the night, even when camping in cold conditions. The quilted construction and insulated foot box are particularly effective at retaining body heat. A drawstring hood is also included to ensure that warm air is kept locked inside and cold air is kept from penetrating the interior at all times.

This hammock compatible sleeping bag will also withstand rain. The outer fabric is water repellent, with the 210T ripstop polyester shell fabric protecting against wet and windy. Even when the rain pours, you can enjoy a dry and warm sleeping environment for hours at a time. The durable ripstop fabric will also ensure that your sleeping bag is protecting against falling debris and adverse conditions at all times. A polyester taffeta liner is also included to prolong the life of your sleeping bag, while durable SBS zippers and anti-snag sliders are also included as standard. A sack is also included to provide you with additional storage and easy organisation for camping essentials.



Hyke & Byke Crestone 15 & 0 Degree F 650 Fill Power Hammock Compatible Hydrophobic Down Sleeping Bag with ClusterLoft Base – Innovative Design for Hammock, Ground Camping or Backpacking

This Crestone sleeping bag from Hyke & Byke should satisfy the demanding requirements of those who like to get out and explore. This innovative sleeping bag is designed for use in all weathers, whatever the season. This ultralight sleeping bag is also compatible with most hammocks, providing you with a reliable sleeping solution for extreme camping conditions. This sleeping bag boasts a 650 Fill Power down filling to provide you with enhanced insulation, while the ClusterLoft base will provide you with enhanced durability and impressive moisture resistance. This premium base can be used as an under quilt or top quilt, or a base layer when camping in tents directly on the ground.

The extra wide design of this sleeping bag offers an additional four inches when compared to conventional designs. If you are looking for an oversized sleeping bag that provides you with a little more space to move around in the night, this model will definitely appeal. The hard-wearing design of this sleeping bag makes it a good fit for those who regularly enjoy outdoor adventures. The synthetic down material is also first-rate, providing incredible levels of insulation that are almost as effective as natural materials. However, the big benefit here is that the artificial insulation will hold up well for longer and withstand the elements much more effectively.



TETON Sports Firefly Underquilt Sleeping Bag; Ultralight Backpacking Sleeping Bag for Hiking and Camping Outdoors; Add it to Your Hammock and Sleep Warm and Comfortable Anywhere; Stuff Sack Included

This Firefly sleeping bag from TETON Sports is a good option for those seeking something lightweight and practical. This quality under quilt will appeal to those who like to keep things simple when camping outdoors and will provide you with all the warmth you need, provided you are kitted out with thermal gear and a quality sleeping bag. This sleeping bag is compatible with most standard hammocks, making it easy to get off the ground and stay warm during the night.

This under quilt sleeping bag comes with everything you need to get started, although if you wish to use it with a hammock, you might want to consider investing in the Firefly Hammock and Rover Rope Tree Sling for a convenience choice of setup. This is also a very practical option for those who do not want to spend too long rolling up their sleeping bag every morning before heading off on the next leg of their camping journey. This bag features a compression build, meaning it can be stuffed away into a bag quickly and easily, without taking up too much space. Although you will need to invest in a few extra items to make full use of this under quilt, this is a budget-friendly product that will provide a good fit with the more enthusiastic outdoor adventurer.



Kootek Single Hammock Camping Hammock with Hanging Ropes, Lightweight Nylon Parachute Hammocks for Backpacking, Travel, Beach, Backyard, Hiking

If you only have a tiny budget to work with, you might want to consider this Kootek sleeping bag hammock. This single hammock is reasonably sized, offering more than enough room for most users. Despite its low price, this hammock is also made to a decent standard. The 210T parachute fabric used in its construction makes it relatively durable, with impressive anti-fray and anti-tear properties. The durable material is also surprisingly soft, making it a comfortable option. When properly mounted, this hammock will also accommodate weights of up to 180 kilograms comfortably.

This hammock includes particularly long ropes, with each rope measuring 157 inches. This is considerably longer than what you might normally expect with other hammocks on the market. This longer length makes it easy for you to wrap hammock ropes around particularly thick tree trunks or larger objects. The ultralight design of this hammock also makes it easy to carry with you on your travels. When not in use, it folds down neatly and can be stored into most backpacks. This hammock is also incredibly easy to maintain, with the quick-drying material allowing you to spot clean it and have it ready for use in no time at all.



OneTigris Night Protector Hammock Underquilt, Hammock Camping Essentials

Although it is fairly affordable, this OneTigris Night Protector hammock under quilt offers you some premium design details. This hammock is made from 20d ripstop nylon, making it particularly hard-wearing and suitable for use on a regular basis. The filling material will also impress, with SEE polyester providing you with good levels of insulation that will keep the cold out on chilly nights. A DWR coating is also on hand to keep the elements at bay, ensuring you remain warm and dry during rainy weather. The overall dimensions and design of this under quilt further enhances its heat retention properties and is designed to provide a snug fit with most standard hammocks.

This under quilt is also easy to use. The short bungee cord loops allow you to quickly fix it to your hammock of choice in moments. This bag is also compressible, with a compression stuff sack included for convenient storage. If you are planning a particularly lengthy outdoor adventure, this lightweight under quilt will not hold you back.



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