Best Sleeping Pad For A Hammock

Best Sleeping Pad For A Hammock | 2021 Buying Guide & Reviews

If you are looking to camp out in a hammock, you will definitely need to invest in a sleeping pad. While regular sleeping bags are designed for use on the ground, bags that are used within hammocks are exposed to a different surface and varying pressure. As such, you will need to combine your sleeping bag with a suitable pad that relieves said pressure and provides you with a comfortable place on which to rest. Need some help finding a suitable sleeping pad for hammock use? Our essential guide outlines all the information you need to know.

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Sleeping Pad Varieties

If you are looking for a user-friendly option, you should definitely think about buying a manually inflated sleeping pad. These simple pads are incredibly reliable and relatively lightweight. As you would expect, these sleeping pads require you to manually blow air into an integrated valve in order to inflate them. However, you can also use an electronic pump to minimise the effort required to fully inflate them. Although these type of sleeping pads are relatively thin, they provide a good level of cushioning and are a good option for those who prefer to sleep on their sides. However, if you are looking for a more substantial barrier between you and your hammock, you might want to consider another style.

Self-inflating sleeping pads are another option. Unlike manually inflating pads, these sleeping pads usually utilise an open-cell layer of foam that will allow for automatic inflation. With this type of sleeping pad, all you need to do is open the vale and the foam interior will automatically expand as it fills with air. If you want to take the hassle out of camping, self-inflating sleeping pads are certainly something you will want to consider investing in. They offer a similar level of comfort and support as manually inflating pads, although they are somewhat bulkier in design.

A foam sleeping pad with a closed-cell construction is another option for those who regularly camp in a hammock. These pads feature a dense foam layer that provides moderate levels of support, although they lack the cushioned comfort of other types of pad. These pads are very lightweight, so they are a great choice for those looking to lighten the load when camping. Many closed-cell foam pads will also feature a heat reflective surface on one side that provides you with additional insulation.

Sleeping Pad Size

This is a very important factor to keep in mind when shopping for a sleeping pad for a hammock. Firstly, you will want to ensure that the pad you pick is adequately sizes or you. Pick a pad that is slightly longer than your height to ensure complete coverage. However, the pad should also be small enough that it fits within the edges of your hammock.

Additional Features

A non-slip base is a good idea if you are worried about falling free from your hammock during the night. Look for sleeping pads that include a silicone base or textured underside to ensure the pad maintains good traction with the surface of your hammock for hours at a time.

Best Sleeping Pad For A Hammock | Reviews

Looking to camp out in a hammock? Below, you will find a selection of some of the best value sleeping pads for hammocks currently available on the market.

POWERLIX Sleeping Pad – Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Mat, Ultimate for Camping, Backpacking, Hiking – Airpad, Inflating Bag, Carry Bag, Repair Kit – Compact & Lightweight Air Mattress

This POWERLIX hammock sleeping pad boasts a revolutionary design and construction that sets it apart from other option son the market. The hexagonal design of this pad has been meticulously structured to map the body perfectly. The individual air cells provide first-rate support for the most important pressure points of the body, ensuring you stay comfortable all night long. Despite the high levels of support offered by this sleeping pad, it is surprisingly lightweight and roll sup discreetly for easy carrying. This sleeping pad is also incredibly easy to use. Inflation takes as little as half of second, with the unique inflating system ensuring you will not find yourself out of breath.

This mat is also a very durable option. High-grade materials are used throughout here, including 75D nylon. Not only can you look forward to a sleeping pad that will stand the test of time, you can also expect superb thermal insulation performance. Not only can this pad be used in a hammock, it will also provide an effective barrier against the cold if you are planning to camp directly on the ground. This sleeping pad is also completely waterproof, ensuring you never need to worry about damp.



KLYMIT Hammock V Sleeping Pad, Inflatable Hammock Comfort, Pair with Klymit Traverse Hammock, Best Gear for Hammock Camping

This KLYMIT air pad is designed for use with a wide range of hammocks, making it a very versatile option that will serve you well for years to come. This hammock pad provides the sleeper with 180 degrees of insulation, drastically reducing the amount of body heat you can expect to lost in the night. This sleeping bad also makes use of body mapping technology to ensure your body enjoys strategic support in all the right places. Non-slip zones are also strategically placed to ensure that your pad remains firmly in place in your hammock of choice, all through the night.

This pad also features Klymalite insulation, which separates the two distinct halves of the pad. This ensures that cold is effectively isolated at the bottom, while warm air is kept closer to your body to preserve body heat. This is also a highly durable option, with 20D polyester the standard in terms of material. This hard-wearing material will resist tearing and punctures with ease, but it still lightweight enough that this sleeping pad can be folded and carried around with no hassle.



HiHiker Camping Sleeping Pad + Inflatable Travel Pillow – Ultralight Backpacking Air Mattress w/Compact Carrying Bag –Sleeping Mat for Hiking Traveling & Outdoor Activities

This HiHiker sleeping pad is a good option for campers who regularly suffer from sore backs and neck pains after a rough night’s sleep. This outdoor sleeping pad is a great value investment, providing you with an incredibly comfortable sleeping surface, no matter whether you bed down directly on the ground or prefer to rig up a hammock. This sleeping pad is very easy to inflate, requiring as few as ten breaths to inflate fully. An airtight valve is also included to ensure no air leakage during the night. Come the morning, this sleeping pad deflates in minutes and can be rolled away neatly and stored in your backpack.

This sleeping pad boasts a sectional structure, providing balanced support across the body. A generous thickness of 2.2 inches also keeps you away from the ground, helping you enjoy a more warm sleeping environment when camping. Made from rugged 20D polyester, this sleeping pad is also designed to last. If you regularly enjoy the great outdoors, this sleeping pad is a reliable option that will hold up well for years if properly cared for. In addition to the sleeping pad itself, you will also find an inflatable travel pillow included to ensure you get a comfortable night’s sleep. A compact carrying case is also included, along with a pad patch kit to keep on top of any punctures.



Self Inflating Sleeping Pad Lightweight – Compact Foam Padding Waterproof Inflatable Mat – Best for Camping Hiking Backpacking – Thick 1.5 Inch for Comfortable Sleep – Insulated Camping Mattress

Take the hassle out of camping with this self inflating sleeping pad from Triphunter Gears. This durable sleeping pad provides you with a warm and dry surface for camping trips, with enough flexibility to its construction that it can be used in hammocks as well. This sleeping pad is thinner than some other products in this list, but you can still enjoy 1.5 inches of thickness that will ensure you never feel the cold ground or uneven surfaces beneath. This pad is also relatively lightweight, coming in at just 37 ounces in total.

Although thinner than other options, this sleeping pad will appeal to those looking for something incredibly easy to use. To inflate, all you need to do is remove the pad from its bag and lay it out wherever you intend to camp out for the night. The pad can be folded quickly and to a compact size, with two compression belts included to help make life as easy as possible. This pad is also a very durable camping option, with 75D polyester material ensuring a rugged construction that will withstand cold and damp conditions.



ECOTEK Outdoors Hybern8 Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad with Contoured FlexCell Honeycomb Design – Easy to Inflate, Comfortable, Lightweight, Durable, and Hammock Approved

The ECOTEK Hybern8 sleeping pad will definitely impress those after better levels of support and enhanced comfort. This pad utilises a FlexCell honeycomb design that preserves far more warmth than basic sleeping pads. This ultralight sleeping pad uses its innovative construction to ensure air passages constrict, ensuring the individual cells are isolated once the pad is inflated. This reduces overall airflow, increasing the amount of insulation provided and ensuring you enjoy a more stable base on which to sleep.

This pad is also a very user-friendly product. The innovative valve design allows you to inflate or deflate with minimal effort. The one-way valve ensures inflation and deflation is incredibly quick, requiring as few as ten breaths in order to fully inflate. Rapid deflation is also guaranteed, with the pad ready to roll away and store for transit in seconds. This sleeping pad is also a very durable solution. Made from 75D polyester, this pad is both hard-wearing and comfortable. The woven polyester is also much quieter than nylon alternatives, with good anti-slip properties. The woven fabric is also resistant to adverse weather conditions, particularly moisture.


TREKOLOGY UL Sleeping Pad, Inflatable Camping Mat, UL80 Ultralight Backpacking Mats, Compact Lightweight Inflating Air Insulated Thick Mattress Pads in a Bag for Sleep, Camp, Hammock, Hiking, Adults

This UL80 sleeping pad from TREKOLOGY is the ideal choice for those looking for a mat with more thickness. This sleeping pad provides you with cushioned support and superior insulation, with an adjustable level of firmness so you can tailor it to your liking. Even if you require less firmness, this pad will consistently keep you a decent distance from the ground, ensuring cold never gets a foothold during the night. This is also a good solution for those who prefer to sleep on their side. This is again thanks to the 4-inch thick design of this pad, providing you with enough elevation from the ground and suitable levels of cushioning for you to sleep in your preferred position.

The curvature design of this air pad also provides you with ergonomic support foe the entire body. You will never need to worry about falling to the ground once you are nestled into this first-rate pad. This is also a good option for those looking for a durable sleeping pad. Heavy-duty 40D nylon material has been used to construct this pad, with a premium coating to keep water at bay. This is the way to go if you are looking for a sleeping pad that can handle extreme environments with ease.



Gold Armour Sleeping Pad – Ultralight Compact Inflatable Camping Pad for Backpacking Traveling Hiking Camping Air Cells Design for Better Stability and Support – Tested 2.5 R-Value

This God Armour sleeping pad is an affordable option that does not skimp on comfort, support or lightweight convenience. This ultralight sleeping pad offers 2.3 inches of thickness that will provide you with ample support and comfort, while also ensuring you are elevated above the cold ground during the night. The lightweight design will also go down well with those who like to keep their cargo to a minimum when camping or hiking. In total, this pad weighs just 1.2 pounds when packed down.

The construction of this sleeping pad is also excellent, with 75D ripstop polyester proving a much more durable option than nylon material. A TPU layer is also included to ensure your sleeping pad resists the elements with ease. The hardy design will also ensure that you do not need to worry too much about tears and punctures. Inflation is also easy, while a leak-proof valve ensures minimal air will escape while you sleep.



Therm-a-Rest RidgeRest Classic Foam Camping Sleeping Pad

The Therm-a-Rest RidgeRest Classic might look simple enough, but this sleeping pad offers some exceptional performance when it comes to comfort and support. The cross link polyurethane construction of this sleeping sets it apart from other available products. The closed-cell foam design o this pad makes it a very durable option, while also ensuring you have something lightweight that travels well. If you regularly hike or camp with a large inventory, the compact credentials of this sleeping pad will be entirely welcome. This pad rolls up compactly when not in use, with a total weight of just 19 ounces. This makes it considerably lighter than other pads out there.

This sleeping pad also includes supportive peaks that will make for a more comfortable sleep. Heat-trapping channels are also included throughout, ensuring the pad retains more body heat during the night. The innovative construction of this pad is particularly impressive, ensuring you get maximum durability. This hardy design will withstand extremely adverse conditions, even when the pad makes contact with sharp surfaces and rocky terrain.



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