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Best Therapeutic Pillows | Guide & Reviews | 2022

A therapeutic pillow is an essential purchase if you suffer from consistent neck and shoulder pain. The best pillows on the market will provide you with superior support to ensure the neck, head and shoulders are properly cradled as you sleep or relax, minimising the amount of strain and tension that builds up. If you regularly awaken to a stiff back or sore neck, a therapeutic pillow is a long overdue investment. Need some help selecting a suitable pillow to alleviate your symptoms? Our guide includes the essential features you should be thinking about, while our line-up of the best therapeutic pillows currently available will provide you with plenty of inspiration.

These pillows are so much better than neck pillows and are adjustable for both back sleepers and stomach sleepers. The perfect therapeutic pillow, are often endorsed by chiropractors and help with spinal alignment. In our honest opinion they are the best pillows for neck pain we’ve yet to find. And there’s nothing better for your sleep than finding the right pillow.

The Benefits of a Therapeutic Pillow

Therapeutic pillows come in a variety of forms, but all of them are designed to provide you with comfortable support for long periods of time. The vast majority of pillows out there tend to be focused on relieving pressure in the shoulder, neck and head area, while also encouraging proper spine alignment, alleviating backache and spinal stiffness. These pillows are often used by those who suffer from improper posture. If you are regularly sat in front of a computer screen for hours at a time on a daily basis, you no doubt struggle to maintain a correct posture. This has an adverse impact on your spine, shoulders and neck. Although correcting your posture and maintaining proper posture should be your priority, a therapeutic pillow is a good way of targeting existing symptoms as you sleep. Some pillows, such as wedge supports, are also versatile enough that they can be used to provide therapeutic support to other parts of the body. Multi-purpose pillows are often a good option as they can be used to elevate your knees and legs during the night, improving your circulation significantly.

When it comes to finding a good pillow, a new pillow, something to fluff up at night – it’s important that it actually does the job of helping with pain relief. Of course you’ll look for whether it’s a firm pillow or not, of course you’ll check to see if it hits all the pressure points, you may even check it’s return policy – but what mattered to us when we chose our top picks below, our type of pillow had to be functional. It had to work for side sleepers just as good as sleeping pillows.

Pillow Core Construction

Any support pillow needs to include a premium fill material at its core. The majority of therapeutic pillows available will include some type of memory foam at the centre. Memory foam is particularly effective at supporting the body and alleviating ailments because it provides a good level of firmness, without compressing too much when pressure is applied to it. It also conforms to the body, adapting to individual curves and contours to provide bespoke support for every user. Dual-layered memory foam is a more expensive alternative, but yields significant advantages over single-layered alternatives.

Another option to consider is water cores. Although less common than memory foam, water core pillows are particularly effective at providing firm, yet personalised support and can be more easily adjusted to provide varying levels of firmness. Water cores can be filled manually, with less water providing you with low levels of firmness and more water providing you with more significant degrees of firmness. The water-filled core is also encased with a layer of memory foam, preventing the inner core itself from rupturing and leaking, while also giving you another layer of support.

Pillow Covers

Many people tend to overlook pillowcase material, instead focusing on the core filling and overall shape of a therapeutic pillow. In fact, pillow covers can dramatically enrich comfort levels and allow you to enjoy a more restful night. Bamboo covers are increasingly popular with consumers, with this natural fabric performing very well when it comes to breathability. Bamboo is also effective at preventing heat from building up, meaning the cover material will always feel cool to the touch. An additional inner cover is also advisable as this will ensure the foam core is better protected, lasting for much longer before you need to consider investing in a replacement. Let’s keep those dust mites away and keep the microfiber fresh and clean.

Best Therapeutic Pillows | Product Reviews

Struggling with a sore back or stiff neck? It is probably time to invest in a premium pillow support. Below is our pick of some of the best therapeutic pillows presently available.

Therapeutica Pillow, Firm Orthopaedic Support, Back or Side Sleeping, Petite

The Therapeutica Pillow has been designed to provide orthopaedic support to users of all shapes and sizes. The first thing to consider before purchasing this pillow are your individual measurements. There are a selection of pillow sizes to choose from, with each variant tailored to a specific group. Thankfully, the manufacturer provides useful advice on the measurements you need to consider before selecting a suitable size that will provide you with the best possible support. In terms of overall design, this pillow has been thoughtfully engineered for superior cervical curve correction. It will also ensure your neck is supported in a neutral position to provide you maximum comfort.

This pillow is made up of four individual components. The raised side panel will accommodate your shoulders and provide essential support, especially for those who prefer to sleep on their side. The centre cavity is on hand to provide critical head support to ensure the best in comfort for those sleeping on their back. The wedge extension will also support the spine when sleeping on your back. The cervical contour will support all sleeping positions, ensuring the natural curve of the neck is maintained for hours at a time. This pillow includes a premium molded foam core, which will provide you with more firmness than conventional memory foam. The material is also non-allergenic, making it suitable for use by anyone.


Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic Wedge Pillow, Helps with Sleep & Acid Reflux, 100% Made in USA, CertiPUR-US – Washable Natural Bamboo Cover, 10″ x 24″ x 24″

This Zuma wedge pillow from Brentwood Home provides you with a simple and effective way to keep your neck, shoulders and head supported as you sleep. This wedge bellow features a gradual slope that will alleviate shoulder pain and strain on the neck as you sleep or relax. It will also help ease respiratory issues and is an effective solution for those looking to reduce snoring. Those suffering from acid reflux symptoms will also find the Zuma an effective choice of therapeutic pillow, while it can also be used to alleviate issues like hernias, poor circulation, back injuries and more. The Zuma can also be used to support other areas of the body. If properly positioned, it can help improve the posture of the torso, while it can also be used to elevate the legs and improve circulation.

This wedge pillow comes in three different sizes, providing all users with the perfect support solution. The firm foam core is particularly good at alleviating pressure, without feeling too firm that it will disturb your sleep or prove uncomfortable when used for hours at a time. The super-soft outer material is also very comfortable. This bamboo-rich cover is highly breathable and produces a cooling effect that makes it a go-to for warmer nights. The cover can also be quickly removed and washed for fuss-free care and maintenance.


Power of Nature Memory Foam Contour Pillow, Neck Support Cervical Bed Pillow for Sleeping, Side Sleeper – Relieve Neck Pain with Washable Zippered Soft Cover

This contour pillow from Power of Nature is an ideal choice of therapeutic support. The ergonomic shape has been carefully designed to accommodate the natural curves and contours of the human body. This contour pillow will perfectly adapt to the curves of the neck and head, while also providing you with superior spinal support. This allows your muscles to relax more easily, allowing you to drift off to a comfortable sleep more quickly. This quality pillow also includes a premium memory foam core. This innovative material conforms to the cervical contours, providing essential support for the shoulders, head and neck. The slow-rebound memory foam will expand back to its original form after a few seconds, meaning it will constantly adapt and conform to your contours as you move in the night.

This contour pillow is available in both standard and small sizes, providing you with a support that is perfectly proportioned for your individual needs. You can also look forward to comfortable covers to make a restful sleep even more achievable. The premium inner cover is both hypoallergenic and dust-proof, dramatically extending the lifespan of your memory foam core. The outer cover is also incredibly comfortable, with the breathable fabric helping to keep you cool during balmy nights. The outer pillowcase also features a zipper so it can removed with ease. The cover is also machine washable, allowing for hassle-free care.


Therapeutic Wooden Pillow made of Hinoki Cypress for Stiff Neck, Shoulder Pain, Spinal Health, and Relaxation( (12 inch x 2 inch)

This wooden pillow might look like an uncomfortable choice at first glance, but is has been carefully engineered to provide you with a very effective therapeutic solution to alleviate strain on the neck and shoulders. This wooden pillow support is made from premium Hinoki Cypress wood and is intended to be placed underneath the neck, rather than the head itself. This wooden pillow is available in various sizes, so follow the manufacturer guidance when picking a size suitable for your neck measurements. This wooden pillow is also available in various lengths, allowing you to use it for supporting other parts of the money such as the back and legs.

This wooden pillow is definitely something to consider if you are suffering from neck pain, stiffness in the shoulders or spinal discomfort. It is ideal for those who suffer from poor posture, especially those who spend hours at a time sat in front of a computer, behind the wheel of a vehicle or on their feet at work. This wooden therapeutic pillow is effective at helping stretch the cervical spine, allowing for the physiological curve to be adjusted. If the curve of your neck needs restoring, this wooden pillow provides you with a gentle way to approach the problem and alleviate symptoms.


Bed Wedge Pillow | 2 Cover Included | Unique Design for Multi Position Use | Memory Foam Incline Pillow for Sleeping | Reliefs Acid Reflux, Gerd, Heartburn Back,Leg Pain (Medium)

This premium wedge support is an effective solution for anyone shopping around for therapeutic pillows. The ergonomic curved design dispenses with sharper corners to provide you with a multi-purpose pillow that can be used to support various parts of the body. Place it underneath your knees to elevate your legs for improved circulation or place beneath the head and upper back to alleviate pressure when sitting upright in bed, sleeping or reading. This pillow is available in three standard sizes, ranging from small to extra large, ensuring you have a support that is perfectly proportioned for your individual requirements. This pillow will help you correctly posture your body, elevating the head to bring quick and effective relief for things like neck and back pain, acid reflex, snoring and more. If used to elevate the legs, not only will you enjoy better circulation, you can also find relief for things like muscle tension, leg discomfort and hip complaints.

This wedge pillow boasts a dual layer of memory foam at its core. This foam material is denser and more durable than other options out there. The dual foam core includes a temperature sensitive layer that adapts to your shape in accordance with body heat. You can look forward to firm support here, with good levels of comfort and no compression. Each wedge pillow also includes two covers. The main cover is made from quality bamboo, with a quilted design that ensures the very best in airflow. An additional sheet is also included, providing you with a hypoallergenic and hygienic cover to improve the quality of your sleep further. The outer cover can be instantly removed thanks to the handy zipper for easy cleaning.


MODVEL Luxury Reversible Memory Foam Pillow | Orthopaedic Neck & Back Support For A Relaxed Sleeping Experience | Medium-Plush Feel | 2 Washable Cover. (MV-122-N)

This reversible memory foam pillow from MODVEl is very effective at providing orthopaedic support for the back and neck. This luxury pillow scores maximum points for comfort and breathability. The memory foam core is softer than many other materials available, giving you cloud-like comfort that is perfect for ensuring a great night’s sleep. The outer cover is made from breathable bamboo, which is known for its heat-dissipating properties. If you struggle with overheating at night, this pillow will help your body cool down and relax to promote better sleep. This reversible pillow includes a welcome ice fibre side that is provides you with a particularly cool sleep surface for hotter nights.

The standard dimensions of this pillow will accommodate almost every user. It also boasts a soothing lavender aroma to promote a sense of well-being and facilitate a more relaxed state and deeper sleep. With two interchangeable covers, you can quickly choose between breathable bamboo coverage and cool fabric comfort in moments. If you want a therapeutic pillow that combines great value with versatility, look no further than this must-have from MODVEL.


Mediflow Water Pillow Memory Foam re-Invented with Waterbase Technology – Clinically Proven to Reduce Neck Pain & Improve Sleep Quality. (Single Pack)

This innovative therapeutic pillow from Mediflow combines memory foam with waterbase technology to bring you superior sleeping comfort. This versatile pillow is suitable for all sleep positions, including back sleeping, side sleeping and stomach sleeping. The waterbase interior moves as you do, meaning you will not have to worry about stirring in your sleep and having to readjust it when you wake. The water core will easily conform to the shape of your neck and head, providing you with perfectly personalised comfort.
The water level itself can be adjusted easily, allowing you to choose between soft, medium and firm levels of support.

You can expect a first class design and premium materials here. Each pillow includes a sealed and insulated water pouch, itself encased by a premium layer of memory foam. The hypoallergenic cotton shell further adds to comfort levels. Although many therapeutic make bold claims about their effectiveness, this Mediflow pillow has the clinical research to back things up. This pillow is in fact an FDA registered medical device and can be used to improve your quality of sleep, while also help you maintain a healthier immune system.


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