Delta Hiking Mattress Review 

Delta Hiking Mattress Review 

Just because you’re camping, doesn’t mean you have to skimp on comfort during your outdoor adventures. Unlike standard sleeping rolls, this hiking mattress boasts an inflatable design. This makes it compact and easy to transport to your next campsite. With an integrated valve and hassle-free inflation, the Delta Hiking Mattress will impress even staunch opponents of inflatable products. 

Delta Hiking Mattress Overview 

When camping, many people accept compromise when it comes to bedding down for the night. However, a poor night’s sleep can really throw you off your game. When you have miles to hike and difficult terrain to traverse, the last thing you want is a groggy start to the day. 

Camping and hiking mattresses are never going to compare to an all-foam mattress and solid bed base. However, the Delta Hiking Mattress is a welcome alternative to second-rate bedrolls. 

This impressive hiking mattress combines a user-friendly design with comfort-enhancing features. The built-in valve means you don’t have to worry about attaching any additional pumps to inflate your mattress. Meanwhile, the unique bubbled texture provides superior cushioning and levels of support not found in many hiking mattresses. 

Why Make the Switch? 

Looking to travel light? The Delta Hiking Mattress is the perfect choice for your next adventure. When deflated and folded, it takes up minimal space in your backpack. Meanwhile, the lightweight design means you won’t be held weighed down. 

When it comes to making camp for the night, the Delta Hiking Mattress truly comes into its own. You won’t need to reach for a manual air pump to get this mattress inflated. All you need to do is roll it out flat, stamp on one head for a couple of minutes, and you’re done. 

Because of its many individual air cells, this mattress also excels when it comes to comfort. These scattered pockets of air provide consistent levels of support for the entire body, with no need to worry about pressure forming in areas prone to aches and pains. 

The Science Behind the Delta Hiking Mattress

The main issue that camping rolls and mattresses have to contend with is temperature regulation. When you lie on a solid piece of material laid atop the ground, coldness can quickly penetrate through, leaving you feeling close to freezing when you awaken. 

Although the Delta Hiking Mattress is only 2.3-inches tall, it’s incredibly proficient at isolating temperatures. When fully inflated, the innovative profile of this mattress means the cold ground won’t cause you any discomfort. Meanwhile, the inflated profile also ensures you retain more of your actual body height. 

Key Benefits of the Delta Hiking Mattress

The obvious benefit of this hiking mattress is that it can be stowed in a small backpack and carried alongside your other essentials as you travel from place to place. When fully deflated, this hiking mattress takes up barely any space in a backpack or holdall. In fact, it collapses to the dimensions of an average-sized water bottle. 

When you’re ready to make camp for the night, you’ll be glad to know that inflation is a breeze. An integrated pump means you don’t have to carry any additional accessories with you. Simply stamp your foot on the pump itself and the mattress should be inflated within a couple of minutes. Likewise, deflation is incredibly quick, meaning you can be packed up and on your way in no time. 

Despite all of this, this hiking mattress is one of the more durable products of its kind on the market. A pressure-sensitive adhesive has been used to ensure this mattress gives you excellent load-bearing performance. This durable construction also means the material is less prone to cracking and tearing than other products. The inner layer of the mattress also comes with a TPU coating, making it a hard-wearing and waterproof option. 

It’s not all about convenience with the Delta Hiking Mattress. An ergonomic pillow section is also included. The U-shaped contours of the pillow provide superior support for the neck and shoulders, while the main sleeping surface is made up of individual bubbles. These provide cushioned comfort for the entire body, allowing pressure to be more evenly distributed. 

Although the Delta Hiking Mattress is designed for single sleepers, it can be combined with a second mattress. Buttons can be found along both sides of the mattress, allowing you to attach a second one to form a twin camping bed. 


The Delta Hiking Mattress is made from 40D nylon material. This breathable fabric is well suited to camping excursions and outdoor adventures. An inner TPU layer means you won’t have to worry too much about moisture intrusion, while the hard-wearing exterior is easy to wipe clean and dries quickly. Although this mattress is advertised as being incredibly robust, you may encounter occasional tears and punctures. This is common with inflatable products, so keeping a premium puncture repair kit to hand is a good idea. 

Available Sizes

The Delta Hiking Mattress is available in a single size. The standard dimensions of 28x22x2.3 inches make it large enough for most sleepers. However, because of its relatively shallow height, particularly heavier sleepers may find it unsuitable for their needs. You’ll also want to consider carrying weight when taking this mattress with you on camping trips. When fully deflated, the Delta Hiking Mattress comes in at approximately 635 grams. 

Any Extras?

In addition to the inflatable mattress itself, you’ll find a handy storage bag included. This is ideal for keeping your mattress out of harm’s way when not in use. As mentioned previously, it’s a good idea to invest in a puncture repair kit to address any damage as and when it occurs. 

What Are Customers Saying About the Delta Hiking Mattress?

The Delta Hiking Mattress has met with positive feedback from campers and outdoor enthusiasts. Many customers applaud the hassle-free inflation, while most are more than happy with the level of comfort and support provided here. Some users have noted that the mattress isn’t as hard-wearing as the manufacturer has claimed. However, the occasional pinhole puncture or tear is something you’re going to have to deal with when using an inflatable product outdoors. 


  • – Easy to inflate with no need for additional pump 
  • – Improved valve design prevents excess air leakage 
  • – Multiple layers of TPU nylon make this mattress incredibly durable 
  • – Large enough for most users 
  • – Integrated buttons mean you can combine with a second mattress 
  • – Ergonomic pillow provides the neck, shoulders, and head with good support 
  • – Incredibly lightweight and portable 


  • – There’s still a risk of punctures 
  • – May not be suitable for heavier users 
  • – Deflation time may prove too long for impatient users 
  • – Still a chance of air leakage during the night  


The Verdict

A great camping adventure relies on you having the best kit at your disposal. A first-rate tent is all well and good, but it’s your camping mattress that will leave you feeling rested and recharged for a new day of adventure. The Delta Hiking Mattress is designed for outdoor enthusiasts looking for comfort and convenience rolled into one neat package. 

Lightweight and easy to transport, you won’t struggle to find room in your backpack for this mattress. When you need to bed down for the night, the integrated pump makes inflation the work of moments. Meanwhile, the many individual air pockets provide you with incredible levels of support and cushioned comfort. This mattress may only be a couple of inches tall, but you can be confident that your body will be protected from the cold ground all night long. 

The Delta Hiking Mattress is also fairly durable. Multiple layers of TPU nylon provide you with a hard-wearing product that’s not easily prone to tearing or punctures. It also holds up well against moisture and can be easily cleaned in between uses.


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