Finding the Best Way to Sleep With a Broken Rib


Broken ribs can heal on their own– that’s for sure.

However, that remains true if and only if no further damage is inflicted on it. 

Therefore, alongside the healing mechanism itself, despite your body’s capability to process healing on its own, helping yourself deal with the considerable pain a broken rib is usually associated with should be taken as an essential, if not a serious, concern. 

Keeping in mind the impact of a broken rib on our countless daily tasks; essentially because there are crucial functions that ribs are tasked with, such as protecting our most delicate yet hardworking organ- heart, and even our lungs, here are some important reminders that one who has (a) broken rib/s has to remember when sleeping. 

This is in response to the alarming fact that you are most prone to cause further yet unintentional damage to your ribs whenever sleeping since you are not in full conscious control of what you are doing or what is happening around you. 

1. A GENERAL REMINDER: Get a restful 7-8 hours of sleep!

Our body when sleeping is in its utmost potential for healing and taking care of itself. That is why, whenever going through such kind of physical strain, one must make sure that he/she can achieve a good night’s sleep both in quantity and quality.

2. GOING DOWN TO THE SLEEPING POSITION: Less pain or faster recovery? 

In finding what technically is the best sleeping position for you and your broken rib, you must set in yourself: What matters more for you?

If you are into experiencing the least amount of pain as possible, then you might prefer sleeping on your back. Although this is arguably capable of providing you less amount of pain in comparison to all the other sleeping positions, be mindful that in choosing this you should avoid surrounding yourselves with pillows or anything that might decrease your ability to breathe properly.

That is since this position is expected to obstruct the full expansion on your ribs, therefore is potentially limiting to its functions.  

On the other hand, if you are into recovering the fastest way possible, it is suggested for you to sleep on the side of your broken rib. Although some would think that this is an unintelligible act, know that sleeping in this position allows the side of the ribs without the broken component to fully expand, therefore, maximizing the ribs’ functions. 

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