How High Should a Bed Be?

How High Should a Bed Be?

When choosing a bed, many of us are led by style preferences. While a low bed frame is a good aesthetic choice for contemporary bedrooms, they’re not always the best solution for those with limited mobility. Higher beds are often considered unsightly and a poor choice for smaller bedrooms, but they tend to come loaded with integrated storage. Bed heights are also important when it comes to overall health. As you will be using your bed on a nightly basis, it needs to be at a height that is accessible and comfortable for you.

Ideal Bed Heights

Most beds on the market stand at a height of 24 inches. This bed height measurement should suit just about every user, proving neither too low or high for anyone. The lowest beds tend to stand at around 20 inches, although this measurement is usually reserved for platform bed styles. They can be an attractive option, but they can prove difficult to get in and out of. The tallest of all bed varieties tends to be divan bases. Divan beds tend to stand at around 28-30 inches. This may seem high, but many divan bases usually include integrated drawer storage.

Picking the Right Height for You

Different bed heights have individual advantages. Although storage solutions and aesthetics are worth considering, you should ultimately be selecting a bed height that suits your body shape, height and mobility limits. Shorter people or those with impaired mobility should generally avoid higher beds, although particularly tall individuals may benefit from a higher surface on which to sleep.

An easy way to determine whether a bed is of a suitable height for use is to position yourself at the side of a bed with a mattress laid out on top. If your knees are bent at a right angle and your feet lay comfortably flat on the floor while sitting on the mattress surface, the bed height should be suitable for your needs. If you are shopping for a new bed online and don’t have the luxury of being able to try out the furniture in person, sticking to a standard height of around 24 inches is a good idea.

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