How Long is it Safe to Sleep on Your Back While Pregnant?

How Long is it Safe to Sleep on Your Back While Pregnant?

Sleeping on your back while your pregnant is generally safe within the first trimester. But by the time you’re 20 weeks, your uterus gets heavier and staying in the same sleeping position may threaten your health. 

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How Long is it Safe to Sleep on Your Back While Pregnant?

Meanwhile, an hour or two of lying on your back cannot harm your child. However, research shows no evidence as to the exact length of time considered safe for a pregnant woman to sleep on her back.

It is best to listen to your body. If you’re lying on your back and you start to have problems with breathing or your heart beats faster than usual, it is your body’s way of telling you to switch position.

Longer hours of lying on your back can cause dizziness. It could also block the flow of blood and nutrients to the placenta which can affect the development of your baby.

But doctors reassured expectant moms not to be stressed if they wake up flat on their backs. It is surely inevitable and there are no known dangers posed on the baby’s health. Just change your position right away and get a comfortable sleep.

Propping yourself up with pillows is a great help when sleeping on your back. Incidents of heartburn at night are likewise prevented when pillows are placed behind your head and upper body.

Keeping a thin pillow just below your tummy can likewise support the weight of your growing belly. Also, when you experience back pain, a pillow under your abdomen can make so much difference.


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