How Much Sleep are You Supposed to Get

How Much Sleep are You Supposed to Get

Science has established how sleep is vital to health. Whilst the different stages of sleep including REM sleep is equally important, deep sleep is considered to be the most crucial as it plays a role in our memory.

How Much Sleep are You Supposed to Get

If you find yourself having trouble with creating new memories or retaining new information, these could be symptoms of not having enough deep sleep. This is a very critical problem; fortunately, we have found some practical tips on how to solve it.

1. Change your diet.

What you eat matters. Lessen carbohydrates and increase more healthful fats in your meals to have a better mood, look and feel at your best, and most importantly, improve your sleep.  

A good source of heart-healthy fats is nuts, such as almonds and walnuts. They can significantly increase your blood levels for melatonin, a hormone known to normalize the sleeping cycle, enabling you to sleep more soundly at night.    

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The Most Delicious yet Healthy Nuts for a Healthy Sleep

Perfectly steam roasted nuts that are not too salty. ....

2. Go swimming.

Swimming is a good way to relax your mind and body in order for you to have a better quality of sleep. Among all cardio exercises, swimming is most recommended as it suits everyone regardless of age and does not have any risk of illness or injury. It makes all the major muscles in your body work which makes you more tired at night.

3. Soak in a hot tub or into warm water with pink Himalayan salt.

That steamy feel when you are in a hot tub or sauna after a long day leaves you feeling tired and sleepy. Consider having your hot tub or sauna time at the later part of the day so you are more relaxed at night which will guarantee you a better sleep. Adding up  Himalayan salt into your bath is believed to help with relieving any tension or stress on your body. 

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The Best Himalayan Salt Mix that Refreshes your Body Before Sleep

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4. Wear a sleep mask. 

As sleep masks can simulate darkness, it can definitely enhance your quality of sleep. It is a good alternate for dark curtains when your bedroom has wide windows effectively blocking light from getting into your eyes. 

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The Best Sleep Mask that Allows you to Sleep Longe

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To learn more about sleep tech products, see our post on the top bedroom gadgets on the market today.

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