How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs with Dryer Sheets

How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs With Dryer Sheets

One of the most unpleasant things that could happen to your home is bed bug infestation. It could be a threat to your family’s health, especially in the quality of sleep. Therefore, understanding the best ways on how to get rid of bed bugs with dryer sheets can help manage these pests in your home.

Is Dryer Sheets Good for Bed Bugs?

The dryer sheet method has recently been considered by homeowners as a natural remedy to drive away bed bugs. Dryer sheets are also known as fabric softener sheets designed to keep your laundries soft and smooth by applying high temperature when drying them.

The pleasant smell of fabric conditioners shoos away bugs and other organisms that may be thriving in your bedsheets. Not only this home anti-bedbug remedy repels bugs, but it also prevents them from multiplying. It is how to keep bedbugs away with dryer sheets, although there are other pest control methods you can explore to stop an infestation.

Which Are The Best Dryer Sheets

There are so many to choose from, however this has to be our favourite:


Where Do You Put Dryer Sheets for Bed Bugs?

If you’ve decided to give dryer sheets a try in managing bed bugs, it’s important to know where exactly can you put them for maximum results. The best way to use a dryer sheet in driving away bugs is to put them between the mattresses, sheets, and even in the headboard.

Besides, you can keep them attached to drawers, cabinets, and pillowcases so that the fragrance will make them leave your bedroom for good. Plus, it keeps your room sweet-smelling and comfortable for sleeping. It is one of the ideal options on how to get rid of bed bugs naturally.

You can either put the dryer sheets indoors or outdoors, depending on the specific purpose. Inside the house, you can place them anywhere that you want to protect from those tiny pests such as the curtains, wardrobes, and under the bedsheets.

If you’re planning to use dry sheets outdoors, it’s also possible. The most common way to use dry sheets outside your home is during a hiking trip, camping event, or any other outdoor activities to keep insects from biting you.

What Kills Bed Bugs Fast?


Now, if you want to kill bed bugs fast and effectively, the ultimate method is to contact a pest control expert or use commercial bug repellents. These methods may include chemicals to kill bed bugs and other pests, but they are proven to prevent and get rid of any pest infestation in your home completely.

Another way to terminate bug infestation is by sealing all the cracks on your bedroom wall and other areas in your house. It is to prevent the bed bugs from finding a spot where to live and multiply without you noticing. You can use a caulking gun in order to cover the cracks and holes completely.

Using non-toxic bug repellents is also another effective way to eliminate bed bugs from your home. For instance, you can try the diatomaceous earth powder that can be bought from the department stores. This cheap alternative to pest control chemicals is a kid- and pet-friendly, so there’s no need to worry about any harmful effects.

The diatomaceous earth powder destroys the exoskeleteon of bed bugs, which leads to dehydration and death. It is why it became famous as the bedbug powder that is used along with other pest control methods for more effective repellent.

How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs With Dryer Sheets

Some homeowners use mattress encasement to trap bedbugs and keep them from biting, or to prevent infestations. You can buy bed bug traps to make sure that these pesky bugs won’t touch you while sleeping. Remember, they love to be near their hosts so that they can feed on them quickly.

There are plenty of mattress cases available in the market today to help keep bedbugs at bay. Bedbugs often hide in the creases of mattresses, and encasing the mattress helps prevent them ‘getting a foothold’.

If the encasement method didn’t work, you could always try other ways to get rid of pests in your home. How long can bed bugs live on clothes depends on how much effort you do to get them away. You can use homemade methods to stop pest infestation in your homes, such as baking soda, boric acid, vitamin B, and salt. These natural remedies can be used in the areas of your home where bed bugs tend to live. Better yet, apply them directly to the bedbugs to get the best results.

Doing regular vacuuming can help remove dirt and unwanted elements, including bugs in your bedroom. Use your vacuum to target adult bedbugs that lay eggs and grow their population. Also, wash your bedsheets and dry them off under the sun or in an extra hot clothes dryer to kill bed bugs that are hiding in the fabric.

The bottom line is to keep your bedroom clean and well-ventilated. A dirty room will surely attract all kinds of bugs and may lead to an infestation when ignored. If you have a carpeted flooring, vacuum it every day and spray some essential oils to repel them naturally. It all simmers down on how you manage these pests to stop them from harming your home.

Now, can dryer sheets help eliminate bedbugs? It depends on how you apply this method to your situation (and how bad the situation is!). But overall, there’s no harm in trying. It has the potential to get rid of bugs living under your bed while making your bedroom smell fresh and feel cozy.

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