How to Prevent Scorpions from Getting in Your Bed

In most areas, it would be considered quite rare to find a scorpion in your home. However, for those who live in states with large rural areas like Arizona, Utah, California, or Texas, this could be a common problem. Therefore, knowing how to prevent scorpions from getting in your bed is essential to avoid their poisonous sting while you sleep.

How to Prevent Scorpions from Getting in Your Bed Guide


Can Scorpions Climb Into Beds

With health risks and a death threat from scorpions, it’s crucial to understand how dangerous they are. Their venomous sting is excruciating and can be fatal when ignored. The deadliest scorpion is the bark spider species, which you need to avoid at all costs.

Now, why do scorpions like beds? First of all, these small species love to hide in tree bark, piles of wood, under rocks, and in homes. You can find them in your old shoes that are no longer used and, most notably, in your bed that is only utilized most of the night. They like hiding in quiet places with plenty of spots to hide.

Just like other insects, they can easily climb into beds without anyone suspecting that they are even there. So always vacuum your bedroom and change your sheets once or twice a week. Don’t let your bedding touch the floor so scorpions won’t be able to climb the bed. If a scorpion sting you, immediately call for help.

Now, if your primary problem is getting scorpions in your bed, move the bed away a few inches from your bedroom walls. Look for four unused glass jars in your kitchen and put them under the feet of the bed frame. That way, scorpions cannot climb to your bed because it’s smooth and slippery for them.

There are effective methods to control scorpions in your home. You can contact a local scorpion control to help you get rid of them quickly from your bed. But if you think you can manage it on your own, there are natural ways to eliminate these pesky scorpions from your bedroom.

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What Are Scorpions Attracted To

More often than not, scorpions stay in dark, damp areas where there are no noise and threats. They only come out from hiding whenever they need to get food and water. Their fang-like stinger is found in the tail that can pierce through your skin while injecting toxins or venom that affects your central nervous system.

If you have a cool, dark area in your home, they are likely to live there. So if you are not sure there are scorpions in your bed or other parts of your house, you can use a UV flashlight to spot where they exactly live. Once you focus the UV light on their body, they automatically glow. The seasons that scorpions love are fall, summer, and spring.

How to Prevent Scorpions from Getting in Your Bed

There’s no way to tell when scorpions are going to visit you in your sleep, but there are plenty of effective ways on how to prevent scorpions from getting into your house. The following are some helpful tips to save yourself from scorpion sting:

Keep your place clean and dry

Check your bed, cabinets, and other parts of the house to see if there is excess moisture that can attract scorpions. The main reason they get into your home is to find some water. There are affordable dehumidifiers to keep the humidity level in your house low.

Control other pests that may be living in your home

Not known to many, scorpions also like to mingle with other insects to get their food. These common insects in your home include roaches, ants, and other bugs. So as much as possible, get rid of them to keep scorpions at bay.

Destroy potential homes of scorpions

Check the dark areas in your house, especially the attic and basement. These structures can be a lurking ground for these little monsters. Also, make sure there are no furniture and other structures near your bed that can potentially serve as a home for the scorpions.

Use sticky traps to catch them

You can use a sticky trap for mice or insects to catch the scorpions in your home. Find the moist areas and put these traps around to make sure these pests won’t get away. When there’s a scorpion stuck on the sticky trap, throw it away immediately and replace a new trap.

You can use a black light to see if scorpions are lurking in your room. Once you see one, manually dispose of it properly. It will give you an opportunity to sleep more soundly at night without fear for scorpion bite.

Does Lavender Keep Scorpions Away

Some of the most effective natural repellents you can use at home are essential oils. The scent of these oils repels scorpions and other bugs that lead to infestations in many households. Also, you can spray them on your bedding, cabinets, and blankets to drive away these pests.

An ideal option is lavender oil, which naturally keeps venomous creatures away from your bed and your home as a whole. After cleaning your bedroom, spray some essential oils to keep it smelling good that insects don’t like. Do this most especially during night time when it’s time to sleep.

Making your home uninviting for all types of pests is the best way to get a good night’s sleep. Always keep your home fresh and clean to prevent scorpions from coming back. You can start in your bedroom and then to other parts of your house for a scorpion-free living space.

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