How to Sleep Beside a Snorer


To sleep beside a person who occasionally snores is certainly manageable. However, sleeping beside a snorer is a different thing… and when this snorer is someone you’re ought to sleep regularly with, then that’s indeed a whole new level of difficulty to deal with.

“Can’t sleep with them yet can’t sleep without them?” 

Whether it is your romantic partner, your favorite sibling, or the roommate who has always been kind to you, you can skip the suffering part every time you are attempting to sleep and bothered of their loud and seemingly stripped of innocence-sounding snores. To achieve that, here are the following guidelines for you:

1. Resort to anti-snoring devices and pillow.

There are several devices out there that you can use to help you up during that snoring vs. restful sleeping battle you face every night. Among the devices, the most effective that we recommend are chin straps, mandibular advancement devices, and nasal plugs. 

On the other hand, you also have another choice in the form of an anti-snore pillow, one that is considered the least intrusive. This pillow diminishes the root of the snorer’s problem by expanding the airways, opening up the airwaves, alongside supporting their neck and properly positioning their head. All of which accumulates towards building the best formula of a non-snoring night. 

2. Ask the snorer to change the sleeping position. 

Let the snorer acknowledge that sleeping on their back increases the frequency of their snoring. Also, if you can- and this person who snores allowed you, try making sleeping on their back uncomfortable through sewing tennis ball on their pajama. Or (again, if they gave you consent) roll them back to other sleeping positions whenever they turn their back on bed once again. 

3. Block out the noise. 

Although this one seems a bit passive than the other two stated above, blocking the sound can be just as effective with the same purpose held in regard. 

To achieve this, use a noise-blocking machine or earplugs. On the other hand, you can listen to white noise and low-level background music with the help of some reliable noise-blocking headphones. 

Ultimately, for a longer-term consideration, recognize that leading a healthy lifestyle is the best option for one to get over such snoring tendencies (that’s if, the snoring is not rooted to some serious heart disease that of course, cannot be beaten down even with the best of lifestyle).

Nonetheless, avoiding alcohol, smoking, and the use of drugs can contribute significantly to lessen either the likelihood or the intensity of one’s snoring. 

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