How to Sleep Comfortably With Your Tampon in

How to Sleep Comfortably With Your Tampon in

Sleeping during that time of the month is already difficult, let alone with having something in you that you don’t always have or you’re new with.

How to Sleep Comfortably With Your Tampon in

Yes, you can sleep with a tampon in but to sleep comfortably is another thing.

Nonetheless, be reminded that the maximum time you’re allowed to have your tampon is for 8 hours. Therefore, changing it should be before bedtime and after getting up in the morning (assuming that your sleep is less or equal to 8 hours).

With all that’s been said, here you go:

1. Rest with the knowledge that you don’t have to change your tampons if ever you wake up in the middle of the night.

Tampons are hygienic, and as said, can be used to 8 hours maximum. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about needing to change it every time you wake up as bothered by that cruel cramps or by any external noise- whatever.

Knowing this is important as it increases the assurance to yourself that there’s nothing really to worry about. We all know how bad these days of the month can actually feel like if there are ways to keep you relaxed then, by all means, go for it.

2. Intend to sleep with the utmost comfortability there is.

There is no general rule sufficient to cover everyone’s most comfortable position during sleeping. That’s why all that there is to say is whether in a ‘baby’ position crunching on your stomach by the side, supine, or facing your pillow- if that is how you are most comfortable then go for it!

3. Prevent leaks: Use dark towels and pantyliner

It is not impossible for you to spend your red day on someone else’s place- or anywhere that you are obviously discouraged to leave the bed with some surely memorable stains.

That’s why, to help yourself, make sure to use a dark towel (just for the ‘if ever’) and a pantyliner. 

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