How to Sleep Like a Navy Seal

How to Sleep Like a Navy Seal In 4 Steps

Before anything else, know that sleeping sufficiently, both in terms of quantity and quality, is not on option for a sane and functional you for that day after tonight- instead, it is a requirement! Therefore, however attractive it seems to spend most of your time on being productive and actually making results and less on sleeping, know that this is not how your body is naturally programmed to live with.

How to Sleep Like a Navy Seal

With that, it must be understood that this guideline on how to sleep like a navy seal is to be used only in times that you badly need some efficient nap during your 20-minute break within your hours of intense studying, or when you are at work and there’s nothing to attend to at the moment (and for the next few minutes, hopefully).  

With no further ado, here’s how you can fall asleep as quick, and gain a full-rested sleep like a navy seal:

1. Condition yourself, repeat and transform it until its most effective! 

Conditioning your environment, your mindset, and everything that’s within your reach and those that can easily influence your attempt to sleep should be regularized every time you are trying to rest so that your mind should be able to recognize your pattern.

Relaxing your shoulders in a unique way? Listening to a certain type of music? Moving a bit closer or farther to your working space? Whatever elements you choose to incorporate in this plan of conditioning, make sure to be faithful with it as much as you can.

Soon enough, if you’ll be committed enough, then it will surely pay off big time. 

2. Help yourself or ask others for help. 

Taking a nap when you’re tired and all demand some help, so that two things are assured: First, that you would be spending this short allotted time into attempting to fall asleep (and actually sleeping, of course) and not on distracting yourself with your gadgets or any means possible, whenever you fail during your first few trials. Next is that, to make sure that someone wakes you up and prevent you from falling into deep and long sleep which is not what you are intending. 

In the navy, one way that teamwork works is through this- on helping your buddy when he is in need of rest the most.

3. Write your feelings out. 

Bombarding your mind with overwhelming worries is a sure way of sabotaging not only the process of falling asleep swiftly but worse, the more important part- which is obtaining quality sleep. Therefore, if you know that there’s this too much of twists and complications going on inside of you, better write it out and tell yourself that all of these, you’ll deal with them later. 

For now, fall asleep. Sleep.

4. Minimize the use of gadgets.

Whether it’s for checking the emails of “helping yourself be consumed down to sleep”, don’t- just don’t.

Unwind, relax, be comfortable as you can in ways that there is, and avoid that blue-light if you’re planning to take some rest soon, with all your might!

Once again, know that sleeping like a navy seal although it has its pros, also has must-considered cons. Therefore, if your situation does not considerably press you to need it, then please don’t push yourself to such boundaries. 

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