How to Sleep on Your Back

How to Sleep on Your Back Easily In 4 Simple Steps

People who sleep on their back sleep better than side or front sleepers, therefore – they are generally more healthy.  A massive claim yes but one that is backed up by research.  So there are front and side sleepers out there who want to try it, but find it a struggle to adjust.  Welcome to sleepersolutions guide to sleeping on your back.  Let’s jump right in!

Later in this article I’ll share with you the one purchase I made that makes sleeping on my back so much easier.  I really did feel the benefits listed below – if you’ve got any questions please drop them in the comments below I’ll happily answer them!

So… what are the benefits of sleeping on your back?

  • Because it’s good for your back and spine

Providing you don’t have any underlying health problems a flatter spine without strain on your neck and back – that is a more flat position is the optimum position for you.  When you’re picking out a mattress or other bits and pieces for the bed – keep that in mind all the time – your goal is a neutral, flat back.  After 4 weeks of consistent back sleeping you’ll find it relaxing and the reduced strain will start to provide more mobility during the day time.

  • Sleeping on your back can prevent wrinkled skin

Have you ever wondered why there are small creases on your face when you look in the mirror even if you had a good night sleep the night before? This is probably because of the position you slept that night. This usually happens to people who sleep on their side or on their stomach.  Sleeping on your back will make remove that extra pressure on your face, lessening the chances of lines forming on your face.

  • Reduces pressure on your muscles

Your muscles still tense up when you sleep, especially when the position we end up falling asleep on is one that creates more tension. Sleeping on our back lessens the pressure exerted on our muscles when we are asleep and at the same time it keeps it more relaxed and it can also increase the chances of having a good night sleep.

  • Sleeping on your back can reduce the appearance of puffy eyes

Most people experience having a puffy face in the morning; the big puffy eyes and quite swollen cheeks. As natural as this may seem, there is actually a way to prevent this as it’s just a result of how the blood has sat around your neck and face during the night time.  Sleeping on your side makes the (ergh) fluid go to one direction, which gives you the swollen and puffy look. Your puffy look can now be avoided with just one change and that is to sleep on your back.

How to sleep on your back in 4 simple steps

Sarah’s Note: It takes a bit of getting used to but you will master it in time!  Stick with it!

  • How to Position your pillows to enable back sleeping

Move your pillows down just below your arms to prevent the automatic rolling to your side or tummy.  Try to place some pillows under your arms, your knees, and your head to your neck, or wherever place you think it would help that would limit your movements when you sleep. By doing so, not only does it limit movement but it also helps align your body equally.

Best Pillow for back sleepers

This is the best thing I've ever bought for sleeping on your back.  It does such an incredible job ....

  • When you notice a change, move back straight away

You must be consistent, every single time.  If you suddenly wake up at night realizing you’ve gone back to your old sleeping position, try to lie flat on your back again to train yourself to keep this in your muscle memory that you MUST sleep on your back.  This was the kicker for me, it took a few weeks but eventually my body just knew to get back on the back without any conscious thought.

  • Fix any underlying sleep problems first

Try to adjust any other outside factors that may affect your attempts to change your sleeping positions. If you need to add in some music now just so that you can fall asleep easier while on your back, then do so. There are many different ways you can do so that this change won’t be as hard as it seems.

Of course, these things aren’t the only things to be considered when we are sleeping. There are other factors that must be taken into consideration in order to get the best possible sleeping experience with the most health benefits. Here are just some of the common questions asked by people when it comes to sleeping and sees if one of these has come across your head.

Sleeping on Your Back Frequently Ask Questions

  • Is sleeping on an air mattress bad for your back?

As comfortable as an air mattress would seem at first to most people, in the long run, many people actually experience a lot of health problems because of it. Stiff necks, back pain, sore muscles, are just some of the bad experiences caused by having an air mattress. Air mattresses do not give the level of support that our body needs, it worsens the aching on our body of the unequal levels our body is positioned in.

  • Is sleeping on a couch bad for your back?

Many people do find it comfortable and relaxing to sleep on a couch on a regular basis. But as convenient as it may seem to come home from work and just sleep on your couch, there are similar pains you will experience from sleeping on your coach the same as those sleeping on an air mattress.

A couch is just not build to give level support for your entire body. What the body needs are a place that gives balance and equal support in all areas of your body.

  • Is sleeping on the floor good for your back?

It may come as a surprise to many but it actually is good for your back. People with back problems have trouble sleeping because of the misalignment soft mattresses give. By sleeping on the floor, you can actually be given a more comfortable experience because your whole body is in an aligned position and this eases the tension and the back pain you might experience otherwise if you sleep on a mattress.

All this information may be difficult to take in and of course even more difficult to apply in your life as a daily routine. But with some patience and persistence, you will be able to give your body the Tender Love and Care it needs. The next thing you know, you’ll be sleeping on your back effortlessly.

  • How Do I Sleep On My Back If Pregnant? 

If you are pregnant, and looking to sleep on your back, check out our article called ‘how long is it safe to sleep on your back if you are pregnant.’

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