How to Sleep When Experiencing a Painful Shoulder

How to Sleep When Experiencing a Painful Shoulder

One of the vital parts of our upper body that plays the most significant role when talking about sleeping comfortably, as next to our back, are our both arms- especially for people who love sleeping on their side (which is basically almost every one of us, whether we are conscious about it or not). That is why it is understandable how an aching shoulder can result in a restless night. 

However, although this aching shoulder can be caused by a number of reasons, there is only one thing we are left with when the night now comes knocking to our doors. That is, find ways on how you can still have a good sleep. With that said purpose, here we go with the most effective guidelines you can count on:

1. Use a heating pad. 

Be mindful that instead of following your instinct to use blocks of ice for a painful shoulder, use heating pads before sleeping instead. That’s because using a cold compress can probably result in disrupting the normal process of inflammation that must happen as a part of healing whatever is wrong with your shoulder. However, some people prefer this means for relieving pain- well, if you think that it is not big of a deal, then you can also use ice compression wrap is that suits your liking or convenience.  

Just be mindful not to keep this heating pad attached when sleeping already, as the suggested use of it is only around fifteen (15) minutes. Hence, whatever goes beyond that is certainly not good for you.

Note: Do not intentionally cover your arms with excessive (although tolerable) heat in hopes of increased blood flow. This unnecessary and excessive input of hate can certainly only do more harm than any good.

Overall, whether heating pad or ice compress sleeve, keep in mind to use whatever you prefer considerably.

2. Spend your good night’s sleep on a reclining chair instead. 

If you have gone through nights of an aching arm and no position really works as you tend to move a lot while on your bed, it is utmost recommended for you to use a reclining chair instead. 

Fix the angle with at least forty-five (45) degrees and you’re now all good to go! 

3. Get A Shoulder Pillow

Shoulder pillows are an amazing bit of kit and could be exactly what you need to alleviate that pain. To learn more, check out our in-depth guide on the best shoulder pillows on the market.

4. Seek medical help. 

Either through medications that you can find over the counter or perhaps undergo physical therapy for aching pain under a more serious condition, just make sure to integrate the magic of medicine with all the other strategies you will be relying your pain on and your night with.

Moreover, take only medicines in amounts these are prescribed to be taken. If unsure, do additional research or if to no avail, seek professional help.

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