How to Sleep With Tinnitus

How to Sleep With Tinnitus In 3 Easy Steps

Commonly a result of damage in the inner ear, tinnitus is experienced by 50 million people in America alone. Hearing some ringing in the ears is the common denominator of encapsulating how a person with tinnitus struggles with it.

Despite the variated type of tinnitus that different people experience, with some experiencing it only for few times in their whole lives while some, having to struggle with it permanently and thus, more frequently, one thing remains true for each one: that is, they wanted to find a solution on how to deal with tinnitus when it is most disturbing. That is when we are sleeping.

How to Sleep With Tinnitus In 3 Easy Steps

With that said, here goes are top guidelines on how to make it through the silent night when you have tinnitus.

1. Listen and calm yourself with some white noise or calming music. 

If you have tinnitus, one of the strategic ways to combat it is through the use of sound therapy. With white noise on the guise of whichever you prefer the most- calming ocean waves or sound of water flowing in the river with frogs croaking in resonance below and birds chirp above, your world of uneasiness is certainly expected to evolve into a collected and peaceful one.

2. Regularly exercise, physically and mentally!

Recognizing that these stated activities are not only known for helping you deal with tinnitus but as well as with the causes found on your environment and external forces that disrupt your sleeping as well, makes this advice all the more a must consider!  

Therefore, instead of spending your break in front of your gadgets, consider doing some pull-ups if not jogging! Also, rather than stressing yourself looking at things other have and that you don’t in different social media, doing a gratitude journal with all the blessings that you have in life as a form of meditation, can help you sleep well when the night comes.

Either schedule these activities or scatter them throughout your day… then your night’s all assured now.

3. Take a break from caffeine. 

Drinking coffee stimulates the responses of your nervous system. Therefore, with caffeine lingering in your system as bedtime comes around, your reduced ability to calmly respond with these ringing in your ears would lead to a more unbearable experience.

If in case you really need some coffee to spike your productivity up, then make sure to consume it during lunch, at the latest. Caffeine stays for a couple of hours in your system, and believe me, it would be pretty awful to play games with it. 

Additionally, setting up your room as pitch-black, lowering down the temperature, and significantly reducing your digital screen time are also expected to help you deal with tinnitus.

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