How to Warm A Bed Without An Electric Blanket | Ultimate Guide

How to Warm A Bed Without An Electric Blanket

One of the reasons it’s uncomfortable to sleep is extreme temperatures. A cold bedroom can mess with your sleep pattern, which may lead to poor sleep. It’s essential to understand how to warm your bed. Moreso, even without the use of an electric blanket or heater.

How to Warm A Bed Without An Electric Blanket

Electric blankets are great solutions to cold rooms. However, this is not effective for everyone. If you leave your electric blanket for a more extended period, it will overheat and cause moisture from sweating. You should avoid sweating while sleeping so you don’t develop any health problems.

Your body heat makes an excellent insulator, so you need to trap the heat. Exploring how you can catch that natural heat is vital to get your bed warms quickly. Here are a few cool tips to stay warm in bed without an electric blanket:

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Get a heated item to keep you warm in bed

One of the everyday heated things you can use is a hot water bottle. You can put it in your bed 10 minutes in advance to make it more comfortable when sleeping during a cold night.

Get your body temperature high

It might not sound like fun, but doing some light exercise before bedtime to raise your body temperature naturally can help you from feeling chilly.

Use different textures

Perhaps, the best way to keep your bed warm on a winter season is to try different types of fabric, such as those with soft and comfortable textures, to achieve that level of warmth throughout the night.

Control room temperature

It goes without saying that you should shut out any opening where the cold may enter the room. Also, make sure that your bedroom is adequately heated to get a good night’s sleep, no matter the weather outside.

Trapping the air between your blankets or pajamas can also help insulate body heat so you will feel warm in bed. These are only a few of the natural ways to get warm in bed without the need for an electric blanket.

How to Layer Blankets for Maximum Warmth

Having enough layers that trap body heat can keep you feeling warm and sleep better. The challenge is how to layer your blankets so that you will get maximum warmth. While it may take time before your bed gets warm, layering can prevent icy sheets.

The following are some helpful tips in creating layers of blankets and top sheets as a natural warmer for your bed:

  • Use brushed fabrics like flannel when choosing bed sheets. These are the best winter bed sheets as they provide extra fluffiness that traps air. As a result, it serves as an effective insulator to keep your bed warm and cozy during colder months.
  • When you create layers, include a duvet, comforter, and thick blanket to make sure that air is trapped in between sheets. By layering, you also create insulation to keep body heat, which makes sleeping more comfortable.
  • Layers are useful because they can be removed when the feeling gets too warm for you to sleep. You can alternate between thick and thin layers to achieve maximum insulation effects.
  • When shopping for new bedding, consider a duvet filling and warmer comforter. Feathered duvets provide more heated padding and warmth. Or you may choose wool to effectively trap air and enjoy more breathable fabric compared to synthetic fillings.

How to Warm Up a Room Without a Heater

Winter can chill your whole body, but the worst is having higher utility expenses because of using a heater. Though there is good news. There are other ways to warm up your bedroom without turning on your heating system. So what are these alternatives to avoid high energy consumption?

Check out these affordable solutions to create a more inviting room for longer and more comfortable sleep:

Inspect leaks and cracks

Check your bedroom windows for potential drafts such as holes and gaps. These draughts can invite cold air into your bedroom, which makes you feel more chilly. If you see gaps and cracks that serve as an airway, seal them to keep heat inside your room.

Use warmer sheets or blankets

Layers of bedding are the best solution for a cold night. Remove your sateen sheets and replace them with flannel blankets for a more heated bed. You can also use an electric blanket if you have one to avoid using your heater.

Turn your ceiling fan to clockwise rotation

Electric fans are designed to make air cooler inside the house. But during the winter season, you can reverse your ceiling fan to pull warm air down to the room where you exactly need it.

Wear socks when sleeping

To avoid shivering and freezing at night, you can wear thick socks and even a bonnet or beanie made out of knitted fabric to keep your body warm and cozy.

Use thicker area rugs as an insulator

Laminate or wood flooring is suitable, but they don’t provide warmth during colder months. You can lay down thick area rugs to insulate your bedroom. It will give your body a warmer pleasure when sleeping or your feet when walking across your room.

Are Electric Blankets Bad For You

Electric blankets present some risks that you need to consider before using them. For instance, they can burn someone who can’t feel physical pain, such as diabetic peripheral neuropathy in children, elderly, and quadriplegics. These blankets are suspected by some scientists to also reduce men’s fertility.

It’s essential to read the safety guidelines before you use an electric blanket to keep your bed warm on a winter night. Otherwise, you can get some benefits from this product when used correctly. So, how do you make your bedroom comfortable when the colder months start to creep? Using natural ways to warm your bed is always a smart choice.

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