Platform Bed vs Box Springs

Platform Bed vs Box Springs | Which Is Better?

Picking between a platform bed and a box spring can be challenging, given their features and advantages. To make a good decision, you first need to consider the differences and advantages of each.

So if you’re currently looking for a beautiful bed frame, comparing box springs and platform beds can help you find the best option.

Comparison | Platform Bed vs Box Springs

If you want a new bed frame to go with your mattress, this comparison between platform beds and box springs will guide you throughout the buying process. Also, knowing what type of foundation you should use can extend the lifespan of your mattress.

A platform bed is a more popular choice than the box spring for a few reasons. For instance, there are plenty of styles available, and you can enjoy more storage for your mattress and bedding items. Platform beds also provide the following advantages:

  • No need for an additional box spring
  • Perfect for memory foam type mattresses
  • Various styles and models to choose from
  • Extra storage and excellent circulation for a more cooling mattress

The only drawback you should know about platform beds is the inconvenience of moving it around because it’s a one-piece item. Other than that, you can get the value for your money when you choose this foundation for your new mattress.

On the other hand, box springs also make a popular choice for those who want a higher bed and more modern design than regular beds out there. If you choose box spring for your mattress, here are the advantages you can enjoy:

  • Extended mattress lifespan
  • Classic design with impressive details
  • Absorbs body weight more effectively than the platform bed
  • Provides additional height

However, box springs can be a lot more expensive than platform beds and other types of foundation. Also, they don’t have many storage options, unlike the platform bed.

Is a Box Spring Better Than a Platform?

When it comes to storage, the platform bed is an ideal choice because it comes with a place to store your clothes and other items you don’t want to be seen in your bedroom—you can pull out the drawers and store your belongings. The box spring doesn’t have enough space for these things.

For mattress protection and comfort, the platform bed is designed to protect memory foam mattresses with its breathability. Meaning, the air properly circulates in the mattress to prevent moisture and mold buildup. Just make sure the slat size is suitable for your mattress size to maintain support and stability.

Box springs also provide maximum support for the mattress and the sleeper. They equally absorb body weight across the bed frame to lengthen the mattress life as well as its warranty. Besides, box springs prevent back pain since it’s not sagging.

Now, if you are asking which foundation looks better, the platform bed gives any room more aesthetic value. This low profile bed frame also offers a modern style that complements classic bedrooms. However, you may also consider the simplicity of box springs as they look more traditional yet practical to use.

Platform Bed Disadvantages

  • Hard to re-arrange or move around because it’s heavy.
  • Hard to go from lying down to standing up because it’s low profile.
  • Additional budget required for a high-quality mattress.

Platform beds are not recommended for elderly people who find it difficult to get out of bed. Also, the fact they are usually one piece makes things a little bit tough to turn or move around, especially when you want to change the style or layout of your bedroom.

Can I Put a Box Spring on a Platform Bed?

Every box spring and mattress can be used with a platform bed. However, box springs are no longer needed as they correctly work like standard beds. If your bed comes with wood slats, there’s no need for you to use a box spring. The slats in platform beds are only designed to provide additional support for the mattress.

Moreover, if you put a box spring on a platform bed, it will just make your foundations uncomfortable and inconvenient to sleep. The supportive design of platform beds makes it an ideal option for all types of mattresses available on the market today.

Do Platform Beds Need a Box Spring?

No. As mentioned above, you don’t need a box spring on your platform bed because it’s just not right. If you do, it would seem like a redundant bed that is much heavier to move around when you need to clean your room. Also, it may hurt the overall style of your bedroom.

Platform beds are made with slats or decks to provide a flat surface for the mattress. If you use the two, it’s just a waste of effort and money as it won’t offer the same comfort when used separately with a memory foam mattress.

The Bottom Line

Both platform beds and box springs have pros and cons that users must consider before making a final choice. A platform bed, however, may be more affordable if you don’t add extra features. Plus, foundations with slats are aesthetically pleasing, especially if you have a modern room.

On the other hand, box springs offer a more elegant style for traditional homes. If you want to preserve the classic beauty of your bedroom, then you can surely take advantage of the box spring as they are higher and free from sagging. But it’s a matter of personal preferences that make each bed attractive for customers.

Now, let’s get to the point. If you want a fancier bed, go for the platform bed. But if you want something more comfortable to assemble or set up, the box spring is the best choice for you. For those who want to enjoy more storage space, platform beds have it.

Most importantly, if your concern is extra support and stability, you can choose the box spring foundation bed frame. It all depends on your personal needs. So, what do you like best, the box spring or the platform bed?

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