Pro Tips on Having a Good Night’s Sleep Beside Someone Snoring


Restless sleeping? Resting for only a few hours? Sleeping but waking up several times amidst? 

We all know how these things feel like and with that, it can be said that we can have various descriptions in mind whenever bad sleep is the topic on the table. Although there are different reasons why we end up having a sleeping quality that’ll be a lie for us to be proud of, arguably, most of us experience this because we are sleeping beside someone who snores- and it’s not their fault… but it’s not our fault either!

Therefore, instead of resorting to blaming or unnecessarily sacrificing your being’s quality for the next day, how about trying these following pro advice instead?

1. If possible: Ask that person, “Can you not lie on your back as your sleep?”

People acquire their highest tendency to snore whenever they sleep by lying supine. So, to decrease the possibility of your roommate (or partner or whoever that person is) kindly request for them to at least try starting their sleep by either facing the other side or either the left or right.

If successful, this might not guarantee a snoring-free environment for 8-hour straight but at the very least, you can make sure that you can start sleeping without having to struggle through that snoring buddy (or not) of yours. 

2. Get that plugged!

This does not need to be the best of noise-canceling earplugs you can find in the market, all that you need is one that has a generally good rate and some calming music or white noise track on your phone and you’re good to go. Audiobooks and meditating music are helpful too.

Also, if you can sleep earlier than that person, then, by all means, grab that chance!

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