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Real Relax Massage Chairs

Getting a massage after a hell week at work is the go-to leisure for everyone. So why spend $90 an hour on spas when you can get yourself your very own real relax massage chair? It’s double the comfort because you’ll have your relaxation machine at home! We’ve rounded up the top 3 real relax massage chairs: Real Relax Recliner (Favor 03), Kahuna Recliner (LM6800), and Relaxon (MK-II Plus) out in the market and listed down what you need to know about them.

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Choosing Your Massage Chair

The most important factor when purchasing your very own massage chair is getting what suits best your preferences. This element is always on par with the price aspect, but you should be wise enough to get an item that provides as much of the qualities you want and yet within your price range.

The top advantage of purchasing any of the three chairs mentioned is the price. China-made massage chairs are heaven-sent for people who don’t have the extra budget to spend for a home massage chair.

When purchasing a massage chair, you should look for the following:

  • Price – this depends on the individual. If you have enough money to throw around, then why not get yourself the best one you can afford, right? But since we are talking about cheaper units, this article is targeted to first-time buyers.
  • Features – the most basic massage options for massage chairs are rolling, kneading, tapping, and shiatsu. These can also come in different level settings so you can adjust them. Heating and vibration systems are also a must to heighten the experience. It is a good combo with the rollers embedded inside the chair and airbags lining for the arm, legs, and body pockets. The more rollers, the better. Zero gravity reclining position is a top hit as well.
  • Customer Service – this is one of the most neglected factors both by the buyer and the manufacturer. You can’t expect excellent customer service from small manufacturers, but this is very important. The buyer, on the other hand, only seeks after the manufacturer’s customer service after the purchase in case a defective item is shipped. Be a sensible buyer and research thoroughly on the internet first before making any investments.
  • Online Reviews and Ratings – an online review such as this article will help you with your judgment in purchasing online. You have to be warned though that not all online reviews are legit. Take note of long reviews that dishes out both the good and the bad of the product. You can bet they are more accurate than misleading.
  • Warranty and Return Policy – sadly, this is rarely included with online purchases. However, pricey items such as massage chairs may consist of this even when they are rebranded items. Don’t hesitate to contact the seller first regarding this or read online reviews and reach out to reviewers if you can.
  • Availability of Spare Parts – when your unit breaks down and your unlucky with your manufacturer who can’t give you spare parts, you might have some trouble looking for replacements. It is distressing to go around looking for similar materials because some may only be available in the origin country of the item. Your unit would ultimately be rendered useless then.

Here’s the Best Real Relax Massage Chairs Reviews You Should Read:

Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner (Favor 03)

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  • It offers a full body massage at a super low cost (honestly, this is a BIG edge).
  • It delivers a decent quality of massage options for every part of the body. You wouldn’t even realize that it costs less than ten hundred! A bonus to the massage features is the suave stitching of the seat.
  • It doesn’t look cheap at all and can last for years as long as it is cared for properly.
  • Assembly is also a piece of cake with lots of tutorial photos on the manual and a video provided by the seller.


  • It has dimensions fit for average bodied people, so it’s not a “one size fits all” situation.
  • No adjustments can be made with the airbags as well so it can be too tight for some, and no advanced changes to some massage options so they would either be too soft or too hard for your liking.
  • It only offers the most basic massage options evident with the few numbers of airbags.
  • The most significant drawback is its customer service hotline. For a cheap massage chair and if you’re ever unlucky, you really would have to make calls to the seller and ask for help with assembly, missing parts or replacements.
  • Warranty is also a big problem.

Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner (LM6800)

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  • The most notable feature of the Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner is its committed aspect to the zero-gravity recline feature that has three different stages.
  • There are also yoga and chiropractic modes that level up the necessary massage experience.
  • It features a body scan technology and an L-track with four rollers for a full back massage.
  • The cherry-on-top feature may be its space-saving size.
  • Unlike the conventional bulky massage chairs, this one packs up all the goodies in a smaller unit and a decent price point.


  • Once again, this chair is almost likely outfitted for the average built individuals, but this one extends further than the Real Relax chair.
  • The arm slots are also on the shallow end and tend to pop out your arm once the airbags inflate.
  • The foot rollers can be a little too rough for some so you might need to lay over a blanket for a milder experience in the areas that have more intense results.
  • You can’t pre-set the timer anything longer than 15 minutes. So if you happen to want a more extended massage session, you’d be pulled back from your trance once the timer started beeping at the 14-minute mark. However, this may suit people who are using this chair during short breaks.

Relaxon (MK-II Plus) Massage Chair

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  • This one caters best to various body type since it is notably the biggest of the three.
  • All the features are decent enough to give excellent service.
  • It is honestly a close battle with the Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner with similar price tags and features like the zero-gravity seating. What’s cool about this is that it has a built-in scanner that automatically adjusts the settings for you like the Kahuna.


  • The huge built of this massage chair proves to be a hassle to get through your door once delivered to your house or when you want to move it around the house.
  • The remote as well does not come with illumination so when you place the chair in a dim area (hey, dramatic lighting can help set the relaxing mood), you can’t see the controls when you want to switch them.
  • Most of the features levels at average like the stretch mode which can be a little too weak, and there’s no Shiatsu mode at all as advertised.
  • And just like the Kahuna, this one has tough foot rollers that can be painful to some.


All three chairs are rebranded China items, so the usual complaint is when defective parts are given to you. The transit time for replacements may take longer if they are not readily available at the local seller’s warehouse. And we all know that purchasing China items online involves luck. Never let the price tag fool you.

For people who are buying their first massage chair on a budget, either the Real Relax Recliner or the Relaxon (MK-II Plus) will do. Both ALMOST gives justice to their price points. You can’t complain much about cheap purchases as long as you know when to limit your expectations.

But if you have a little more money to spend, then the Kahuna Recliner LM6800 wins over with its yoga and chiropractic settings. With only a 200 difference with the Relaxon MK-II Plus, you won’t regret the price difference because of the two options that are not present with the latter.

Among the three, this lives up to the back massage option with the four rollers that can extend from your neck to your buttocks, and the zero gravity that has three stages. The small built may either be a pro or con to someone. It is easy to move around and takes up lesser space but can also be too little for high average-built individuals. As for the “too weak” or “too hard” massage results of the Kahuna (or even the other chairs), it is a matter of preference. You can always look up hacks to increase or decrease the pressure.

Again, if you have ever tried expensive massage chairs before, you can’t expect that this will have the same functions and specifications. But this one is the closest you can get with high-end massage chairs that cost double the Kahuna’s price.

These cheaper massage chair units will genuinely give you some slice of heaven 一 comfort, and budget-wise.

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