Spa Sensations by Zinus Review 

Spa Sensations by Zinus | Review & Guide

The Spa Sensations mattress from Zinus is an affordable option for anyone looking to enjoy the benefits of all-foam construction. This memory foam mattress might be budget-friendly, but it doesn’t skimp on plush comfort and pressure-relieving support. Available in a range of sizes, this mattress will satisfy the needs of side and back sleepers. Read on to discover whether the Spa Sensations by Zinus is right for you. 

Spa Sensations by Zinus Overview 

The name of this mattress gives you an idea of what to expect. The Spa Sensations aims to bring a little luxury to your nightly ritual, with an all-foam construction that cradles the body and provides responsive support in all the right places. This mattress boasts no less than three individual layers, with one providing your body with different types of support as you sleep.

The top layer, made from Thermotech foam material, is a particularly nice touch. Softer than other memory foam you may have encountered, this Thermotech layer will make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. 

Thanks to its innovative construction, the Spa Sensations mattress will help you maintain proper spinal alignment throughout the night. This not only reduces the chance of you waking with aches and pains, but it also increases the odds of you sleeping soundly until sunup. 

If you’ve been putting off replacing a tired spring coil mattress, the budget-friendly price tag of the Spa Sensations range is all the encouragement you need to make the change. 

Why Make the Switch? 

The more than reasonable asking price of this mattress makes it something to consider. It’s a solid choice for your main bed, but its relative affordability makes it an ideal choice for upgrading guest beds in spare rooms. 

The soft upper layer also means you’ll have little trouble getting comfortable on this mattress. Many memory foam mattresses take weeks to get used to. With the luxuriously soft Thermotech upper layer, you’ll be able to sleep soundly as soon as the mattress has fully expanded.

The motion isolation credentials of the Spa Sensations mattress also make it a perfect choice for couples. The multiple layers are very effective at absorbing movement, meaning one half of a couple won’t disturb the other if they’re a particularly restless sleeper. 

Furthermore, this mattress comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the product, you can return it for a full refund. What’s more, a 10-year guarantee means you have little to worry about when it comes to durability. 

The Science Behind Spa Sensations by Zinus

Spa Sensations is one of the more popular mattress brands from Zinus. As with all products from Zinus, the Spa Sensations mattress is made from CertiPUR-US certified memory foam. This not only gives you a clear idea of the level of comfort you can expect but also guarantees that no harmful materials have been used in the construction of your new mattress. 

You get a clear idea of the kind of support offered by this mattress when you consider the memory foam layers in profile. The high-density base provides the bulk of the support, while the middle comfort foam layer delivers essential responsiveness. It’s this central layer that ensures body parts like the spine and hips are supported during the night. Finally, the upper layer of memory foam provides that sumptuously soft comfort you’d expect from any all-foam mattress. 

Key Benefits of the Spa Sensations by Zinus 

If you’re looking for a mattress that maintains superior levels of support all night long, Spa Sensations by Zinus shouldn’t disappoint. The high-density base of memory foam keeps everything in check, allowing you to maintain good posture as you sleep. The upper layers of conforming foam provide a welcome cushioning effect. This not only makes things more comfortable but also ensures your joints and weak spots are sufficiently supported. 

Although memory foam mattresses tend to suffer from temperature regulation issues, this particular product boasts some useful design details to overcome this. A ventilated AirFlow foam layer ensures better breathability, while a subtle infusion of activated charcoal and green tea extract helps combat moisture problems and odor buildup. 

It’s important to remember that Spa Sensations mattresses are delivered compressed. This means you’ll need to allow sufficient time for your mattress to expand after unpacking it. Currently, the manufacturer suggests 72 hours for this. Even if you’re eager to try out your new purchase, you’ll want to allow plenty of time for your Spa Sensations mattress to expand to enjoy the best levels of support and cushioned comfort. 


All Spa Sensations mattresses are made from CertiPUR-US certified memory foam. The top layer of Theratouch memory foam has been enriched with activated charcoal and green tea for odor and moisture control. Although this product features a velour mattress cover, the cover itself can not be removed. While this limits maintenance somewhat, you can get around this by adding a removable cover of your choosing. 

Available Sizes

As with other ranges from Zinus, the Spa Sensations mattress is available in a range of sizes. These sizes include Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King. Thickness levels are consistent across all available sizes. With the exception of the twin-sized model, all Spa Sensations mattresses are suitable for couples. 

To ensure your mattress fits your bed frame, you should consult the dimensions carefully before making an order. 

What Are Customers Saying About Spa Sensations by Zinus?

Zinus Spa Sensations mattresses are popular with consumers looking for affordable all-foam solutions. However, the lower price point means general feedback is a mixed bag. On the whole, consumers report good results when it comes to support and comfort. Side and back sleepers tend to have good things to say about this mattress, although stomach sleepers have less positive experiences. 

The edge support provided by this mattress has come under fire from some consumers. However, this is largely reserved for Full and Queen-size models. In the case of King and California King-sized mattresses, feedback on edge support performance is generally better. 


  • – Relatively affordable, even at larger sizes 
  • – Good for back and side sleepers 
  • – Soft memory foam layers provide exceptional levels of comfort 
  • – High levels of responsiveness for all-night support
  • – Quilted top layer provides additional comfort 
  • – Three-layer construction provides excellent motion isolation performance 
  • – Good choice for couples
  • – Extended 10-year warranty for peace of mind 


  • – Suffers from the same durability issues as other all-foam mattresses 
  • – Some users may experience issues with edge support 
  • – Certain sizes may not be suitable for corresponding bed frame dimensions 
  • – Takes a considerable amount of time to fully expand before it can be used 
  • – Not ideal for stomach sleepers 
  • – Some issues with heat retention 

The Verdict

The Zinus Spa Sensations mattress is worth thinking about if you’re eager to enjoy all-foam comfort at a fraction of the price of more expensive products. Despite being light on your pocket, this mattress doesn’t skimp on premium design. Multiple layers of memory foam provide you with good levels of responsiveness and cushioned comfort. Meanwhile, a quilted top layer makes this a far more inviting option than high-density alternatives. 

There’s also a good range of sizes to consider here. Many brands fail to offer first-rate memory foam mattresses for small bed frames, but you’ll find no such limits with this range. Larger sizes like the King and California King are particularly good for couples, with reliable motion isolation that ensures one sleeper won’t disturb the other if they move around during the night. 

An infusion of charcoal and green tea extract also makes this a low-maintenance option. Odors and bacterial buildup are not something you have to worry about here. A 90-day sleep trial allows you plenty of time to decide whether the Spa Sensations mattress is right for you. If you’re happy with the product, you’ll also benefit from an extended 10-year guarantee.

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