What is a Hybrid Mattress?

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A hybrid mattress combines the benefits of a memory foam mattress and an innerspring mattress.

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

These high-quality mattresses boast multiple layers, with foam layers and pocketed coils combining to provide exceptional support and high levels of comfort. If are seeking a new mattress that provides cushioning comfort layers with considerable bounce and responsiveness for enhanced pressure relief, they are an obvious option. They are the best mattress option for those who like to change their sleeping position during the night.

Superior Comfort

Hybrid mattresses are without doubt the most comfortable option on the market. The foam layer of these mattresses provides effective contouring, conforming to your individual shape and provides tailored levels of firmness. In addition to this top layer of foam, hybrid mattresses boast a pocket spring base. This coil system adds to the overall levels of bounce, making them particularly luxurious when compared to conventional innerspring mattresses. If you suffer from back pain and other aches, the pressure relief provided by hybrid mattresses will take the edge off of things. By delivering extra support and ensuring the mattress does not bother sensitive pressure points, you will find yourself waking feeling more refreshed on a regular basis.

Enhanced Support

Unlike standard mattresses, hybrid beds provide you hundreds of pocket coils. This provides you with a superior support core that delivers exceptional firmness levels for the entire body. The best hybrid mattresses provide the heavier parts of the body with a reliable support system, with sufficient spinal support to prevent back pain and aches. The medium firm support layer of this type of mattress also means that the hips and more sensitive parts of the body are granted gentle pressure relief. When selecting a hybrid, take the time to assess the firmness rating. Those with a softer rating will provide you with a gentle, cloud-like layer on which to sleep. Firmer mattresses are the best way to go if you want noticeable support from head to toe.


Unlike a traditional innerspring mattress, a hybrid mattress tends to be more breathable and encourage better airflow. This is thanks to integrated cooling technology, which makes them particularly good at dissipating body heat. Therefore, hot sleepers tend to turn to them to get enjoy a cooler, deeper night’s sleep. Premium hybrid mattresses usually include multiple types of foam, with a top memory foam layer that is infused with cooling gel. An additional cover made from breathable materials also adds to the cooling credentials of such mattresses, while also enhancing their durability and extending their lifespan.

A Good Choice for Any Sleeping Position

If you want to experiment with various sleeping positions, a hybrid is the right mattress for you. Back sleepers and side sleepers alike will find that a hybrid provides superior support throughout the night, while also ensuring proper spinal alignment is maintained. Unlike innerspring mattresses, a hybrid is also a good option for multiple sleepers. Each sleeper lying on a double mattress is provided with tailored support that focuses on specific areas of the body. Essentially, an individual sleeping zone is created by a hybrid, meaning you will not disturb another sleeper if you move during the course of the night.

A hybrid mattress also doesn’t suffer from the motion transfer problems of standard spring mattress designs. This is again thanks to the multiple layers of foam and pocket spring construction of a hybrid mattress. This unique design makes them ideal for light sleepers who tend to wake themselves during the night as they move. Double hybrid mattresses also maintain motion isolation in specific parts of the sleeping surface, making them perfect for multiple sleepers.

If you wan to want to enjoy a greater sleeping area, a hybrid mattress is something to consider. The best hybrid mattresses include edge support as a basic element. This edge support is provided by an additional border of reinforced foam, that means you can roll right to the edge of the mattress without worrying about falling out of bed. Hybrids generally come with a heftier price tag, but if you can afford the additional cost, this type of mattress is well worth the extra expense.

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