What Sleep Positions Say About You

What Sleep Positions Say About You

Different positions definitely have an impact on the quality of your sleep, but they can also say a lot about your personality.

What Sleep Positions Say About You

Most of use tend to adopt a sleep position that is most comfortable, allowing us to snooze through the night undisturbed. Below we will explore the most common sleep positions and what they say about your personality.

Fetal Position

This is one of the most common sleeping positions, with a sizeable proportion of people adopting it on a nightly basis. As the name would suggest, the fetal position involves curling into a ball on your mattress, with knees pulled toward the chest. This position tends to be more popular with women then men. This position can suggest a touch exterior, with a gentler personality underneath. Those with this personality type usually present as shy or guarded to begin with, although they are quick to relax in new company and become more open as time goes on.

The thinking position is a deviation of the fetal position. The overall shape is similar, with the knees curled up close to the chest or chin. However, with this position, the hand is often placed on the chin, giving the impression that the sleeper is musing something as they snooze. This can suggest evaluator personality trait. Sleepers who adopt this position are generally more emotional than others, displaying highs and lows in mood.

The Starfish

If you are someone who tends to take up the entire bed when sleeping, you are probably adopting a starfish position. Starfish sleepers tend to splay their arms and legs across the entire mattress when they doze, with little concern for fellow sleepers. Those who sleep in a starfish position tend to have sociable personality traits. They are usually fairly open when it comes to lending a friendly ear and dispensing advice. However, starfish sleepers are usually fairly reserved in waking life, with no real urge to be the life and soul of the party.

The Soldier Position

Although the body language of the solider position is a bit extreme, it can be a comfortable way to sleep and boasts plenty of health benefits. This position involves sleeping flat on your back, with your arms kept straight at either side. This position suggests a fairly regimented sleeper, with high standards and strict codes when it comes to morals.

Stargazer Position

This sleeping position is somewhat similar to the starfish, with the sleeper lying flat on their backs. However the key difference here is that the arms of the sleeper placed around the head. People who sleep in the stargaze position make for good friends and are generally quite generous. They also tend to be fairly easygoing in everyday life.


Many people like to hug a pillow tight to their torso when they sleep. Some go the extra mile, wrapping legs and arms around the pillow in question. People who hug the pillow when they sleep tend to value intimacy and close relationships above anything else in life.

Freefall Sleepers

This sleep position gives the impression of a skydiver in freefall. People who snooze in a freefall position are always stomach sleepers, with their arms framed loosely around their pillow. If you are a freefall sleeper, chances are you fairly open and sociable. However, that doesn’t mean you have a particularly thick skin and you may be find new situations and conflict difficult to deal with.

The Yearner Position

This is another fairly common sleeping position. Those who adopt the yearner position will tend to sleep on their sides, with their arms stretched out in front of them, giving the impression that they are reaching out for something or someone. Yearners are usually fairly complex characters. They can be broad minded and open, yet also fairly cynical personalities. Yearners also tend to have a hard time making big decisions.

The Log

Finally, there are log sleepers. The log position involves sleeping on one side, with your arms kept straight alongside you. It is the position of choice for side sleepers can be equally comfortable for sleeping on your left side or right side. The log position usually suggests a carefree personality and the is the position of choice for the social butterfly.

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