What to Do With Old Blankets and Comforters

Do you have old blankets at home that you no longer use? If you’re thinking about throwing
them away, there are some tips you need to know to help save the planet. Instead of wasting
your unwanted comforters, why not reuse or recycle them? This short guide will help you with
what to do with old blankets and comforters.

Can You Recycle Old Blankets?

Blankets are essential in making your home cozy while keeping you warm and
fuzzy during winter. However, your house can become cluttered when these start to pile up.
The best way to handle old blankets is to recycle them rather than just putting them in the
trash bag.

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There are so many ways to recycle an old blanket. For instance, you can donate them to animal
shelters to help keep abandoned dogs and cats warm at night. Besides, you can use them
during beach outings and picnics with the family. But there are more; here are other ways to
recycle your old blankets:

  • Make a sleeping bag

    You need a zipper, sewing machine, pair of scissors, and a blanket. You can make your
    designs or check out some online.

  • Redesign your blanket

    You can always make a new piece out of your old sheet with some necessary sewing
    skills. Choose your favorite print fabric and sew it on top of the blanket for a
    modern look.

  • Turn it into your kid’s play mat

    If there’s a child in your home, you can use your old blanket as a play mat to make
    sure your baby can safely play on the floor. You can fold or cut the blanket to make
    it smaller, just enough for your baby to crawl.

What to Do with Old Blankets

Blankets that are made with cotton blends and cotton batting may wear out over time. More
often than not, they may get damaged and worn out with regular use. So what do you do with
your old blankets, knowing that throwing it away isn’t a good idea at all?

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Before you decide to discard your old blankets in your home, make sure to weigh in other
options to avoid adding waste to the landfill. Every year, there are millions of trash
contributed by Americans, and that’s not cool. The good news is that textiles are recyclable

To recycle your blankets, you can cut them into pieces and sew each piece into seat cushions,
smaller comforters, or pillows. It’s best to follow a pattern to create ideal results. You
can also develop rags from the excess fabric for polishing and cleaning the floor.

Another option for you is to resell or donate your blankets if they are still in good
condition. There are recycle shops or charity projects you can surely find in your local
area. However, if your blankets are not accepted for resale, you can sell them to a textile
recycling shop.

Can You Throw Away a Comforter?

Reusing old comforters is a genuinely remarkable gesture. There are movements you can join
today that turn old blankets and comforters into new items such as carpet padding. So what
to do with old comforters? If you’re currently looking for the best tips, read on for some

  • Don’t donate blankets with holes.
  • Wash your comforters before giving.
  • Never donate blankets with unbearable damage.
  • Cut up large sheets to provide comfort for animals in the shelters.

Moreover, if you need to move to a new home, wrapping your furniture with old blankets can
help protect them from scratches and damages. The stuffing inside your comforter can also be
used to make new pillows. Other fillings can be used to create a quilt.

Bottom Line

The key takeaway here is that there are many ways to make your old blankets and comforters
useful instead of ending up in the landfill. You can donate them to animal shelters,
secondhand shops, and recycling companies. So even if you discard them from your home, they
will find a new home.

Most importantly, reusing old household items like comforters and blankets helps save the
planet. Despite the small impact, your sustainability efforts can inspire others to do their
part in protecting the environment. So, how do you manage your old blankets waiting to be
discarded in your home?

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