Which Direction is Best to Sleep In?

Which Direction is Best to Sleep In?

If you are someone who regularly struggles to enjoy a good night’s sleep, you will no doubt have experimented with all manner of sleeping positions. While different bodily alignments can have a big impact on how well you sleep, the position you are sleeping in may also be contributing toward the quality of your sleep. Vastu sashtra is a concept not too dissimilar from feng shui. Vastu sahstra has its roots in Hinduism and is usually utilised in architectural design. However, many of its principles can be applied to sleeping behaviour.

Facing South

If you want to enjoy the best possible sleep, you should consider facing south come the end of the day. The principles of Vastu sashtra suggest that facing southwards will lead to deeper, more restful sleep. Facing south while sleeping is also said to help rejuvenate the body and combat common health complaints such as high blood pressure.

Facing North

According to Hindu traditions, the bodies of the recently deceased are positioned with their heads facing in a northerly direction prior to their remains being cremated. This is because that north is considered the direction in which souls leave the body and journey toward the next stage of existence. Although most sleepers will probably want to avoid the associations with death, facing north while sleeping has its benefits. If you are a particularly spiritual individual looking to induce lucid dreams, facing north as you sleep may help improve your chances of engaging and interacting with the dreamscape.

Facing East

Facing east as you sleep is considered a beneficial position according to Vastu sashtra principles. This direction is said to promote a deeper state of sleep that will help refine concentration levels and improve memory. This position is regularly adopted by academics, be it teachers and experts looking to stay mentally sharp, or students keen to improve their memory recall.

Facing West

West is generally considered a fairly neutral sleeping position, although there are competing ideas about what this direction promotes in sleepers. Some argue that sleeping in this position will help you realise big goals and grand ambitions, while others suggest facing west will lead to poor sleep and bad dreams.

Final Thoughts

Although the sleep principles of Vastu sashtra have little scientific basis, they are certainly worth experimenting with if you are someone with an open mind. However, to get the most out of your newly adopted sleeping positions, you should also adhere to the other principles of the Hindu custom. Vastu sashtra suggests keeping your bedroom clear of any clutter, while bedroom décor should be clean, neutral and defined by earthy colours. Beds should also be positioned away from walls, windows and mirrors. Finally, you should ensure any electronic appliances are removed from your bedroom.

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