Which Mattress is Good

Which Mattress is Good: Spring, Coir, or Foam

We now have almost unlimited options when it comes to the best mattresses that provide quality sleep experience. New innovation in sleep technologies and bedding materials truly help everyone achieve the ultimate comfort they deserve. But which mattress is best: spring, coir or foam?

To avoid the most common issues, including poor sleep, neck pain, and back pain, choosing the right type of mattress is essential. With exponential improvements made to modern mattresses, finding the ideal bed for your sleep position, body size, and other personal preferences are much more accessible than yesterday.

Difference Between Coir and Spring Mattresses

Coir or coconut fiber is now becoming popular in manufacturing mattresses. This premium material has been recognized by many brands to be durable and flexible. And since coir mattresses are made of coconut coir and polyurethane foam, you can guarantee comfort while lying on your bed.

The two main types of coir mattresses are hybrid coir mattress and rubberized coir mattress. A hybrid coir mattress only contains the primary material, while some include memory foam in their layers. The rubberized coir mattress is a rare kind that you won’t find in the market quickly. It contains latex and coir to provide natural bounce when you sleep on it.

On the other hand, the spring mattress is made with separately pocketed springs to reduce motion transfer while sleeping. The springs work independently to provide proportional support according to different movements and pressure points.

You will love the spring mattress if you sleep with your spouse or a child who has a tendency of tossing and turning during sleep. The pocketed springs keep movements localized and under control, so your partner on the opposite side of your mattress won’t disturb you.

Which Mattress is Good: Spring or Foam?

Some of the advantages of using spring mattresses are the ability to enhance body support, improve air circulation, stay fresh and bacteria-free, and last long with durable materials. When you sleep on your spring mattress even during warmer months, it remains cool due to regular air circulation.

With layers of latex, foam, filling, and coiled springs, spring mattresses are good options for quality and affordability. However, they may be slightly off in terms of motion isolation as they tend to move even with light sleepers quickly. The best thing about this mattress, though, is spinal support, especially for users with back pain issues.

Now, let’s find out the potential benefits you can get from using a foam mattress. Most foam mattresses available today offer specific features that spring and coir mattresses don’t. For instance, they are denser than typical mattresses out there, which makes foam more a comfortable and supportive mattress.

Moreover, foam mattresses are reliable when it comes to weight distribution, so there should be no problems, including back pain and pressure points. Foam matresses conform to your body while keeping your hips, shoulders, and spine comfortable during sleep.

The excellent motion isolation of foam mattresses makes them a popular choice for sleepers today. They don’t bounce like the spring mattress, so there’s no chance to disturb your partner throughout the night. If you have allergies, the foam mattress is hypoallergenic and prevents bed bugs from burrowing in the high-density foam.

Are Spring Mattresses Better than Coir?

If we’re going to talk about the drawbacks of coir and spring mattresses, it might be easier to choose which one is the best option for your sleep needs. So let’s start with the spring mattress. The main disadvantage is poor motion isolation, which means movements can be an issue in achieving quality sleep.

The coir mattress, on the other hand, has firmness issues that make it a little bit hard on the back. It doesn’t conform to your body curves and movements, so the result is back pain and even neck pain if you’re not using an excellent pillow. Also, it easily sags and sinks, especially for heavyweight sleepers.

Are Coir Mattresses Good or Bad?

To help you pick which mattress is the perfect option, it’s also essential to consider the features of the coir mattress. Coir is a very versatile material that is also used in making cordage and doormats. With other materials combined with coir, it provides a quality mattress for all types of sleepers.

Nevertheless, you will notice sagging in coir mattress after a few years. Depending on how you use it, this type of bed might not last that long. On the plus side, coir mattresses tend to stay cool even during the summer months and provide firm support so you can sleep soundly with your partner every night.


The best mattress when it comes to versatility and ultra-plush feel is the foam mattress. If you’re looking for a mattress with ultimate firmness, then you should go with the coir mattress. However, if you want something that has excellent motion isolation, the spring mattress is the best choice.

Before you shop for a new mattress, it’s essential to understand your sleeping positions and habits. That way, you can choose from the ideal options that offer the exact features you need to get a good night’s sleep. The last thing you should keep in mind, perhaps, is the price.

So, if you are currently in need of a new mattress that can give you the most comfortable sleep ever, check this guide to help you choose the ultimate bed that you truly deserve.

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