Why Are Tempur-Pedic Mattresses So Expensive? 

Why Are Tempur-Pedic Mattresses So Expensive? 

Tempur-Pedic mattresses have a reputation as being some of the most expensive memory foam products on the market. While the Tempur-Pedic range certainly comes at a premium, these first-rate mattress products are worth the considerable cost. 

Only Major Player

In the past, Tempur-Pedic was the only major player in the memory foam market. Because of a lack of competition, the brand was free to charge as much as it wanted. However, in recent years, more manufacturers have entered the fray with their own memory foam products. Despite an increasingly crowded market, Tempur-Pedic still manages to justify premium prices. 

To This Day

One of the main reasons why consumers continue to happily pay premium prices is because of brand loyalty. Tempur-Pedic’s product range is beloved across the world. Although some of their older products have been discontinued, many of their best memory foam mattresses, toppers, and pillow products have been in circulation for decades. People know what they’re getting when they buy a product from Tempur and have little issue spending a small fortune on something that will perform well for years. 

Tempur products are also made to a very high standard. This is a brand that pioneered the memory foam mattress industry. No other manufacturer understands the benefits of this miracle material better than Tempur. 

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